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The Changeover Begins!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 7, 2009 by jedicouncil

Well, today is the official day of the Changeover.  I’m sad to announce the end of “The Jedi Council Speaks” and this blog.  I know this may come as a shock to many of you, but I have been hinting at it for quite some time.

But, this is NOT bad news!  Nope, dont’ panic yet!  This blog and “The Jedi Council Speaks” are ending to make way for our new blog and the new podcast that is beginning through STAR Productions and now the 2 Guys Talking Podcast Network (  I’m happy to announce the beginning of “The Galaxy Cast” which can be found online at  This blog will continue on through that site as well as a new podcast.  Although the site is not fully functional yet, the site will be up and running soon, so head over there and check it out after today.  After today, this blog will no longer be updated, the site for “The Galaxy Cast” will be the portal for all that has gone on here.

Okay, so that announcement is over, I will talk about my day briefly and end it at that.  I got up late this morning (around nine o’clock or so) and Heather had told me that she had called her father early this morning and he was on his way down to help us out with the electrical problem.  They arrived at our house around ten o’clock this morning and we started going to work.  We worked for about two hours on the issue and we were just getting ready to go to Lowe’s to get the equipment to run a brand new line to the back of the house, when we discovered a pass-through box that had a loose wire along with an outlet in the hall.  We hooked it back up and miraculously we got the power back in the back portion of the house.

Unfortunately, many of our appliances were toasted.  Our cordless phone base is dead, Tara’s “Hello Kitty” alarm clock, and Heather’s radio I bought for her for Christmas about three years ago that I had recently resurrected was now toast.  But, we got the power back.  Her father left around noon or so and Heather and I headed to Staples in an attempt to find a new base to the phone, but we came up short.  We went to Radio Shack where they helped us and we came home and did some shopping online and found one at Wal Mart and did the “Site To Store” option.  At this point, I was hungry and tired.  So, I ate some lunch by about one o’clock or so and then headed downstairs and took a nap and then played “Call of Duty” for a little while.  I then recorded the last version of “Hovering Rocks” for “The Jedi Council Speaks” and then went upstairs and joined the family for dinner for Spiedie Subs.  I came downstairs and spent three hours trying to upload my podcast, but found out that was having a problem and had been having it for about three days now.  So, I gave up and blogged and watched T.V. with Heather and went to bed and turned my clock forward.



The Jedi Council Speaks – Volume IV, Episode #20: From The Outer Rim (Part 2)

Posted in VII - The Jedi Council Speaks Podcast on February 13, 2009 by jedicouncil

Well, it was Friday and it was a day of mass chaos.  I knew it would be chaos, but it turned into an even busier day than I had initially intended anyway.  The day started out as mass chaos and ended in it’s own form of mass chaos.

I got up this morning and got the kids ready for school.  My kids were excited for school today because all three of them were having Valentine’s Day parties at school and they all couldn’t wait to get to school and get to their parties.  I couldn’t wait to get the day done and officially be on vacation for a while.  I honestly need a vacation from everything that is going on.  I may need a vacation from my vacation if this vacation ends up being busy too.  I know, it sounds odd, but I often put things off until vacation and then somehow bury myself with thing to do on my days off from school.  It seems so unfair to myself.  I may need to just take a mental health day from school soon as well.  Anyway, we all got ready for school and the babysitter showed up on time and I was off to work while the kids were on their way to school.

I got to school and finished setting things up for the concert this morning.  I then brought my first period class into the auditiorium early and I was able to help with the recruitment concert by running the sound board.  It was a nice concert and I was very impressed with the dance group.  It was a nice concert overall and I hope was worth all the work that was put into it, considering the conditions under which this concert had to take place.  We got done with the concert and I scrambled to get all the sound equipment out of the auditorium so that they could use it for lunchtime.  I got it into my room and go it put away just in time for my next class.  The next class that came in were my sixth graders and they watched Season 7 of “American Idol”.  The rest of the day went okay and I finished out my day by explaining to my students how music videos are made and how podcasts are made.  I got done with my day and Heather called me on my way out the door and explained what is going to happen with the situation with my car.  She called Citi and we worked out a deal with them and she explained to me that the bank is going to give us the money they sent away back to us directly so we can take care of the problem with Citi Financial directly so there are no more questions about how we are paying this account.  So, issue will be resolved next week.  Heather told me the plan for this evening on my way home, and we were on our way.

I got home and what I was hoping would be a relaxing night turned into mass chaos.  I got home and changed right away and we went out the door.  We decided to do the shopping we were going to do tomorrow tonight to get it out of the way.  We headed to AT&T and got ourselves our Valentine’s Day/Anniversary gift.  We got new cell phones for each other.  We got some nice Samsung phones that have a full Qwerty keyboard, which I was really looking forward to.  It’ a nice phone and I was happy, but we had a lot to do to make them accessible the way we want to.  It’s something we’ll have to continue to work on. When we got done there, we headed over to “Guitar Center” to look for a new sound board and what-not for podcasting and when I talked to the guys, they were able to point me in the direction of an Alesis sound board that had a built in USB port and with the 10% off, it made it extremely affordable.  So, I now have a new mixer for my podcast studio downstairs.  We got done there and headed to Wal Mart and did some major shopping.  I got some stuff for the podcasting room, including a new mouse and headphones to go with the studio.  Now, I forgot to mention that my wife tried to solve a problem earlier in the day.  Apparently they don’t make the hinges for my Toshiba laptop anymore and trying to find them may cost me more money than the laptop is worth.  So, Heather went to Rent A Center and got me a brand new Sony Vaio laptop.  Unfortunately, the laptop doesn’t work, so they promised Heather to try and find one before tomorrow.  So, I wa kind of in limbo today between two computers. 

We got done and headed home and on our way, we stopped at Subway and got some dinner.  We got home and unloaded the car and I headed downstairs and started to set up the podcast studio in the game room that no longer has the bar in it.  I’m excited because this studio is going to come out looking pretty cool!  I no more than finished with that until it was time for “Clone Wars” and Jame and Ian showed up and we watched the hour long “Clone Wars” episode tonight (it was actually two episodes in one) and we had a great time.  Ian and I talked a little bit and talked shop and they left.  I started working on some things to finish up for the night and then Heather and I went to bed.

Well, tonight was the release of the second part of “The Jedi Council Speaks”.  So, check it out, and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH THOSE WHO LISTEN!!!:

The Jedi Council Speaks – Volume IV, Episode #20: From The Outer Rim (Part 1)

Posted in VII - The Jedi Council Speaks Podcast on February 6, 2009 by jedicouncil

Well, it was Friday and I have to say that I was relieved that it was the end of the week and that today was going to give me a reprieve for the weekend.  Although, my weekend was going to be just as busy with my parents showing up among other things, I really won’t get down time, even this weekend.

I got up this morning and was excited about my day.  I’m not sure why, I was simply excited about my Friday.  I got the kids up and got them going for the day and they were all wound up as well.  We got breakfast together and got ourselves going for the day and before I knew it, the babysitter showed up and we were on our way to school and work.

I got to school and set things up for my students showing them the music videos from the last few years of videos that have been done.  I started last season of American Idol with my sixth graders so we can compare last season’s start with this season’s start and see which one we thought was better.  And my seventh graders finished some work and we started a talk about podcasting.  It was a cool day and even my seventh graders seemed excited about their project ideas.

I got done with school and raced home to help Heather out with things around the house.  We had a lot to do to get things ready to be partially acceptable for my parents coming this weekend and we did as much of it as we could.  We barely ate any dinner simply to get a majority of the work done around the house.  When Clone Wars came on, we watched that with James, as he was the only one from “The Binghamton FanForce” that had shown up and we then watched “Madagascar 2” that Tara had received for her birthday that we had celebrated tonight amongst the chaos.  We got done with the movie and then watched another bonus DVD that came with it and then we all went to bed together.  Tomorrow was going to be a nice day just visiting with my parents.  No worries!

Okay, so no book work tonight.  Instead, I’m going to highlight the fact that the first part of the latest episode of “The Jedi Council Speaks” has been released and can be found online here, check it out:

Clone Wars XIII

Posted in VII - The Jedi Council Speaks Podcast on January 16, 2009 by jedicouncil

Well, it’s Friday and it’s the end of the week.  This week seems to have gone on forever and it seems that I’ve had a lot of things go wrong this week.  I will be so happy for Sunday to come along to end the disaster that this week has become!  I got up this morning and got the kids going for the day today and we had a decent morning this morning.  We all got ready and the babysitter showed up and I was off to work while the kids were off to school.  I got to school and set things up for my day today.  I set up things so I could start recording our music videos and my first period class had a bunch of fun putting their videos together.  We had a little bit of a late start because of having to set things up, but it went fairly well.  My seventh graders had a great time recording their podcasts and they’re really getting into that as well.  It was a good day overall for the educational front.  I got done with school and we had a staff meeting at the end of the day.  We got told about some things going on around the school that I can’t disclose here, but I will say it’s not good information.  We got done with our day and I came home.  Heather and I had a talk for a little bit and she tried to correct the electrical problem in our bedroom to no avail.  We made dinner together and ate as a family.  The kids then cleaned up dinner and worked on laundry.  After a while, Ian showed up early and we talked shop a little bit before James showed up and we all watched “The Clone Wars” together.  After they left, Heather and I watched a little more T.V. before going to bed.  It was a long week and I hope tomorrow will be an opportunity for me to put it all behind me.  Okay, so no book tonight, but I do have our recording of our comments on the Clone Wars show as we watched it.  You can find that .ogg vorbis file here:

Novel Ideas #7

Posted in VII - The Jedi Council Speaks Podcast on January 10, 2009 by jedicouncil

Well, I had one main goal today and there was a moment there when I wasn’t even sure I was going to get that main goal done!  I will admit that Heather and I slept in today.  Only because I was up until almost midnight last night editing my podcast and helping Heather move our bedroom furniture.  I got up this morning and came downstairs and found out that my laptop had finally finished processing “Novel Ideas #7”.  Now I had to take care of the tedious task of splitting the show up into two parts.  So, it took a long time for Audacity to open up the full .mp3 file and once it opened up the file, it took it even longer to process the information.  I split the podcast so the first half had an hour and fifty-nine minutes while the other half had one hour and forty-five minutes or so.  It took a while for the laptop to process the information.  While it worked, I got a chance to talk to Heather and the kids for a while and I talked to Heather about changing out one of the breakers on our electrical panel (the one for the basement) so we could run the heater in the room because it was getting really cold in the basement home theather room.  After some talking, I finally convinced her to let me do it.  So, I took down the information and headed off for Lowes.  I found the breaker and came home.  Once I got home, we ate some lunch together and then Austin helped me put in the new breaker.  It wasn’t difficult at all and I got it done in about ten to fifteen minutes or so.  We did try turning everything on, but have found out that we can’t have two heaters on in the room.  Not bad though, because if Ian and I split the rooms like we intend to for the future, then we’ll have plenty of amps to do it later.  Anyway, I got done with that and then had the laptop process the second half of the podcast.  It took about an hour or so.  While I was waiting for that, a lady called me and cancelled our birthday party tonight for the Binghamton FanForce.  So, Heather and I called everyone in the group and let them know the party was cancelled.  We got done with that and I came back downstairs and started the process of trying to upload the podcast.  I tried, and tried, and tried and started to become very frustrated when after two hours I still wasn’t able to get the podcast online!  I then found out that was having problems.  They never let anyone know, they just had problems and tried to hide them.  So, I tried repeatedly to solve the problem and nothing was working.  It was then dinner time, so I headed upstairs and had sloppy joes and mac and cheese with the kids.  Then I came back downstairs and tried a theory I had an it worked.  Evidently, I made the first half of the show just a little too long.  So, I had to resplit the podcast.  So, I took the entire evening re-editing the podcast and between Internet crashes and laptop crashes, I didn’t get the show online till one in the morning and then went to bed.

Okay, so PLEASE check out “Novel Ideas #7”.  It took me a while to get it online, but it’s now there and you can find it here:


Clone Wars XII

Posted in VII - The Jedi Council Speaks Podcast on January 9, 2009 by jedicouncil

Well, it’s Friday and it’s the end of the week and even though the week has been broken up with a snow day, it feels like it’s been a LONG week!  I got up this morning and in many ways I was glad that it was the end of the week because that would mean that I actually got a chance to get some rest and get caught up with things I needed to do in my life this weekend.  I got up this morning and got the kids ready for school.  We were all a little groggy this morning but got moving anyway.  Our babysitter showed up on time and I was on my way to work and the kids were off to school.  I got to school and got things set up and went about teaching my students for the day.  It wasn’t a bad day at all, and I was even more excited to wear the Marc Ecko shirt that the librarian gave to me earlier this week for doing all the technical work I do for her and helping with the technology in the library.  Several students commented on the shirt commenting about how they liked it.  I got through my day and had some nice conversations with friends.  We had lunch together at “New York Chef’s” and some of the retired teachers from last year joined us and I have to say it was nice to see Nancy and Sue again.  It’s good to have friends surprise you and meet you for lunch.  It feels so cool!  I had a pretty good day and came home.  I immediately went into the basement and recorded a little more and edited, edited, edited.  I stopped long enough to eat a dinner of beef straganoff with the family and then I went back downstairs and got to editing.  Heather took the kids over to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” (or as my dad calls it, “The Star Sprinkled Bananna”) and while they were gone, Ian showed up early and we got caught up on things and I showed him what I did with my Mando blaster and my plans for the new tactical belt.  Not too long after, James showed up and we all watched “The Clone Wars” together.  We recorded our viewing like I’ve done in times past.  We got done and hung out a little bit and then Ian and James left.  Heather then started to move our bedroom into Austin’s room and before the end of the night, she had our bed and end tables moved into his room, so we slept there tonight.  I finished my editing of “Novel Ideas #7” and need to simply split the podcast tomorrow and post it.  It’s an easy enough task, so I should be able to get to other things.

Okay, well, since we recorded our ramblings during “The Clone Wars” tonight, you can download the .ogg vorbis file and it can be found here:

Have a good day and  “May The Force Be With Those Who Listen!”

Clone Wars IX

Posted in VII - The Jedi Council Speaks Podcast with tags on December 5, 2008 by jedicouncil

Well, it’s Friday, it’s the day before a fairly free weekend, and it’s pay day.   How much better can life get?  Well, Iguess being a millionaire would help, LOL!  Well, I got up this morning and attacked this day like I would any other day.  I got going this morning and got the kids up and got them going for the day.  There was a little excitement all around only because we all had big plans for the weekend and I think everyone wanted to get a LOT of things done this weekend!  I got going for the day and the babysitter showed up on time and I was out the door for work and the kids were out the door for school.  I got to work and set things up for the day.  It was an interesting day with my students.  We were doing research in the library for our music video and podcasting projects.  My sixth graders watched Season 7 of “American Idol” and it was a rough day for them as far as behavior was concerned.  I got through my day and even a full lunch hour playing with the band getting ready for the concert next week.  I have everything set up in the auditorium as of today, so everything is taped down and ready to go.  I just hope that everything will be set for next week.  I got done with school and came home and got to work on a whole bunch of little projects.  The main project was moving the VCR upstairs and moving some information on VCR tapes from video to DVD.  I have decided we need to go completely digitial in my house, so I’m moving everything over.  It’s going to take some serious time, but I should get a significant amount of it done this weekend.  Then Heather decided she wanted to go out to eat and go shopping.  So, we went to Wendy’s and ate dinner and then headed to Aldi’s and shopped for food for the house.  We also had Austin do some of his own shopping for a Boy Scout project.  We got done and came home and I moved the VCR back downstairs and watched “Clone Wars” with the kids and did some recording and then it was back to working on moving the analog signal back.  While I did that, we decided to watch “Fred Claus” and then went to bed around midnight on Saturday morning.

Okay, so no books tonight, but you can find our comentary on the Clone Wars Episode 9 from here: