Christmas Season/Princess Leia

Well, we began Christmas here at the Crissman’s today with a celebration of the Crissman/Arkema Christmas and NOT to be overlooked was Tara Lynn’s Birthday (it often gets overlooked because it is so close to Christmas).  It was loads of fun and it was great to spend some time with family.  I will be honest with all of you, I will try to blog each day this week, but I can’t garauntee that I will get to it, because it’s the Christmas season and I can’t garauntee what will happen each day.  I wanted to have the “crib notes” to my podcast for February done by this weekend, but that hasn’t been started yet because I’m still working on school work to get caught up because I have to be ready to move my classroom over break.

Tonight’s blog is about Princess Leia’s role in The Empire Strikes Back.  I believe in getting straight to the point, so……

Princess Leia:  ** (2)

Well, Leia’s role in this movie seemed to be almost inconsequential at best.  I was really upset at the role, or lack of role, that Princess Leia had in this movie.  We start off with Leia being part of the force that is holding off the Empire when they attack the planet of Hoth.  On this planet happens one of the MOST despicable scenes of the entire Star Wars saga.  George (in his infinite wisdom) decides to have Princess Leia show Han that she has no feelings for him by kissing Luke.  At the time, no one thought anything of it.  As a matter of fact, the scene was pretty much written off, until Return of the Jedi was released.  THEN we find out that Luke is Leia’s brother!  WOW, talk about the verge of incest.  YUCK!!  I couldn’t believe that Lucas would have done that on purpose, and this proves even further that it was unlikely that George Lucas wrote all of these movies at once.  If Lucas was going to do anything on his re-re-re-release of the movies, then Lucas should have taken this scene completely out of this movie!

Going on, Leia can’t seem to get to her shuttle on time, so Han takes her off the planet on the Falcon.  They escape Vader and get away just in time.  While in space, they almost get caught by the Empire and head into an asteroid field where they try to repair the Falcon’s hyper drive.  Here, Leia and Han continue their romance and get interrupted by C3-PO.  They also discover Minoks on the Falcon and discover that they aren’t in a cave and so they decide to try and escape the creature’s stomach they are in.  While they escape, the Empire catches up with them and they are forced to “dock” with a Star Destroyer.  They then escape to Bespin and take refuge in Cloud City and try to hide from the Empire to make repairs to the Falcon.  The only truly interesting scene in this movie for Leia happens here.  She tells Han that she loves him and Han responds by saying, “I know”.  I think every guy has wanted to say that to his loved one in some way or another.  Anyway, Han gets frozen in carbonite.

Lando frees Chewy and Leia and they try to get Han’s body back from the bounty hunter but end up being too late.  They (Chewie and Leia) go back and rescue Luke, and that’s how we leave Leia in this movie.  Honestly, if it were not for the love interest of Han and Leia in this movie, we would not need Princess Leia in this movie at all!  Her character isn’t developed at all and never seems to go anywhere in this movie.  To make matters worse, I think Carrie Fisher did a worse acting job in this movie than in A New Hope.  I had high hopes for Leia, but they didn’t pan out, that’s why I gave Leia a….

Princess Leia:  ** (2)


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