‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 18 (Part 2)

Well, it’s Tuesday and my day started out okay and ended up iritating me in the long run and having me really ticked off at my wife for not having listened to me when she should.

I got up this morning, like I always do and got the kids and myself going for the day today.  I had to really pack everything up because I have SMASH tonight and I needed to make sure I was ready for the rehearsal, so my trumpet and my SMASH bag were going to have to go out to the car as well.  We got everything together and got ourselves ready for the day and I made sure the kids were ready for school.  The babysitter showed up on time and I left for work and the kids headed off for school.

I got to school and got things going for the day.  I was doing a lesson on acronyms and I.B. today and it seemed to go fairly well.  Even the class I was having problems with yesterday seemed to do better.  I have a feeling a few classes may have to deal with arranged seating in order to maintain control over what is going on in the room.  I’ve just learned to let the kids sit where they want and then I can see where the pockets of problems are going to be and then break them up.  This way I can resolve any issues before they actually happen.  I made it through my day today and spent every free minute I had editing my latest episode of the podcast.

I got done with school and stayed behind and edited and edited my podcast for about an hour or so.  I had to finish editing and get to SMASH rehearsal.  I left the school and headed to rehearsal.  It was a little tougher tonight beause I got left in charge because Jim wasn’t feeling well, so he left me behind to run the rehearsal which I did.  Ruth was later getting there and she told me that her mother got pulled over by the police TWICE on her way to driving Ruth to SMASH rehearsal.  We ran a percussion feature and taught my daughter some of the things that all the other kids already know.  Ruth is starting to catch on, but she’s taking longer than some would and I think she’s frustrated with that.  We got done with rehearsal and headed home.

We got home and ate dinner together and I grilled Heather about why she got pulled over twice.  Well, to make a long story short, my wife never got her car inspected this year, even though I had told her several times there was something wrong with her tags.  She then got pulled over first by a County Sheriff and then by a Port Dick Police officer.  After venting, I went downstairs and continued to edit my podcast till “Fringe” came on and I watched that on T.V. and then went to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 18 (Part 2):  Nate met in a hut with fifteen-hundred or so male and females from various species of creatures.  He looked around the room and saw many strapping young men that would make fine candidates for soldiers.  He wondered if these people could be convinced to fight hard for their farms and land.  He started out by telling them that he is not here to bring them false promises or to give good speeches.  Instead he told them that their leaders have led them into ruin and they all need to choose sides.  He informed them that those who choose The Republic will be rewarded, and those able to fight could find careers in the military.  He told them there is honor to fighting, as the crowd began to stir, and he told them to let their actions speak louder than words.  As Nate continued, he noted the harsh way the young men and women looked at each other.  Nate spoke again assuring them that they are not here to take their children or change their ancestry, but to offer younger members a chance at a different life.  One young man, named Skot OnSon, stepped forward and volunteered his services to fight the Five Families that destroyed his farming field by cutting off their water.  Nate then told them all they will give them a rendezvous point and they will determine from there who is battle ready.  As he stepped down from the podium he payed attention to the flames he had finally ignited in their discussions.


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