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‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Review

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Well, this day was intended to start off on a positive note, but it started off on a rough note.  I woke up this morning and noted that I was unusally cold on the way to the shower.  I thought maybe it was a little odd, but thought nothing of it. I got in the shower and got out and went to the bedroom and noticed that the blower on our heater hadn’t started at all this morning.   I looked at Heather and asked her if she heard it run at all, and she said, “come to think of it, I haven’t”.  So, I did what any testosterone filled male would do, I went downstairs with the intent to “fix the problem”.  So I did just as the father does in “A Christmas Story”.  I frigger rigger saggcer crafreted with the machine.  If you could read all of that, you deserve a gold star.  Anyway, I lifted off the bottom panel of the heater and found the problem right away.  There was an electrical cord sticking out not connected to anything.  I found out where it was supposed to be connected to and tried holding it there, and sure enough, the blower worked!!  Yeah, I found the source of the problem, now how am I going to be able to fix it?  Well, unfortunately, this problem was beyond my expertise.  So, I did what any good redneck would do in this situation.  I electrical taped the cord in place until I could get professional help.  I told Heather to call Auchinachie since the cord came from the blower they just installed last February.  So, Heather drove me to work and came home and called.  She text me later in the day to let me know that they would come at 3:30 this afternoon.

I thought, “okay, that was the worst part of the day, right?”  The answer was about to be “wrong”!!  I got to school and started moving some equipment around for the concert, when I went to move our piano that’s on the new, fancy dancy piano cart.  Well, the cart kind of sucks!!  It wouldn’t roll and I couldn’t figure out why.  The band teacher came out and helped me and the two of us discovered the piano had a bum wheel.  Great, something else to go wrong.  I got the piano stuck halfway between where I needed it to be for the concert and where it needed to be in order to be out of the way.  Not good!!  It  took the two of us working our tails off and knocking the piano off the cart twice before we got it back to where we needed it to be in order for it to be out of the way.  So, I rolled in the piano from the chorus teachers classroom.  Man, could anything else go wrong?  Well, the answer is “no”.  The rest of the day went pretty smooth including the lunch practice for the concert.  I got done at school and Heather came and picked me up and we raced home so Heather could drop me off and go to the Town of Fenton Hall because evidently New York State forgot to send to us (and everyone in the Town of Fenton) the papers to renew the liscence for our dog.  So, she had to go pick up paperwork.

In the meantime, the guy from Auchinachie showed up at the house to look at our furnace.  I showed the guy exactly what was wrong with the furnace.  I also asked him what it would cost to fix.  He said a minimum charge would be $150.  Damn!!  That’s more than we planned to pay at any given point in time.  I then told the guy that we just bought the blower from them in February of this year.  I even pulled out the paperwork and receipts to prove it.  The guy called his boss and got the okay to do the work for free because I told him it was still under warantee and his boss agreed.  So, in the end, it worked out.  Tonight, Heather had to head over to Vestal to do her shift as they were shorthanded over there.  I went downstairs and started to watch the “Firefly” T.V. series that I had borrowed from Charlie.  I finally found a weekend that I had nothing going on in, in order to have a chance to watch it.

Okay, so onto my final review of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Review:  I wanted to really like this book.  Why?  Because of the author.  Let’s face it, Alan Dean Foster is the “father” of the Extended Universe of Star Wars when he came out with “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” in 1978.  But even with Foster as the author, I have to be brutally honest about how I feel about this book.  It really wasn’t anything to write home about.  For several reasons.

The plot of this book was slow at best.  It seemed like it took forever for anything of any worth to happen in the book.  And most of the most important points in the book didn’t come till the very end.  This would work for any book if the plot maintained your interest, but the plot of “The Approaching Storm” just didn’t seem to drive enough all the way from the beginning to the end.  There just weren’t enough subplots to make the book worth it’s while.

The characters were interesting but not interesting enough.  I think the Ansionians weren’t explained enough and other characters, like Bulgan and Kyakhta, weren’t given enough character development to help us endear ourselves to them.  As much as I wanted to like Tooqui, his appearance in this book seemed beyond pointless.  He didn’t do much to drive the plot either and just didn’t make the book any more interesting.  I liked Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee and felt as though I got to know this Jedi/Padawan group the most throughout this book.   I think the story would have been interesting if it had just the two of them as the Jedi in the book.  Anakin and Obi-Wan seemed thrown into the book just to fill in the subplots and just to appease the “Anakin” fans that exist out there.

The overall point of the book seemed lost as well.  It was supposed to fit in the timeframe of when the Commerce Guild was coming to power.  Now, we all know, thanks to “Attack of the Clones”, that the Commerce Guild is unsuccessful in trying to take over the galaxy.  But it just seems like the political angst that the author tries to create is lost in the fact that we already know what the outcome is going to be.  To make matters worse, the particular polotics that are discussed in this book just don’t seem important at all.

So, if you can’t figure it out by now, I just did not like this book.  It seemed tedious and I felt like some of the chapters dragged on and on and on, like they would never come to an end.  Worse yet, there were points in time that I actually regretted on reviewing this particular book.  With all of this in mind and the few positives I could find in the book, I give “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster a:

2 out of 10.

Starting tommorrow – “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” By Karen Traviss


‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 7)

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Well, as of today, everything is set-up for the concert on Monday.  It’s good to have all the work behind me and to be concentrating on the simple things now.  I need to do a little clean-up work in the auditorium.  The good news is that all the cords are now properly taped down and everything is looking good.  I had a chance to really push the system today and it seems that the new speaker placement has made a significant change.  My students did the next segment of Music History today and I have felt much better.  Probably the best I’ve felt since before marching band camp.  I was haucking up some serious phlegm this morning, but it feels good to get this “stuff” out of my system.  That’s right, I said it feels good to be hacking up crap out of my throat.  Man, I never thought I would actually say that.  The Benadril and breath strips seems to be doing the trick.  I found out today that I accidentally broke school policy a little with my Blackboard site on the website that I wrote about a few months back.  Evidently, you’re not to have links to external personal information on a school based website and the administration didn’t like the fact that I had a link on my Blackboard site to this blog and my podcast page, so I had to remove it.  I also had to remove my biography because it had personal information on it too.  I took that stuff off my site today to appease them and to make sure I follow school policy.

I got done with grading papers and school work a little bit before the end of the day today, so I listened to part of last weeks “The Force Cast” just to catch up on some podcast listening.  After school, I raced over to the elementary school.  Well, race as fast as I could on slick roads.  I had to take some time to start up the car, brush it off, and scrape it off before I left because we’ve actually had a snowfall that’s stuck to the ground now.  Maybe we’ll have a white Christmas afterall.  Got to the school and caught the second half of Tara’s parent/teacher conference.  It was a glowing report as always.  Her reports sound almost exactly the same as the ones we would get about Ruth when she was this age.  She’s very bright, outgoing, and ahead of many of the kids developmentally and is a very sharp young lady.  We, as always, were very proud parents.  After her conference, we went to Austin’s conference.  It was more of a mixed bag.  The teacher thinks Austin is a very smart young man.  She’s amazed at his verbal vocabulary and he can sit down and have a very intellectual conversation with an adult.  He’s even getting pretty good at Math.  But his reading is still way below level.  The teacher really wants to help him catch-up on this.  She’s getting him some reading help, even though he technically tested out of that option.  I’m glad she decided to do that and she helped my wife and I with some helpful strategies.  I’m glad this teacher seems concerned and she agrees with me that holding Austin back would be a BIG mistake for him, so I’m glad she agrees with me there as well.  It wasn’t a bad report.  It was exactly what we had expected.  We got done, came home, picked up the kids form the neighbors and then headed to Wendy’s to get some dinner.  We came home and I took a bath and joined Heather in the basement for our typical evening shows (“Survivor”, and “C.S.I.”) and then we watched the ending of “Walk The Line” before going to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about the last segment of this book, part 7 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster – Before we go on, I just want to let you all know that we have changed the order of the books a little as “Outbound Flight” is not avaliable on paperback just yet.  So, we will be reviewing “Star Wars:Republic Commandos – Hard Contact” by Karen Traviss, onto our last segment for this book.  Final review of it will be tommorrow……

Chapter 18 (Part 7):  As they walked through the clear walkway, they watched the air cars flying by on Coruscant.  Mousul and Shu Mai lengthened their stride as Uliss fell behind.  As they got to the end of the walkway, bot Shu Mai and Mousul turned as Shu Mai pushed a button on the device now in her hand.  Uliss was rightfully upset as he hit an invisible forceshield on either side of him in the walkway.  Uliss began to yell at the two of them. cursing them, and throwing his fists in the air.  Shu Mai said patience is a weapon they cannot waste, and touched several buttons on her controller again.  The walkway broke away from both towers and plummeted 166 stories to the ground below.  As Shu Mai leaned out to watch the walkway shatter against the ground, she commented to Mousul that structural integrity in the city was beginning to be a problem.  Mousul said it was a terrible tragedy and Shu Mai said she would personally deliver the eulogy.  Mousul said that this should strike fear in the other members of the Commerce Guild.  They parted ways and Shu Mai went to her private office.  She made sure it was secure and punched the security code on her communication device.  She explained the failure on Ansion and the voice said it’s a shame as they will have to scale back their plans.  Shu Mai continued, saying she had to make an object lesson of one of their supporting senators.  The voice said the loss of Tam Uliss was understandable.  Shu Mai assured that the Commerce Guild remains strong.  Count Dooku smiled and said that changes are afoot, whether the Jedi interfere or not.  Shu Mai ended the transmission and left the room.  There was still much to be done.

‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 6)

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Well, it’s Wednesday and things are really starting to come together for the concert.  I, however, felt like total crap throughout the entire day today.  I am getting worse as far as sickness is concerned.  However, by the end of the day today I started to feel better.  It started last night.  After I wrote my blog last night, my wife ended up showing up at the house on her break at night and brought me some “stuff”.  First, she brought me some of those “breath right” nasal strips to try and help me to get my nasal passages open to sleep at night.  That, and because of this cold she said my snoring has been getting progressively worse.  So, I tried the strip and it seemed to work.  Unfortunately, the strip fell off halfway trough the night, but it seemed to open up my passage-ways.  Heather also talked to the pharmacist at CVS while she was there and she suggested I try some Benadryl and we already had some in the house.  Of course, when I took it, it wiped me out for the night.  When the alarm sounded this morning I really didn’t want to get up, but I had to for school.  I was exhausted and I had the dryest throat I think I’ve ever had.  So much so, that I couldn’t talk for about fifty minutes or so this morning.  I even tried drinking some OJ to bring my voice back, but that didn’t help much.

It ended up being a tough day for class.  I had to give a test (not much voice needed there) and teach keyboard and recorder, which totally strained my voice.  My sixth grade students actually found it funny that my voice was changing pitch like I was a teenager again while I was trying to teach recorder.  But, it made for an interesting day to teach, that’s for sure!  I was relieved to learn that Heather got to work and back today using the city bus system.  She’s decided to use that instead of relying on our “not so reliable” car.  It’s just a temporary fix for the next few months until we can afford to use our tax return and get a cheap-o car to replace the two that we have that are crap.  I forgot my SMASH bag this morning, so I had to stop by the house before rehearsal and pick it up.  SMASH went pretty well tonight considering I felt like garbage.  I had some friends of ours donate some Star Wars stuff to my collection in the basement.  The stuff I got was pretty awesome, actually!!  I got a Star Wars Trivial Pursuit game based on the classic trilogy.  I also got two of the “Burger King” promotional glasses from “Return of the Jedi”, a Star Wars beer stein which fits in with the one I already have and a Star Wars VCR Tape interactive game, and a really cool Darth Vader 3-D puzzle which is complete.  It’s all going to fit well with my stuff in the basement.  As my wife said when she came downstairs, “and the collection just keeps growing!”

Okay, let’s talk about the second to last segment of Chapter 18, better known as part 6 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 18 (Part 6):  Three of them had arrived at Bror Tower Three and they met on the 166th floor, one at a time to not attract attention.  Shu Mai watched as Mousul and Tam Uliss approached.  Shu Mai said that Mousul had not delivered as Ansion voted to stay in the Republic.  The Senator said it was not his fault and Shu Mai agreed.  Uliss says it doesn’t matter as they move forward now without the Ansionians, Malarians, or Keitumites.  Shu Mai said the guild does not believe there is enough support for such actions.  Uliss said that is not what she agreed to last week.  She suggested they move this discussion to Bror Tower Four, where security droids are already in place so theycan come to an agreement.  Uliss said they already agreed on this, and as they walked, said others have been ready for over a year now.  Uliss said he pushed to not have them wait forever, and Shu Mai said she was simply waiting for the right time.  Uliss asked how long that would be and Shu Mai said she couldn’t say.  Mousul interjected saying that patience is a powerful tool.  Shu Mai and Tam Uliss agreed that they would not agree on this matter.  They respected each other for that…..

‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 5)

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Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!!  I did a lot more work with the auditorium today.  I felt like total crap when I woke up this morning though.  I have had this cold/allergy that has slowly been getting worse to the point that today I was actually losing my voice every once in a while while I was teaching class.  I sucked on cough drops all day and had taken some ibuprophen this morning to keep the swelling down in my throat.  I played with the stage band at lunch today and I think they’ll be fine for the concert.  They really sound pretty good and I’m looking forward to this concert next week Monday.  I think it will go over pretty well.  It seems as though the kids in each group are prepared and ready for this one.  Heather came and picked me up at the end of the day and we went home.

We spent a little time with the kids and had some dinner together.  The kids cleaned up after dinner except for Tara.  She decided that she didn’t want to eat dinner in a timely manner.  As a matter of fact she started dinner at five o’clock and hadn’t finnished by eight o’clock.  So, I informed her that she would be eating her dinner for breakfast tommorrow and it just didn’t seem to phase her in the least.  I asked her to go to bed at eight.  In the meantime, Ruth and Austin had gotten done with the dishes in time, so I had them come downstairs with me and we watched Volume I of “Clone Wars”, the cartoon.  It as actually pretty cool to be able to watch them all in order and I really began to understand the storyline a little more.  For some reason, our Cartoon Network around here did not show them in order, so they became very confusing.  I think I’ll have to try and get Volume II and see what it’s like someday.

After all the kids went to bed, I came back downstairs and started to work on the big project for the night.  I created a new “Jedi Council Speaks” site.  I call it “The Jedi Council Speaks II”.  The concept behind this site is to find individual segments of my full episodes.  A warning to the fans of the show though.  You will miss some parts of the show if you only listen to it using TJCS II’s podcast feeds.  Here is the link to TJCS II:  Later this week I’ll add that link to my blog roll.  While I was doing this, I watched “The Standoff” and puttered around for an hour on the Internet and then watched the early episode of “Nip/Tuck” and when I got done getting the site up, I headed to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 18 (Part 5):  As the crowd congradulated people, Barriss made her way acrossed the room to face Soergg one on one.  She told him that she hoped to meet him again sometime when external constraints and diplomacy do not matter.  Even though he was furious at the outcome, Soergg shrugged his shoulders and says he holds no ill will.  Barriss couldn’t help herself and asked Soergg who had hired him.  Soergg laughed and said he does what is best for his buisness and nothing more.  She said he was interested in the secessionist movement, but he was quick to point out that they just witnessed the end of that movement.  She asked him if he would follow Republic law and not try to avert it.  She also implied that Ogomoor may have had evidence on the contrary.  Soergg said that was an insane notion and said this thought was unworthy of such a beautiful being as herself as e licked his lips with his thick tongue.  Luminara said it was time for all of them to leave.  When they got outside, Barriss asked Anakin if he was okay and he said he was just happy to be done here.  She told Anakin that she feels she understands him better now and that he’s just someone searching for somthing, and she hopes he finds it.  Anakin said he just wanted to be a Jedi and Barriss said he could always come and talk to her if he ever needed to.  He thanked her and said she may be easier to talk to than his Master.  Luminara smiled as she knew it was important for padawans to get along as they would have to get along as Masters.  She reflected on all the evil in he galaxy and came to the conclusion that all she could do was her job.  She caught up to Obi-Wan, congratulated him and continue in some Jedi discussion.  Even evil in the galaxy could not take that away from them…..

‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 4)

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Well, it was Monday and it was definetly time to get myself back to work.  Next Monday is the concert at East and I needed to get the auditorium together including sound and lights.  The auditorium is a wreck because of the aesbestos abatement and this is the first time I’ve really had a chance to get in there and see what’s really been done.  I’ve decided to reconfigure the sound system according to specifications that our local consultant on sound and lights gave to me.  I hope it will work, but I’m worried that the speakers that I’m putting in the front of the auditorium are going to get in the way of people being able to see the concert on the stage.  It’s going to take me at least two to three days to get everything put together.  It kept me busy at school along with trying to make sure my students stay on track this quarter.  This is the toughest one because of all of the breaks for holidays.  I loose a lot of time with my students and other teachers will tell you that even a week off means about a month of lost work and considering I only have my students for two and a half months, that’s a lot of lost time!  Things went well, but for the first time in a long time, I was completely exhausted.  I think that staying up until four in the morning on Saturday probably didn’t help that situation at all (huh).

Heather came and picked me up and we confirmed that our musical is happening the last weekend in April (which will not conflict with Celebration IVa, yah!!) and what we are going to do.  I don’t want to write it here as it may have not been revealed to the students yet, and I do not want to give it away.  We then went home.  We got home and spent some time with the kids before Heather started to work on dinner, or breakfast or what we like to call Brinner.  We had eggs, pancakes, and muffins.  Breakfast for dinner!  I always love this style dinner.  There’s something cool about having breakfast at five at night.  In the meantime, Austin was supposed to work on his homework but was having some SERIOUS issues.  He was breaking down again and crying about doing simple things.  I think he just didn’t sleep well this weekend and is totally exhausted.  After dinner, we were getting ready for Boy Scouts and Austin went into the bathroom and threw up.  So, that ended that idea.  We had him take a bath, and get into jamas and immediately go to bed.  I think he’s just over-tired.  Heather and I then helped the girls clean up dinner and went downstairs to hang out.  Heather let me play the PS2 for a little while and then we watched “Heroes” together and then the ending of the movie “Hitch”.  Our usual shows are already on re-runs, so we decided to watch other things.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 18 (Part 4):  Barriss went dashing toward the delegation and pointed at one of the delegates and said, “you’re the one!”  When asked to explain himself, she accussed Soergg the Hutt of trying to keep them from their mission, of two attempts on Jedi lives, of paying the Qulun of obstructing them, and being in the employ of the Commerce Guild.  Luminara warned that these proceedings are important and that this is not a court of law.  She also reminded her that they have no evidence to back this up.  Barriss reluctantly sat back down.  Soergg said she was delusional adn that spending time among savages will do that to you.  At hearing this, Bulgan tried to march forward but was stopped by Kyakhta.  Barriss retorted saying savages didn’t try to kill them in Cuipernam.  One of the delegates asked Soergg if this could all be true.  Soergg states he is simply a buisnessman and asks if this is what they came to expect of the Jedi adn the Republic in the future.  Barriss realized how he had twisted her words against them and now regretted saying anything at all.  They all worked on the concordance with the Alwari and even Soergg stayed tight lipped as Ansion voted nine to two in favor of staying in the Republic…..

‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 4)

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Well, I was able to sleep in a little this morning.  My kids didn’t wake up at Josh’s place until about 8:30 this morning and, or course, it was my son who woke up first.  Of course, he and I had a discussion about last night with my son because we had to sleep in the same bed together because of space.  Well, he must have kicked, hit, or whacked me about thirty times last night.  Yeah, it made for an interesting evening.  So, I was able to at least keep their volume down a little bit and we all started to slowly get up.  Josh woke up not too long after and we all went downstairs and at breakfast while we watched some Cartoon Network on T.V.  We then started to pack the stuff up and pack up the car.  We were on the road by 10 this morning and we were able to get right onto the thruway because Josh doesn’t live too far from the thruway.  We got on the road and only had to make one stop at the McDonald’s in Lafayette.  I drove past Binghamton ad headed to PA to get gas so I could get cheaper gas.  I went to PA and got back to the house in Binghamton by about one p.m.  Not bad timing considering when I left.

When we got home, the kids were releaved.  They were tired of traveling even though they had a lot of fun in Rochester and I have to admit it was a long three-day weekend.  When we got home, we unloaded and put everything away.  Thanks to some teamwork, we got it done quickly.  I went downstairs and watched some football and spent some time with Heather since we haven’t seen each other all weekend long.  We then went upstairs and grilled some steaks for dinner with some periodgies and went back downstairs and watched our usual shows on T.V.  and went to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 18 (Part 4):  They continued down the street flanked by Borokii and Januul warriors on the ground and on the rooftops.  Spectators were impressed with the sight and the Jedi encountered no more resistance before reaching the Municipal Hall.  As they entered, they realized the delegation had expanded to twelve members for the vote.  Eight of them were natives and four were aliens to Ansion.  Anakin and Barriss were bored with the introductions processional while Bulgan and Kyakhta were proud to participate.   Tooqui simply looked forward for treasures dropped on the floor.  They were all sympathetic to the attack on the Jedi in the streets of Cuipernam.  Out of nowhere, a person burst into the chamber and the intruder went to pull something out of his pocket when a burst of light came flying from the front of the room and hit the intrudrer in the chest.  The Jedi went into defensive mode as the corpse fell over, instantly dead.  Anakin went to the corpse and revealed taht he was reaching for a recorder that was toast now.  The shooter commented that he did not know what the intruder was reaching for and Tolut identified the intruder as Ogomoor.  Tolut asked the shooter if Ogomoor worked for him adn he said yes, but that he didn’t trust Ogomoor…..

‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 18 (Part 3)

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Well, Josh and I woke up a little later than I think we wanted to this morning.  Of course, it didn’t help that we stayed up until four this morning watching a movie.  Josh woke me up around ten this morning and apparently had been up for a while prepping the turkey for tonight’s shindig.  I ate some breakfast of waffles and then went upstairs took a shower and got ready to go.  Josh went right after me and we headed right out and took off for Tuba Christmas.  We got there in perfect time and warmed up and played with everyone for an hour.  We then went out into Midtown and played.  It was kind of sad to see how rundown this old mall really has become.  There’s definetly not much there anymore.  Well, we played out concert and my parents met up with me and the kids and they were excited because they watched “The Polar Express” with my parents the night before with popcorn and the whole nine yards.  Basically, grammy and papa spoiled them, which is what they’re supposed to do.  I took the kids and ran into my old marching band director in the process (Paul Maginn).  We talked VERY briefly and then I had to head out because Josh and I had to get back to his house.  Before we left we grabbed a few Arby’s sandwiches to tide us over till tonight.

We left and started home.  Josh got a call from Joanne who let him know that there was a hole in the pan for the turkey and that the juices were smoking up the house.  He made some suggestions to help and she let him know that she needed cranberry sauce.  So, we headed to Wade’s with the kids and they were nice enough to help out Uncle Josh while we shopped.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in Wades.  Probably since I worked the store for Coke about seven years.  It hasn’t changed since then.  We then went back to the house and Phil and Kate were already there.  The party pretty much started from there.  We watched some of “The Office:Season 1” before dinner then had a great dinner.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, stuffing, squash, stuffing, spinach salad, ohhh, and did I mention th stuffing?  Yeah, it was pretty awesome tasting stuffing!!  Anyway, when dinner was over we watched “Clerks II” and had some of Foz’s deserts.  One was awesome (a chocolate cake with white russian drizzled on top) and then there was the infamous Italian Love Cake.  No one fell in love with this cake because Foz made a mistake and I felt so sorry for him.  We all think he accidentally used salt instead of sugar.  OOppss!!  In amongst all of this, my kids were downstairs and I went down there and so did several others fromt he party and we spent some time with them occassionaly.  They really behaved well and they had a great dinner too!! Besides, they got to watch “Over The Hedge” and “Ice Age 2” all in one night.  What kid wouldn’t love that?

After watching “Clerks II”, we played some poker in the kitchen, and Josh spotted me some money to play.  And, in style, I was the second person out.  I just play poker a little too aggressively.  Anyway, once the party started to wind down, I moved the kids upstairs and into bed in the guest bedroom with me.  I had to yell at them a few times to not goof around, but they eventually fell asleep.  Josh and I then went downstairs to play some PS2 and went to bed around one in the morning.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 18 (Part 3):  The snipers asked about the Alwari companions and Ogomoor said th ground troops would take care of them.  The Jedi began to emerge and Ogomoor’s assassins began to fire.  As they did, Alwari seemed to fall out of the sky killing his snipers left and right.  As he raced for the doorway, Ogomoor recognized their tattoos a Borokii and Januul overclan warriors.  He saw his snipers being overwhelmed all over the place and he did not look forward to reporting this failure to Soergg.  As he climbed down the stairs, Ogomoor wondered if now was not the time to change his employer.  Then he remembered he had one card yet to play.  The Jedi did not know what had happened to the snipers til they saw an old friend, Bayaar.  Obi-Wan admitted that their timing for a reunion was impeccable.  Then Bayaar told them that this was the present promised to the Jedi.  A noble army of protectors.  He told them  they shadowed them all the way from the Borokii/Januul camp and almost didn’t catch up in time.  Ankin said they would have managed, but the help was welcome, and then realized that he was really becoming brash when it comes to speaking as a padawan.  Luminara said they are anxious to conclude their mission…..