‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 17 (Part 3)

Well, it’s Wednesday and it ended up being a snow day for me today.  I got up to the phone ringing at about quarter till six this morning (I think) and found out we had a snow day.  I went out and checked the TV and found out the kids had a snow day too, so I went back to bed.  It was Heather’s day off so she was home as well.  The kids were nice enough to let us sleep in and Heather and I both got up around nine o’clock or so.  We got up and watched “Dr. Phil” together and it was about couples that didn’t tell each other about their lives before they got married.  I found it interesting as Dr. Phil had made several suggestions before getting married to have a successful marriage and Heather and I didn’t do any ONE of them, but I would like to say we’ve had quite the successful marriage.  Maybe there is no one answer to a successful marriage.  We got done with that and I told Heather I was going downstairs to work on the notes for my podcast, so she decided to join me.  I worked on notes for a little bit and Heather had the kids shovel the driveway.  At about eleven o’clock or so, Heather took the kids and they left to go shovel out Marsha’s driveway and I decided to reward myself for working most of the morning and I played about a half an hour to an hour of “Call of Duty 4” online.  I had some fun taking down the bad guys and what-not!  Around twelve-thirty I went upstairs and we all had a lunch of leftovers together as Heather had rewarded the kids for helping out by buying some food at the Giant on the way home for lunch.  We had lunch while we watched the news on Fox News Channel and my wife got disgusted at the fact that the Congress is willing to spend 200 million dollars on the National Mall and over a trillion on new “gas efficient” cars for State Officials.  Which, as my wife said, is a smoke-screen to get new vehicles.  But, just remember, we’re in an economic crisis, right?  Or are we?!  Anyway, we got done watching the news and I was just about to head back downstairs to work on my podcast notes and wrap those up to get them out to Ian tonight, when my wife made the “insane” suggestion.  She suggested we take the bar out of the game room in the basement.  When I asked here when she would like to do this, she said, “how about today?”  Oi!  She still hasn’t gotten my point about starting one project and finishing it until we move onto another project.  But, hey, she wears the pants in the family and her wish is my command.  I think she was just looking for some demo work, so she wanted to work on that today.  So, I had to clear off my work table, move everything around in the room and get it ready for her to demo.  Then, while she demoed, I worked on show notes for the next episode of “The Jedi Council Speaks”.  I didn’t get too much done before I had to go back to work on the room.  I rearranged the ENTIRE game room.  With the bar gone, I was able to move things around and give myself some space in there.  Heather and I created a space for Ian and I to have a podcast studio in that room.  That is going to be SO cool that we will be able to record in that room.  All Ian and I will need to do is run a power line up and over the concrete wall and badabing, we have a podcast studio.  But holy crap!  I can’t believe the amount of work I had to do today.  I worked on organizing the room my entire afternoon after Heather removed the bar.  She got done with that and headed to Lowes because she wanted to change out the light above the bar in the room because the light looked like total crap!  So, while she was doing that I was arranging the room.  She came back in time to make dinner.  We made dinner together and then went downstairs to work on the electrical together.  She pulled apart the electrical and I tried to tell her how to hook the electrical up (she wanted to put a socket where the light used to hang) but she didn’t want to listen to me!  She tried her stubborn way several times until finally she gave in and listened to me, and shockingly {note the sarcasm} my idea worked!  We installed a new shoplight that gives the room a TON of new light and I continued working well into the night.  I finished organizing that room by about seven o’clock and then I worked on organizing the shop while Heather talked to me about the Superbowl Party she wants to host on Sunday and what we’re going to serve.  I continued working on the shop while I watched “Knight Rider” and “Criminal Minds”.  I stopped all of my work by ten o’clock and sat down and watched “Law and Order” with Heather and then we went to bed together.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 17 (Part 3):  Then General Fisto spoke telling the miners they are an important element to the planet and that the commerce here, lays in their hands.  Then, playing to the crowd, Fisto asked how many times they’ve been asked to partake in important decisions, and a voice from the crowd said, “never!”. Then Kit went on to say that those that get wealthy off their droids should be made to share that wealth.  He told them that their ancestors were prisoners and now they’ve become prisoners of the wealthy.  Then he told the crowd that the government talks of war with The Republic, which drew gasps from the crowd.  A woman asked why they would do that and Fisto explained that they sell their deadly droids to The Confederacy that alters them and then sends them out as killing machines.  Then Kit informed them that their droids will be mass produced and many in the crowd said that was impossible because of the Dastha Eeels.  As he commented on this, Nate noted two members of the crowd with great doubt in their eyes, as if they knew something more…..


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