‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 17 (Part 1)

Monday and what a busy, busy, busy day it was.  But I got a lot done!  I got up this morning feeling a little more refreshed from the weekend.  I definetly felt better today than I did yesterday.  I got up and got the kids going for their day today.  We got up and watched the “Today” show like we always do and discovered that there is a storm heading this direction and is supposed to hit the area sometime Tuesday night going into Wednesday.  Ruth is not happy about this because the “Bridging Ceremony” for her Girl Scout troop has already been delayed once, and if it snows on Wednesday and we have a snow day from school, it will get delayed again.  I was in a little bit of a state of panic as I had planned on doing my final exam review Jeopardy on Wednesday and it looks like that may not even happen at all!  Well, it’s time to retool the teaching for the last week of the quarter!  Our babysitter showed up on time and the kids were off to school while I was off to work.  I got to school and got myself ready for the day.  We finished up recording the music videos for my eighth graders, finished up podcasts for my seventh graders, and my one sixth grade music class caught up on music history while the other had a second recorder test.  I spent the day grading papers on my prep periods and I was then filling out Two-Week Reports so they can be handed out tomorrow and due on Thursday.  I continued working on those till the end of the school day.  I got done with school and came home and continued working on Two-Week Reports.  Then the mail came and I got my red dog-tag silencers for my Mercs tags, so I put those on (and I have to say they look pretty sweet!) and then got changed.  We ate dinner together and had quesedillas and all sorts of mexican food for dinner.  We got done with dinner and I went downstairs and finished up filling in Two-Week Reports and then started working on cleaning up my shop.  Heather apparently wants to move the refrigerator from where it is to closer to her sewing room.  I have no problem with that as it will take the fridge off of my circuit breaker, but tonight wasn’t exactly the night to do it.  I worked on that for a while and then tested the online connection for my PS3.  I tried playing COD4 yesterday, but it wasn’t working well.  Tonight I had no problems and played the game for about twenty minutes.  I then finished up on some notes for the Binghamton FanForce and then went and picked Austin up from Scouts (Heather had dropped him off earlier) and came home.  He was excited as we talked about his Pine Wood Derby Car and Scout Sunday which was coming up.  Shortly after that, I stopped what I was doing to watch “24” and then Heather and I watched “Diary of a Call Girl” and she watched “Sex in the City” while I blogged and we went to bed.  All in all, not a bad day as I got caught up on things I needed to get caught up on.

Okay so let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 17 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 17 (Part 1):  The clones spent hours putting together their durasteel command center in the Dashta Mountains.  Forry asked Nick where their first strike would be and Nate told him they may not get used at all if General Kenobi si successful at his mission.  But Sirty asked what happens if the negotiations go south and Nate says he supposes they’ll be hitting Cestus Cybernetics and Sirty said it sounds like a plan.  Their comlink beeped letting them know that a friendly has entered their area and General Fisto showed up on his speederbike shortly after.  Nate wandered out to meet the Nautolan but he continued North and Nate followed on foot to the secondary landing zone.  A ship landed and a dark-skinned feemale got off and followed Kit into the caves.  As Kit passed, Nate saluted and they both entered the cave and they looked at some things on their scanners.  Then the Jedi Master told Captain Forry and the others to follow them…..


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