‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 21 (Part 4)

Well, it was Wednesday and I had low expectations for the day and by the time my day was done, I suppose it was good that I had such low expectations.  I got up this morning around seven-thirty because Heather set an alarm because she needed to get up and get out to get some things done.  So, I decided to get up myself and get myself going early for the day as well figuring that since she was up, I might as well get up too.  I went downstairs and got some grading done for school as well as watching “American Idol” and creating the guiding sheets for my students to use in class over the course of the next ten weeks.  I then switched to “Dr. Phil” and watched him while I finished on the grades and updating some more files on my laptop.  I got that done right about the time “Dr. Phil” got done and Ruth’s friend was on her way over to the house.

By about ten a.m., Austin and I got on the road and headed out.  We decided to go out and get some things for his pinewood derby car.   So, we headed to Lowes and got some spray paint for the car and then we headed out to “Family Hobbies and Crafts” and picked up some decals for the car and some weights.  We came home and he went to work on spray painting the car.  We got done with all of that and we decided to eat some lunch before moving on with our day.  Heather and I were downstairs at around one o’clock or so when I told Heather that I had, yet again, noticed the furace in our house had not turned on in about an hour or more and the temperature was getting really low.  So, we went to the furnace to check it out and sure enough, one of the electrical cords had come loose from the control module.  CRAP!!! Not another problem with the furnace!!!! And what wonderful timing, right?!

So, we called “Auchinachie” and asked them to come out to the house to check out the furnace, figuring it was still under warranty.  Well, while we waited the kids were good sports about the heat and Ruth offered her friend a sweatshirt and they continued playing.  Luckily, the heat in the house didn’t get too low thanks to the insulation that we put in a few years back.  But, it did have a nip in the air.  Well, we waited and waited and waited.  Until about four o’clock or so (three hours after we initially called) and “Auchinachie” said they would now be sending someone out.  Well, that turned into a total disaster!

The guy from “Auchinachie” showed up and he tried to insist that they had not replaced the motor on the furnace, and ironically, it was the same guy who replaced it the first time!  I won’t name him here, because I don’t believe in slandering individuals, but I will slander the company!  He looked at the furnace and said the control module would need to be replaced and said he would get back to me in a minute.  Well, he told me, after a phone call, that it would cost him $500 to replace the control module.  I told him that sounded awfully high and the guy copped an attitude with me and basically said that maybe I should do it myself!  So, I said maybe I should.  He then asked me to sign a contract and that he would get the part and come back.  When I asked him what I was signing, he told me that it was a contract that stated that I would owe them $50 just for looking at my furnace.  The great irony is that I TOLD HIM WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE FURNACE!!!  HE WANTED TO CHARGE ME TO TELL ME SOMETHING I ALREADY KNEW!!!!  WHAT AN IDIOT!!  So, I refused to sign the contract and said that they had messed up the module and had been back to my house every February (LITERALLY) since they installed the initial blower motor and control module.  Well, we got into a fight of words, I refused to pay and told the guy to call his manager out here and he refused and simply left.  So, for anyone that lives in the Binghamton, NY area:  PLEASE DON’T EVER, LET ME SAY EVER, USE AUCHINACHIE HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING!!! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS AND THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY, THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!!!

So, the technician left and the question was what we were going to do.  So, the guy took off and I went back downstairs and looked at the furnace myself.  I looked at the module and said to Heather that this was just an electrical job that needed to get fixed.  So, I decided to take the module out myelf and take a look at it.  Well, sure enough the module had failed, but because the connection between the module and the control node had come un-soldered.  So, I told Heather we had nothing to loose if I attempted to fix it myself.  So, I pulled the module apart and pulled out the one circuit board that the whole thing was hooked to and I soldered the joint back together and put it back into the furnace to test it, and sure enough, it worked!  So, we headed to Lowes and got materials to fix the furnace and for a little over six dollars.  So, I came home, set it up and it works fine now and we finally have heat in my house now.  I’ll admit it’s a cob-job for now, but it will do and keep us warm tonight till Heather and I can order the part tomorrow.

I got done installing the cob-jobbed module back into place and then we ate dinner.  Heather then talked to a friend we had that worked at “Petcosky and Sons” and he told us the part would cost somewhere between $75 to $125.  So, where “Auchinachie” got $500, I’m not sure, but I’m just glad to have heat in my house again.  I was so mad, I had to play “Call of Duty 4” for an hour (killing people online is soothing for me) before I relaxed again.  I then caught up on my blog while I watched “Knight Rider” (and taped “American Idol”), “Criminal Minds”, and “C.S.I. NY” (and taped “Law and Order”).  We got tired after that and Heather and I headed to bed.  Tomorrow she had work and I had to try and get Austin’s pinewood derby car done ASAP!

Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 21 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 21 (Part 4):  As Kit walked towards the cave, Nate asked in a low voice what he felt in the basket where he put his arm.  The Jedi said whatever it was in that basket did not harm him, but he felt a presence that he has felt before.  The clone joined his brothers as Thak Val Zsing reminded Kit that it was not him wo trusted Kit, and the Jedi said he knew.  Thak said he promised to do thisand that all he has at moments in time is his word.  Kit then asked them to join them all for a meal.  Thak asked if the others could eat and the Jedi said it was all they could eat.  While they were eating, Kit asked Thak his take on what happened to Cestus.  Thak explained that he used to be a history professor, and he lost his job to government cut-backs and lack of utilities in outlying areas.  Fisto asked what he thought of Regent G’Mai Duris and Thak said she has no real power over this planet.  He explained the history of Cestus very simply.  He said there were two types of people on this planet.  The opressed and the opressor.  He explained that the X’Ting drove the spiders into the mountains, and there was a mysterious plague that almost wiped out the X’Ting.  Fisto asked if the plagues were somehting more and Thak said there as no evidence of it for the Chancellor.  He did remind Fisto that a jail with mixed species is a breeding ground for disease, which didn’t bother the Five Families.  He said they are to the point where the Five Families have everything and the average person is stuck with nothing.  Kit said he thought Cestus Cybernetics was rich beyond their wildest dreams.  Thak said yes, but said little to none of the money trickles down to them.  Skot OnSon said it was time for them to fight back and take over the world.  Kit began to wonder who’s world it had become.  The spiders, the Five Families, the immigrants, the X’Ting Hive, who?

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