‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 24 (Part 2)

Well, it was Saturday and the day before my anniversary.  I got up after sleeping in this morning and had to inspect Tara’s room as soon as I got up.  I promised her she could watch “The Clone Wars” this morning since she wasn’t allowed to watch it last night because her room wasn’t clean.  Well, she passed inspection this morning and she watched the show with the family in the family room.  I went online and did some things around the net on the upstairs computer and then sat down and did some thinking.

It is with a little bit of sadness in my heart that I announce to all of you the end of an era.  THE JEDI COUNCIL SPEAKS WILL BE NO MORE AS OF MARCH 7TH.  That’s right, as of next Saturday, the podcast and this blog will be no more.  But, that is followed by good news.  There will be a new blog and a new podcast.  SO, I LOOK AT THIS AS NOT AN END, BUT A NEW BEGINNING, AND PAY ATTENTION HERE AS THERE WILL BE LINKS AND CHANGES SOON! 

Okay, with that said, I went downstairs and watched “Saw IV” and although it’s not as good as the first two “Saw” movies, I think it’s a step back in that direction and now I’m excited to try and see “Saw V” and see how that movie stacks up.  I got done with that and ate some lunch (because those movies amp up my appetite {sarcasm}).  After that I spent most of my afternoon playing “Call of Duty 4” and I have to say that I’m having a ton of fun playing the game and getting my prestige back up.  I’m up to level 41 by the end of the night tonight and I’m excited at the fact that I may get to level 55 soon.  Later this afternoon I continued catching up on my blog and then went upstairs and ate dinner with the family.  I came back downstairs and played the game some more until Heather came downstairs and joined me.  We then watched the movie “Red Belt” and then “Definetly, Maybe” and then went to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 24 (Part 2):  Obi-Wan knew he had to step in and interupted asking if she thought The Republic would simply allow her to continue to produce these killing machines.  He told her there was only one way this could end.  With NO JK’s ever leaving this planet, EVER.  H enow knew, THIS was why he would make a horrible politician.  She was angry and told Kenobi that they had no right to threaten the people of Cestus.  She told Kenobi that with The Republic’s track record of crushing their economy twice and killing thousands in a related drought that they had no right to ask them to stop producing droids unless the Chancellor was illing to put out funds equal to the loss.  Obi-Wan thought to himself that this statement sounds like blackmail.  Kenobi said he was not here to threaten the people of Ord Cestus, but to be a voice for The Republic and that he understood the Regent was here for her people.  She reminded Kenobi that she was here for all the people of Cestus.  Then Obi-Wan cut her off and said that he and The Republic fight for an entire galaxy and that The Republic would not allow their troops to be killed by these droids and it was up to her i fthat meant the destruction of her world or not.  She then told Kenobi that before The Republic decides to destroy them, they should get to know them better and invited them to a Hive ball that is to be held in his honor and suggested that an informal setting would be better for this discussion  Obi-Wan apologized and said he has nothing but respect for the Cestus people.  Duris said she understood that they are both simply doing their jobs, but that they can still be civil and Kenobi said indeed and bowed.


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  1. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I found a link on Delicious telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

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