‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 20 (Part 4)

Thursday.  A day for many answers and I have to say that I feel better today, but the big struggle was having lost my voice from yesterday.

I woke up this morning and my voice was really hurting me.  I was under some serious strain with my voice, but I had to keep going with my day.  I got the kids up and got them going and I got ready myself.  The kids were excited that next week was our break and I hate to say it that I can’t wait for that break either.  We all got ready for school and work and the babysitter showed up on time and I was off to work while the kids were off to school.

I got to work and got things ready for my day.  I set things up for my eighth graders to watch the first segment of the “Jazz” videos and I got things ready for the Antiquity era for the sixth grader and the Renaissance for my seventh graders.  I had my first referral for the quarter today and the day still managed go go okay.  I was surprised how well my students did with the first day of  music history, so I felt as though they were really getting into what we were learning.  We then had our PLG today and I have to say we had a great PLG where we learned about “Garage Band” on the Apple Laptops in the school.  As much as I hate Apple computers, I wish they would come up with a program like Garage Band for PC Computers.  It’s really cool!

I got done with school and came home and Heather and I sat down and talked about the situation with the bank.  Apparently, the bank has been withdrawing the money from our account and sending checks to the company.  From all that Tioga State Bank can figure, the checks haven’t been cashed and they still have the money in their coffers.  We’re not sure who is not doing their job.  Either, Tioga is sending the checks to the wrong place, not sending the checks, or don’t have the money to cover the checks (which they should!); OR Citi has the checks somewhere and simply hasn’t cashed them.  Either way, we are now caught in the middle of this scenario.  We tried calling Citi all night tonight, but the manager we talked to wasn’t working today.  Heather also showed me the work she did in the bedroom and it looks like the ceiling is close to being done.  She even started on the walls and they look pretty cool with the dark burgundy base coat on them and that’s without the sponging technique being done.

We talked a little more about the gameplan for tomorrow and the weekend and made dinner while we talked.  After dinner I went downtairs and played “Call of Duty 4” for a little while before I finished working on some other things like grades for papers and other things before “Survivor” came on at eight.  After “Survivor”, Heahter and I watched “C.S.I.” and we watched some reruns of “Family Guy” before going to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 20 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 20 (Part 4):  Nate oberved the trainees and started to deduce which of them were best phyically, mentally, and who the best leaders were.  He found himself occassionally distracted trying to observe Sheeka Tull.  He only got distracted briefly and was usually on task.  The recruits were given endless training tasks that the clones demonstrated with ease.  By the end of the day, forty-percent had quit.  Those who were left are a rough and tumble group that resented the troopers, but resented them as one group.  They were all ready for the next step.  Nate finished his report and figured he needed to report their progress to General Fisto.  On his way to the cave, he saw a light whipping about in the dark, and as soon as the Jedi realized the trooper was there, the light disappeared.  The Jedi asked him why he was here and Nate reported that they finished their training and now have forty-eight recruits.  Fisto said this is good and Nate asked if he should follow the General to recruit more tomorrow or continue training.  Fisto told him to continue training and to make sure that the first recruits maintained the greatest status.  Nate kind of felt as though the Jedi was underestimating the ARC Troopers.  He thought it reminded him how irritated Sheeka Tull made him feel.  As he left the cave, he felt compelled to head in the direction of Sheeka’s ship…..


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