‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 18 (Part 6)

Happy Columbus Day!  Well, for all of you it was a day of rest and relaxation.  For me, it was a day of frustration and anger.  Heather still had to work today, so I was unable to get over to the parade to help Vestal out as my children were at home with me and I just didn’t want to have to drag them all the way down the parade route and back to the car again.  The one thing that made me feel better about the parade was the fact that Jim was going to be there this morning.  So, I got up around nine o’clock or so and I went downstairs and watched Dr. Phil while the kids watched some Disney Channel shows this morning.  After Dr. Phil was over, I went upstairs and took a shower and told the kids to get dressed as we had to go to Lowe’s yet again.  I got to the store and told the guys about the problems I was having with my sink and these guys had only one suggestion and it was using some dangerous chemicals that really shouldn’t be mixed with water too much (don’t remember the chemical make up).  Well, I had to buy it and give it a try.  I came home, followed the directions on the bottle and prayed that God would let that sink drain.  While I was waiting on that, I contacted the company that produces our faucet and told them about our problem.  They said that it sounds like a bad seal or a bad rubber washer, which is exactly what I said when I started the conversation.  We talked about solutions and they decided to send us a new faucet part set and said it would be on it’s way.

I tried to do some things to keep my mind off of the parade results, including grading some papers, updating averages and my gradebook, and then I decided to play my PS2 version of the Video Game “Black”.  I’m so frustrated with this game as the level I’m on takes over an hour to get to the end of, and for some reason, when I get to the end of this level, each and every time, I get killed.  I’m just not happy with the game and I am frustrated with this level.  I can only hope it’s the last level of the game.  So, after some frustration, I let my kids play “Lego Star Wars II” and then Heather showed up at home.  We spent some time together and then went upstairs and made dinner together.

While we ate dinner, we talked about Scouts for Austin which would start at the end of this month after Austin’s football season.  We also talked about the rest of the week and the day that seems to be up in the air is Saturday, because I’m not sure if there is going to be a marching band practice on Saturday.

We ate dinner together as a family and watched the news and found out that Vestal did not win the Tournament of Bands Parade downtown.  Heck, we came in last place.  All well, I guess you could say that we’re just not a parade band.  Our strengths are definetly on the football field and not on the streets.  We got done with dinner and I was able to work on some things while the kids did dishes and then Heather and I watched our usual line-up of Monday Night Shows. 
Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 18 (Part 6):  After finishing, C’Baoth ended his mind meld and asked Anakin about this experience and Anakin said it looked intense and wanted to know when he could join in, but C’Baoth warned him he must go through training.  Anakin said he could do it, but C’Baoth insisted that only Jedi Masters, not padawans, could handle the mind meld.  Obi-Wan then sent Anakin to reactor tube 2, so he could discuss his discovery with Master C’Baoth.  Kenobi said to C’Baoth that he had D-Four padawans in the weapons blister with Master Ma’Ning and C’Baoth asked if he had a problem with this.  Obi-Wan said he did as C’Baoth just got done telling Anakin that this mind meld is way beyond a padawan’s grasp of The Force, and asked why they were even there.  C’Baoth explained that he’s surrounded the Masters with padawans so they can get an idea of what a mind meld is like.  Obi-Wan said they could only observe like a non-Jedi could, but not feel the scenario and again C’Baoth asks what’s wrong with that?  Obi-Wan explains that this could be used as a technique to get Jedi to train faster than they should…..


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