The Changeover Begins!

Well, today is the official day of the Changeover.  I’m sad to announce the end of “The Jedi Council Speaks” and this blog.  I know this may come as a shock to many of you, but I have been hinting at it for quite some time.

But, this is NOT bad news!  Nope, dont’ panic yet!  This blog and “The Jedi Council Speaks” are ending to make way for our new blog and the new podcast that is beginning through STAR Productions and now the 2 Guys Talking Podcast Network (  I’m happy to announce the beginning of “The Galaxy Cast” which can be found online at  This blog will continue on through that site as well as a new podcast.  Although the site is not fully functional yet, the site will be up and running soon, so head over there and check it out after today.  After today, this blog will no longer be updated, the site for “The Galaxy Cast” will be the portal for all that has gone on here.

Okay, so that announcement is over, I will talk about my day briefly and end it at that.  I got up late this morning (around nine o’clock or so) and Heather had told me that she had called her father early this morning and he was on his way down to help us out with the electrical problem.  They arrived at our house around ten o’clock this morning and we started going to work.  We worked for about two hours on the issue and we were just getting ready to go to Lowe’s to get the equipment to run a brand new line to the back of the house, when we discovered a pass-through box that had a loose wire along with an outlet in the hall.  We hooked it back up and miraculously we got the power back in the back portion of the house.

Unfortunately, many of our appliances were toasted.  Our cordless phone base is dead, Tara’s “Hello Kitty” alarm clock, and Heather’s radio I bought for her for Christmas about three years ago that I had recently resurrected was now toast.  But, we got the power back.  Her father left around noon or so and Heather and I headed to Staples in an attempt to find a new base to the phone, but we came up short.  We went to Radio Shack where they helped us and we came home and did some shopping online and found one at Wal Mart and did the “Site To Store” option.  At this point, I was hungry and tired.  So, I ate some lunch by about one o’clock or so and then headed downstairs and took a nap and then played “Call of Duty” for a little while.  I then recorded the last version of “Hovering Rocks” for “The Jedi Council Speaks” and then went upstairs and joined the family for dinner for Spiedie Subs.  I came downstairs and spent three hours trying to upload my podcast, but found out that was having a problem and had been having it for about three days now.  So, I gave up and blogged and watched T.V. with Heather and went to bed and turned my clock forward.



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