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‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Overview

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Saturday.  Much to do even though I don’t have school.  I got up early this morning and started to work downstairs.  I started last night on what may be an almost impossible task.  I have been struggling with the concept behind my podcast and quite honestly have been very upset with how things are going with my podcast.  The part that upsets me the most is the fact that my problems are generally not my fault.  I have been, over the course of the last two or three weeks, been looking for a place to move my podcast to.  At first I researched the concept of paying for a site for my podcast, but quite honestly my wife and I can’t afford to do that.  I also researched the idea of finding a website under which I can host my own podcast, but again money becomes an issue.  Then, on Thursday, I had noticed that James Everett of the Star Wars Podcast “Coruscant Cast” was thinking about switching feeds to another website called  So, last night I finally had some time to check out the site.

Honestly, is EXACTLY what I’m looking for.  They have a great starter site going and quite honestly have some cool concepts already in place.  On top of that, they let me see the html version of my podcast page, which will be nice for editing purposes later on.  I also found out they have unlimited storage (HUGE for a show like mine that has been around for three years and has quite a few shows to move) and they have unlimited bandwidth.  Yeah, now my podcast site won’t be shut down for too much traffic!  So, after thinking about it and working on the concept, I attempted to start the move of my podccast last night.  I only had one problem. wants my podcasts to be at 44100khz and at 96kbps (for those who podcast, you’ll know what I talk about).  Not all my podcasts are at this level.  As a matter of fact, most are of a significantly lower quality.  So, last night I started the humongous task of recoding all my podcasts.  Because of this, my laptop was on all night recoding shows.  I got up this morning and continued with the process.

I then worked on cleaning the house one last time before relatives were to start showing up for Christmas.  Tomorrow my in-laws are showing up to celebrate with us and my parents and brother and sister in-law will be showing up on Monday.  I’m excited to have our version of the Griswold Family Christmas, let’s just hope ours turns out better.  So, in between recoding podcasts I continually cleaned.  We had dinner and lunch on our own as it was kind of a “fend for yourself” day by eating leftovers out of the fridge.  Heather left this afternoon to do some last minute Christmas shopping for the kids for stocking stuffers and for me, she didn’t want me to know what she was getting, even though I begged her to get me Guitar Hero with the guitar.  We agreed that we were going to exchange our gifts tomorrow after my in-laws left and before my parents showed up on Monday.

By this evening, I was down to getting shows unto the mypodcast page.  I tried several times to do it via the wireless network in my house, but after hours of frustration and no results, I decided to hardwire my laptop to the router and try moving the podcasts to their website via that route.  After two hours of downloading, it worked!  Great, only twenty or more shows to go.  That’s when I realized that this was going to take a LONG time to move my podcast.  Well, slow, tedious, but it will get there.  So, tonight I will do my final review of “Outbound Flight” and then from now until Christmas day, I will blog without a review of any books.  I may not have much time online over the next three or four days while I try to move all these files.  Ah, the sacrifices I make for my love of podcasting and Star Wars.  All well, LOL!
Okay, so let me do one last final review of the book “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..


Positives:  This book had many positive aspects to it.  I really liked the character development.  Although I knew the characters were going to live and I knew where most of them would end up, the development of these characters kept me intrigued and involved in the book.  But, I have to say that this is one thing that Timothy Zahn has always had going for him and that is what made his first book trilogy so successful.  I liked the introduction to all the alien speices that was explored through this book, especially the Vagaari.  I also like the mystique of the book and the surprise ending.  There were many twists and turns and you never knew what to expect and when the plot line was going to change.  This made the book intriguing.  I do like the fact that you didn’t know the twist until the last moments when they happened.  Another positive was the fact that the book went into the complexes of the pirates and smugglers in the Star Wars universe.  I just don’t feel that a lot of time has been spent on this group of individuals in the Star Wars universe and I felt a little time was spent here.  Also, I liked the idea of some of the weapons that were used throughout the book, including the grav projector.  I like the idea that they have a weapon that would pull any ship out of hyperspace.  This is a cool concept and could be scarily dangerous should it make it into the Republic at a later time.  Finally, the objects that were described, were described well.  Zahn didn’t take a lot of time describing these things, but did enough of an explanation that I could picture what he was describing.  So, not too wordy but enough words to properly describe the information handed to me.
Negatives:  This book did have some negatives, however.  I was rather annoyed at the fact that the story seemed to change tracks so quickly.  I really wish authors used the concepts of page breaks or chapters in a more efficient way.  There were points in time where I was annoyed at the fact that I did not know where we were in the story.  Another negative of this book was that I felt that we spent more time on Thrawn and his side of the story than on Outbound Flight itself.  Remember, the name of the book is Outbound Flight, yet somehow, this book seems to be more about the Chiss and the Vagaari than Outbound Flight itself.  The story at the beginning of this book was a giant wast of time and I believe that it could’ve been summed up instead of presented as an entire story.  Finally, I would have liked to have seen even more of a character development about the history of Jedi Master Joruus C’Baoth.  I wanted to know more about where this infamous Jedi Master came from and why he was put in charge of such an auspicious project.
With all of this considered, I really did like the book overall.  I have to say that a lot of it has to do with Zahn’s writing style which I have always liked.  However, I’m not so sure that this book is an absolute must read.  You already could get a lot of this information in Zahn’s original book trilogy and this story seemed to just take some of those facts and work with it.  Because of all of this, I give the book a:

Overall:  7


‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 10)

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It’s Friday.  It’s a good day on many levels!  It’s the last day of school before Christmas break, it’s payday and it’s almost Christmas!!  Gotta love all of that happening at once.  I bounced out of bed this morning looking forward to the fact that it was the last day of school for at least two weeks. So, the kids and I got our things together in a quick and jovial fashion this morning.  I was happy that as long as I made it through today with my students, I would then be free until the day after New Year’s Day.  You know, when I was a kid in school, I thought teachers loved being in school and hated snow days and breaks and would rather be at school all day long.  Little did I know that teachers looked forward to snow days and breaks as much as I did as a student.

I went to school and we started to film for our music video projects.  I had one group that had a really good idea what they wanted to do and I had another group that just had one bad day in filming.  I told them that it happens even to the most professional groups.  At the end of the period I talked to that group and told them that they have all break to regroup and figure out what they want to do.  The filming didn’t go too bad and I think my students are starting to see the value in recording using a green screen.  I told students that when we get back, we’ll use that Thursday and Friday to continue filming.  My sixth graders watched “American Idol”, Season 6 with me while they filled out my sheets.  It’s interesting as I have made some of my students really excited about Season 7 of “American Idol” which will be starting soon.  My seventh graders started their Music Podcast projects and seemed to do okay with the concepts, but were struggling getting them recorded the way they wanted to.

I got done with school and like every other teacher in the building, when three-thirty hit, I was out the door right after the last kid left the building.  I got home tonight and breathed a sigh of relief.  I no more than got in the door than Heather wanted to leave again.  She wanted to go out and go shopping for gifts for me and she wanted to get some groceries for the weekend and next week.  I understood and told her that we could leave right away, even though I wanted to do some things around the house this evening.  We left and went to Aldi’s, Wal Mart, Toys R Us, the mall and got some dinner at “Moe’s”.  We got home fairly late, so we decided to put the kids to bed and do some gift wrapping downstairs before we went to bed.  Tomorrow, we would finish cleaning the house and getting ready to celebrate Christmas with my in-laws on Sunday.
Okay, so let’s cover the last and final portion of the final chapter of the book “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part 10):  The violent impact had passed and Uliar said hello and a voice answered saying it’s Pressor.  They asked each other if they were okay and each individual answered positively.  Pressor asked where the others were and Uliar said they scattered when Pressor gave the collision warning.  Uliar said ti was a mess and Pressor agreed and wondered what had happened.  Neither of them knew, but they did know they didn’t feel blasts or torpedoes.  Pressor said they would need to gather food, water, medical supplies, and people.  Then they would have to worry about shelter and getting to the bridge to see what had happened.  Uliar said it was good that Pressor warned them and asked how he knew about it and Pressor said it just popped into his head.  Uliar implied he had Jedi senses and Pressor wrote it off saying he must have heard something that warned him.  Uliar placated him saying that it must be what it was.  Uliar thought that he would be watching Pressor and his family closer to see if they really do have Jedi abilities.  They needed to survive now and headed down the corridor.

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 9)

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Okay, it’s Thursday and it’s just one more day until school is out for break.  Man, I can see the teachers and the students were starting the countdown today!  I got up this morning and did the usual with the kids.  I got them ready for school while I got ready for work.  We had some fun this morning as my kids at home knew today was the last day for instruction for many of their teachers because tomorrow they are having a whole bunch of “holiday” (because they can’t say Christmas anymore) parties.  I forgot to take my laptop apart last night after playing around with Podomatic all night long, so I had to go downstairs to pull apart the laptop and kind of did that last minute.
The kids headed off to school and I headed to work.  I got to work and set things up for Music History today.  I know the kids don’t love it when we do music history, but they do end up learning so much when we do it.  You know, it used to be that my students were impressed when I did powerpoint presentations on these subjects, but now they find them everyday.  Let’s face it, this generation of students has been flooded with technology, so they don’t see how these things are impressive anymore.  I got done doing my school day and called Heather before I left to see if she needed anything.  She was bummed as she found out when she got home from work today that her steamer doesn’t work anymore.  She had planned on steaming the bathroom and it wasn’t working, so I told her I would look at it when I came home.
I got home and pulled out the steamer.  Yep, it’s dead!  It has to do with our water.  It killed the small opening that the steam came out of the machine on.  It’s a shame, but we can’t afford another one right now.  So, I left and picked up some things from Giant for dinner and then got some tub cleaner so we could clean later tonight.  We made dinner together and ate as a family tonight.  As soon as we got done, we did our final round of cleaning and getting things ready for guests for Christmas.  The house is very clean now and things are now moved into their proper places, like the futon being pulled out and the floors being swept and the carpets being vacuumed.  It took most of the night to get it done.  The kids didn’t even go to bed until nine o’clock and around nine-thirty, Heather and I went downstairs to watch some T.V. and went to bed.  Tomorrow was the last day before break.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 9 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn.  Tomorrow night I will review the last part of the final chapter.  The next night I will give my final thoughts on this book and move on to “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover.  Okay, Part 9 of Chapter 24…..

Chapter 24 (Part 9):  Qennto told Car’das he thought it was a bad idea, but Car’das said Thrawn didn’t believe that Doriana would lure him abaord to take advantage of him.  Qennto pointed out that Doriana may just want to shut him up and Maris pointed out they knew about their plans for Outbound Flight.  But, Car’das said they only have an alias, and said Thrawn vouches for the man.  Maris said that is good enough for her and hopes Drisco The Hutt will be as forgiving.  Qennto said not to worry as they had so much loot, he expected a bonus.  Car’das told them to take care of themselves and Qennto said to be careful of Doriana, he seemed very unfriendly.  And Maris said that Thrawn stopping his attack on Outbound Flight won’t make him happier, and she checked to make sure that is what Thrawn did and Car’das said he was there when Outbound Flight flew away.  She told Car’das to take care of himself and they all said they may runt into each other someday…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 8)

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Wednesday.  I’m one day closer to vacation being here.  I got up this morning and helped to get the kids ready for school.  We were all in a very Christmasy mood this morning and we all found ourselves singing Christmas carols all over the house as we got ready for school and work.  It was a better, positive morning and Tara even seemed to be a little quicker getting herself ready for the day.  I knew it would be a busy day, so I just surrendered myself to the idea that I would be giving up most of my day to the other things that need to be done at work and outside the house.
I got the kids off to school and then headed to work.  I was going to have my students do a keyboard test today, but just couldn’t squeeze it inl, which I’m sure they’re all really upset about.  On top of it, I told my students we would be filming for videos/podcasts all rest of the week.  I made that decision since everything in the school seems to be mass chaos as students don’t seem to want to work anymore and have already mentally gone on vacation.  I got done with work and stayed after school and worked on grading papers.  Once I finished with that, I headed over to SMASH rehearsal.  Our rehearsal went well considering it was the last rehearsal before break and Jim and I kind of rolled with the punches and just did what we could.  We knew the rehearsal would be distracted.
I got done with SMASH and came home to an empty house as Heather left to pick up the girls from Girl Scouts.  I ate some leftovers for dinner and went downstairs and finished grading papers when Heather made her way home.  When she got home, she decided to join me in watching T.V. and we relaxed the rest of the night.  Christmas is around the corner and tomorrow we would be cleaning and fixing the house at will.
Okay, let’s talk about Part 8 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part 8):  Car’das frowned at Thrawn as he explained that Doriana was offering him a leadership position and wanted him to go back to The Republic on “The Darkvenge”.  Car’das said he wasn’t qualified, but Thrawn said he was impressed with his ability to manipulate the Vagaari and stay calm under pressure.  Car’das asked what the job was and Thrawn said it would entail building a private information network.  Car’das said he doesn’t expect him to build it on his own and Thrawn said he would have several months of training.  Car’das thought to himself that he wouldn’t have to answer to Qennto and he wouldn’t have to deal with Hutts anymore.  Thrawn tried to prod him and he said he believes he has the necesary gifts and Car’das said it wouldn’t hur to check it out.  Car’das asked if there was anything more and Thrawn asked that Car’das tell Qennto or Ferasi what happened to Outbound Flight.  Car’das said especially Ferasi and Thrawn agreed stating that he wouldn’t want to kill the hope of someone who sees good in others.  Car’das agreed and said it had been an honor knowing Thrawn and Thrawn said it was an honor as well and they both said farewell…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 7)

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Okay, Tuesday.  It’s getting closer to Christmas and lets hope the weather gets a little better around here.  I’m all for a white Christmas and all, but I hope that it doesn’t jeopardize the ability my parents or Heather’s parents may have coming here for Christmas celebrations.  Anyway, I got up this morning and luckily there were no delays and no snow days.  That’s good as we wouldn’t want to use them all up so early in the season as they will shorten our Spring break if we use all our snow days.  The kids and I got going for the day and got ourselves on the road.
I got to work at a decent hour and started to get things together for my lesson plans today, but had to stop several times to get kids out of the hallway.  I had to complain to the morning help that are letting the students into the auditorium.  I understand that our principal feels bad for kids who are at school early because they are cold and he wants to bring them inside.  I understand that struggle, but, we have students sneaking out of the auditorium and running up and down the halls during the morning.  It’s becoming more and more of a problem.  So, my school day got off to a rocky start and it went south from there.  I ended up tossing two students today and I think my classes are actually good behavior wise.  I have written it off to the excitment about Christmas and the fact that we’ve had so many unplanned days off this month.  Let’s hope this behavior doesn’t continue, but somehow I think that may be a dream.
I came home and spent some time with Heather and the kids and we had dinner together.  When we got done with dinner we spent a bunch of time cleaning the house.  The realization that families will start showing up on Sunday has really set in.  When it got to eight o’clock, the kids went to bed and Heather and I went downstairs and watched some T.V.  Three more days till Christmas break, and honestly, it can’t come soon enough!
Okay, let’s talk about Part 7 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part 7):  Suddenly, Kav opened up a trap door in his chair, pulled out a blaster and shot at Thrawn.  Somehow the blast bounced off Thrawn and deflected back into Kav’s chest.  That’s when Doriana recognized the device on the desk as a shield generator and Thrawn explained he took it from one of the droidekas.  Doriana said it was a risk as the shield wouldn’t have blocked his shot, but Thrawn said he still trusted Doriana.  Doriana asked why and Thrawn asked if he or Sidious had seen the Far Outsiders they had referred to.  Doriana said no and Thrawn said a reconaissance force on the edge of Chiss space has run into them.  Doriana asked if he had info on them and Thrawn said he did and explained that Ar’alani was responsible for repelling them.  Thrawn explained that this is why the admiral came to check out Car’das and his companions, they were concerned The Republic was a reference to the invaders.  And Doriana deduced that this is why the admiral ignored Thrawn’s issues with the Vagaari as a two front war is messy and Thrawn confirmed his suspicions.  Thrawn said he would provide Doriana with Ar’alani’s information.  Doriana asked what the trust between them would mean, and Thrawn said nothing for now.  But, Thrawn said that his people and Doriana may find themselves fighting side by side against these invaders in the future.  They both said they will go back to their people and work toward that day.  Thrawn held out the blaster and told him that he adn his poeple are free to go, Doriana told him to keep the blaster as a souvenir.  Thrawn thanks him and says he has one last small matter to discuss with him…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 6)

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Okay, it’s Monday.  And we didn’t have a snow day even though it didn’t look great outside this morning.  It started off as an hour delay, which meant the kids and I were scrambling to get the driveway clear for getting my car out and get to work on time.  Then, it switched to a two hour delay.  That was okay because it gave me more time to get ready for work.  On my way to work, I discovered that the plows didn’t do much to plow the roads down.  After making sure the kids were fine, I turned onto West Service road and went slow on my way to work.  I got to an underpass under the crossover for Interstate 81 and I spun out.  I did a complete 360 degree turn and miraculously didn’t hit either of the concrete barriers on either side of me nor the school bus that was coming at me.  All I can say is that angels were watching over me this morning.  I was only going fifteen when I spun out, but it was enough.  Had I been going any faster and I’m convinced it would have ended badly.
Speaking of accidents, I forgot to mention that last week when I took a mental health day, I got a call from the band teacher at school and he told me the choral teacher had gotten in an accident on Wednesday morning on the way to work.  I felt bad as I wasn’t there to help, but I guess she’s okay, but her car got totalled.  Anyway, I got to work and the hallways were empty, which is very uncommon on a morning at East Middle School.  I got my classroom ready and found out that we were running periods five through nine.  That means that we have periods five and seven before lunch and periods eight and nine after lunch.  This is an awesome schedule for me as it means that I have the entire afternoon off as eight and nine are my prep periods.  That was good for me as I wanted to catch up on my blog and notes for my podcast.  I worked all morning long with no breaks for about two hours, but that was okay.  I went upstairs and had lunch and then came downstairs and locked myself in my room and got to working on things that needed to be done.  Besides working on this blog and podcast, I also graded papers and finally had a chance to organize my room.
I got done with school and went home and had dinner with my family and then Austin and I went to Boy Scouts.  We had a good meeting tonight there and finalized things before Christmas break and came home.  Austin talked mom’s ears off about Scouts tonight and Heather and I watched T.V. together after the kids went to bed and planned out the rest of this week, our weekend, and Christmas next week.  Lots to do with little time to get it done in.
Okay, so let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:  Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part 6):  As Thrawn led Doriana and Kav through “The Darkvenge’s” bridge, he noted that they left the ship undisturbed and said he knew they were looking forward to going home, but that he had some thing they needed to clear up.  Doriana agreed as they entered the office next to the bridge.  Thrawn said that he believes they all want to see this one meeting between their peoples as the last.  Doriana said he was confused as he saw their meeting as mutually beneficial, but Thrawn said the Chiss people are safe, but their betrayal of Outbound Flight has been observed by him and his crew.  Then Doriana wondered if Thrawn had heard the conversation between himself and kav and their need to kill him or had he simply deduced it on his own.  He reached for the pistol given to him, slowly, thinking that one more death really wouldn’t matter.  He got his hand around the grip and paused.  He second guessed himself because of the great tactician that Thrawn had become.  Kav yelled at Doriana to shoot him!  Doriana smiled, pulled out the blaster, set it down and said he couldn’t do it and Thrawn smiled and said he was right about him…..

‘Star Wars: Outbound Flight’ – Chapter 24 (Part 5)

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Sunday.  Another pretty busy day at the Crissman household.  I thought it would be a nice relaxing day, but hey, it’s close to Christmas time, so what can I say.  We got up real early this morning, but it was all for a good cause.  We got up early to get the kids ready for their Christmas play at church this morning. Although they performed it once yesterday and practiced it quite a bit yesterday, my son was nervous about playing the part of Joseph.  Ruth was nervous because she was playing piano before the church service this morning and it’s the first time she will be playing in public.  I told her I understand her nerves and I helped her as best as I could.  She practiced at home a little before we left, but we left real early figuring the church would be empty for her to practice piano alone.

Well, we got to church and our choir director was already there with the choir.  I asked him if my daughter could practice on the church piano for a little bit as she needed to get used to the feel and release of the keys at the church and he said no.  Of course, this goes back to issues I’ve had with this gentleman in the past and quite honestly he treats me and my family like we’re trash.  So, I told Ruth to go downstairs and practice on that piano.  We then came upstairs and about ten minutes before service, she was able to practice.  I believe that this made her more nervous as there were quite a few people in house while she was practicing.  About fifteen minutes later she played for the congregation.  She was nervous and between all of you and me, she has performed better.  But, I was proud of her and I don’t blame her for what happened.  I believe that if she had been able to practice without everyone around, she could have done better.  And besides, quite honestly her “not so good” performance was still better than most people’s performances.  The play went well too and Austin and Tara did a great job.

After the service, we went downstairs with the congregation and had a nice Christmas celebration with everyone.  There was pizza and a lot of food, some of it left over from last night, and we even had some birthday cake for Jesus.  It was fun and Santa even showed up and gave my kids some cool gifts.  We then decided it was time to go home because the weather was getting bad again.  So, we left the celebration a little early to beat the weather home.  We got home and we all took an afternoon nap.  When I got up I decided to go downstairs and watch some football while the snow was barreling down all afternoon long.  I went outside and shoveled the driveway twice this afternoon and we may have another snow day tomorrow if the weather keeps up like this.  Heather and I relaxed this evening and got to bed quite late.
Okay, let’s talka bout Part 5 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars: Outbound Flight” by Timothy Zahn…..

Chapter 24 (Part 5):  Thrass said he found a valley for them to land in that had small rocks that gave them a chance to land and survive.  Thrass said they could land there with little change in their decaying orbit and said it would require minimal work by the maneuvering thrusters.  Then Lorana pointed out that the Dreadnaught theya re currently in will have to be on bottom if they want to save the survivors in the core and the Skysprite in D-3.  Suddenly the comms systems came on and called out to Lorana Jinzler, it was Chass Uliar on teh other end.  He told them that everyone got tired of waiting and moved up to D-4.  Lorana turned on the comm and demanded they go back to the storage core, but Uliar acted as if they can’t hear her and Thrass confirmed this.  She told him they have no choice now, but to put D-4 on top which will put their Dreadnaught D-1 on the bottom.  Thrass said she could still leave and make it to D-4 and Lorana said he couldn’t pilot the ship alone.  She suggested that Thrass head for D-4, but Thrass said they will both risk their lives for her people.  Lorana began to tear up and was now realizing why The Force had prompted her to to give Car’das the message to send to her brother.  Thrass commented that this was not the home he had envisioned for the survivors and that this home may be more permanent than he intended.  Thrass said they need to prepare for the end and they both said they hoped the Chiss and The Republic see a peaceful union in the future.  Thrass wished a warrior’s fortune on her as Lorana said, “The The Force Be With You” and she gestured to D-4 and said it needs to be with them as well…..