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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ – Movie Review *SPOILER WARNING!!*

Posted in IIA - The Clone Wars (Movie) with tags on August 15, 2008 by jedicouncil

Okay, it’s Friday and I have to say that last night’s event was a big success for the group.  We really did make an impression on the crowd that was there.  On the other hand, there was not much of a crowd at the theater.  Even my kids were surprised there weren’t more people in the theater.  But, as my son pointed out, they had no banners and no stand ups for the movie anywhere in the theater.  It was almost as if the movie didn’t exist!  We were lucky if there were thirty-five people there for the movie.  And of those thirty-five, about half were there because we told them about it at the Spiedie Fest.  Well, we watched the movie and the kids LOVED it.  I will say this, unless you realize that this movie is a cartoon, is geared for kids, and was meant to be displayed on a Saturday morning serial series, then you may be dissapointed by the movie.  I just hope that people in other places saw bigger crowds than we did last night.

We got home around two o’clock this morning and we all went to bed late.  We therefore, got up fairly late this morning.  We woke up around eleven o’clock and went straight to eating some lunch.  Tonight, we were going to be going to the theater to do another showing of the movie.  We had hopes that more people would show up.  After lunch, we headed to Pennsylvannia to go get some splodies for the splodie party tomorrow night at Jeff’s place.  Jeff called me on the way and we met at Mess’s Fireworks warehouse where he managed to get me quite a discount, just because they knew him there.  It took us a while to get there because of traffic and road construction, so we whipped home as soon as possible.  We goofed around for a while and I went downstairs and played some PS3 till Heather got home.  She took a little bit of a nap and then we all decided to eat out at Wendy’s for dinner, just to make the evening easier.  We ate at Wendy’s and went right to the movie theater.  The two showings tonight weren’t much better than last night.  But, the movie staff seemed more excited about our group this time around.  We had a lot of pics taken and tonight Heather decided she would watch the movie and the kids and I joined here again.  I have a unique perspective on the movie, which I’ll share in a minute.  We got out fo the theater and came home and went right to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day, so we wanted to make sure we got some sleep.

Okay, so I’m now going to give some of my feelings on the Clone Wars Movie.  SPOILER WARNING:  UNLESS YOU’VE SEEN THE MOVIE, THEN DON’T READ ON!….. Continue reading