‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 18 (Part 5)

Sunday.  I’ll admit that these busy weekends are really starting to wear on me and I can’t wait to have a day off tomorrow.  We got the kids up at eight-thirty today and had to have them to the field by ten-thirty this morning.  We got Austin into his uniform and the girls into their uniforms and headed off to Johnson City for the game.  I reminded Austin that this game was important both for him and his team and that he needed to put his best foot forward and he told me he would give it his all.  While Austin practiced, Heather, myself, and the girls went over and checked out the new store in the plaza next to their field called “Party City”.  I hate to say it, but it’s a pretty cool store and we got everyone Halloween costumes there just because they were cheap.  They were so cheap, Heather even got a costume and we even picked up some decorations for the house for Halloween, which I was shocked that Heather even wanted to do that as they never celebrated Halloween at her house and it seemed like she was getting into the idea.

We joined Austin and watched his game and I have to say even Austin made some serious strides in his skills in this game.  He broke through the line twice in this game, of course he’s never broken through the line before, so once he got through, he didn’t know what to do with himself.  I yelled at him to go after the running back, but Austin couldn’t find him, which I couldn’t help but find comical.

We got done with the game, which had rain going on throughout it on and off and came home and dried off and warmed up.  I was actually able to watch some NFL football this afternoon and relax and I even had the chance to take an hour long afternoon nap, which I haven’t done in ages.  I got up from my nap and went upstairs to the kitchen to my next in house crisis.  For some reason, our sink has stopped working.  Meaning it is not draining.  At all.  Crap!  Not another problem with this house and, of course, it has to be the plumbing again.   I tried to fix the problem and even went out to Lowes and tried to put things down the drain that would help, like Professional Draino.  None of it worked.  Crap!!  On top of this the kitchen sink has been working less and less.  For some reason, when we first installed our new faucet it worked great!  But lately it has been losing pressure.  When I talked to the guys at Lowes, they suggested we call the company because they felt it was a flow problem probably created by a missing seal in the faucet handle.  So, I thought tomorrow I would try to handle both problems and get them solved.  In the meantime, our kids had to do the dishes in our bathtub.  You know, there are some days that I feel like I’m some form of white trash!  It never fails, when I have a day off, somethings gotta go wrong to make it more stressful!
Okay, so before I get more stressed out, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 18 of Timothy Zahn’s “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight”…..


Chapter 18 (Part 5):  C’Baoth prepared them for their first target, and Dreadnaught One’s batgteries opened up simultaneously.  Obi-Wan stretched out using The Force and sensed Lorana Jinzler, Ma’Ning, and other Jedi firing on other turbolasers simultaneously all over th Outbound Flight project.  Anakin commented about the intensity of the firepower.  Obi-Wan wondered if this third mind-meld of the day was getting to C’Baoth but he saw no physical signs of this.  Obi-Wan wondered if he underestimated C’Baoth’s power in The Force.  The spotter control reported that the latest volleys were all on target and Anakin thought that was pretty good.  Obi-Wan asked Anakin if he could sense C’Baoth’s commandes or just the connection and Anaki said he wasn’t sure.  C’Baoth announced that the second target was coming and used The Force to command the volley fire.  The spotter reported that only one had missed.  Obi-Wan felt there was something odd on the second shot and tried to stretch out with The Force to feel what was odd about it.  C’Baoth announced the third target and volley fired.  There were six targets in all, and Obi-Wan decided to wait till the end to talk to C’Baoth about volley two…..


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