‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 24 (Part 1)

Well, it’s Friday, it’s the end of the week and it’s payday.  I had vast and great plans for the day today and it started off bad, but ended on an up note.   I got up this morning and felt like today was going to be a good day.  Heather had left for work this morning and I didn’t even hear her get out of bed, which was nice because that meant I slept soundly for once.  I got the kids up and got them going for the day today.  I got myself going and ate some breakfast and was able to goof around with the kids a little before heading off to work.  Our babysitter showed up on time and I was on my way to work while the kids were off to school.

I had left early for work because of what I wanted to do at work today.  I got there early, or at least tried to, to try and get things going.  First, I had to deal with grandma on my way to work who decided to go ten miles an hour on the way to work on the only road between work and my house.  Then I got to work and found the WORST truck driver to drive a truck.  He tried to back into the school docks for about ten times before I got annoyed and simply parked as far away from the docks as I could because I couldn’t trust the guy anymore!  I got out of my car and raced into the school to set up my room.  Put everything down in my room and went up to the room with the Apple Laptops to get the laptop cart I had set aside.  Well, it wasn’t there.  So, I had to have a teacher paged and we finally found the cart.  But, then I found out the cart had a different lock than I was used to and required a key.  However, the secretary in the office that had the key wasn’t in this morning.  So, I had a cart and no way to get into it!  So, I asked the other secretary in the office if it was okay to use another cart and she okayed it.  I took another cart and moved it to my room.  This cart, however, had a different combo than was on the cart.  I had to call another teacher who helped me out and I got the cart unlocked about one minute before class was about to start!

I got through my classes today and handed out Two-Week Reports.  It wasn’t a bad day overall.  My eighth graders started their research for their classroom music video projects.  My sixth graders started to finish out Season Seven of “American Idol” and my seventh graders started their research for their podcast projects.  I got through my day and returned all the carts and got on my way home.  Once I got home, I started goofing around with the kids and we talked about our days a little bit.  Heather and I talked about what we had planned on doing over the weekend.  In particular, how we were celebrating our anniversary on Sunday by going out for a lunch by ourselves.  Then I went downstairs and started to play some “Call of Duty4”, and got invited by some kids at school again.  But, this time, they turned on the radar.  I equate this to cheating.  Anyone can hunt someone on a map that they know is there!  Yeah, then it just becomes what I refer to as an “ack-ack” game.  you know, one where all you’re doing is unloading bullets and nothing else.

I got annoyed and went back and played online for a while and then ate some dinner with the kids and Heather.  I went back downstairs and played the game a little more until Ian arrived.  We watched the first episode of  “The Clone Wars” and then recorded a little bit.  I will say this, the future of “The Jedi Council Speaks” is in high doubt.  To the point that I have decided to make a final decision about it tomorrow and make an announcement by the end of next week.  We had a ton of fun recording and then James showed up and we all watched the latest episode of “The Clone Wars” and I have to say that I liked this episode.  It wasn’t half bad!  I got done watching that and showed James “Call of Duty 4” and then he left and we all went to bed to get ready for tomorrow.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 24 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 24 (Part 1):  Palpatine had referred to protocol as the oil that greased the wheels of diplomacy.  Barrister Snoil exchanged pleasantries was the Regent and three of her advisors retired to Dursi’ office.  As Barrister argued a point, one of Duris’ own advisers, named Shar Shar, presented her with documents on a screen and whispered in her ear.  She asked the Barrister if he was aware of the case of Gadon Three.  He said yes, but asked for some clarification from the Regent.  He explained that the case involved some Kif Miners, who fifty years ago started selling ores on the open market and managed to find their way into the hands of the enemies of the Gadon regime.  It was decided that the intent of the sale was innocent, therefore making the miners not responsible.  Obi-Wan closed his eyes adn knew this case well because it was one that had been a bad play by the Republic becasue they were mirroring the concept that was going on in a world tha thad vital raw materials.  Now that case back-fired and Obi-Wan’s headache was beginning to return.  Kenobi began to think to himself as the Barrister and Regent talked talked of trades, treaties, and regulations…..


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