‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 18 (Part 1)

Well, it’s Monday and what a way to start the week!  I’m exhausted today!  First off, I went to bed late because of the Superbowl last week (and mind you, my basement is still a warzone!) and I had to start a new quarter with students today.  Just not a way to start a week.  I reluctantly got out of bed today and got myself going for the day.  I got the kids up and got into the shower and seriously just let the hot water pour over me for a little bit before actually taking the shower.  I got the kids going in the morning and they were in good spirits (because they got some sleep), but I’ll admit I was a little grumpy.  The babysitter showed up on time and I was off to work while the kids were off to school.  I got to school and had to deal with the mass chaos of starting a quarter I wasn’t entirely prepared to start, but I did manage to get myself through the day.  My one class seems rather talkative, but I always have one trying class per quarter, so I’m not surprised that I have one that is.  I got done with my school day and we had the last auditions for our musical today, so I stayed after school to listen to auditions and then it was time to choose the cast.  This year it seemed a little easier to pick the cast, either that or we’ve gotten better at knowing what to expect out of the kids.  I got done with all of that and came home in time for dinner.  We ate a dinner of left over Superbowl food and then I went downstairs and played “Call of Duty 4” for a little while and then I watched “Big Bang Theory”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Heroes”, and Heather joined me to watch “C.S.I. Miami” while I had taped “Two and a Half Men”, “Worst Week”, and “24”.  We were tired and headed to bed right after the show.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 18 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 18 (Part 1):  They moved on to their next stop just to the West of the Dashta Mountains.  When they landed, the crowd was so large, General Fisto was unable to talk to them all.  So, Fisto asked Nate if he had recruitment training and the clone said he had indigenous recruitment training.  The Jedi gave him a smaller group and told the clone to report back when he was finished…..


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