‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 16 (Part 3)

Well, Sunday.  We really had every intention of going to church this morning.  That was until we didn’t wake up until almost eleven o’clock.  Let’s just say that Charles’ burboun was REALLY good last night!  Jeff stayed over and Ian had been driven home by my wife.  By the time we all got up, Jeff’s wife had already called and asked him to come home.  So, Jeff left fairly early.  I found Charles downstairs playing “Knifee, Knifee” with the kids on the PS3 on Call of Duty 4.  I then got on and Charles and I played for a little bit and had some fun.  My wife made us a nice breakfast that we ate at about noon.  We watched a little bit of “The Clone Wars” as Charles had not seen it at all.  After that, Charles helped me with the electronics on my helmet.  He helped me put together a servo that is going to make the antenna on my helmet go up and down.  On it’s own!  It’s looking so cool to be able to move the antenna up and down at the drop of a switch.  I know people are going to think that’s cool.  We had to make a few trips to Radio Shack to get it to work, but we finally got it going.  All I can say is THANK YOU CHARLES – YOU ARE THE MOST AWESOME FRIEND A GUY COULD HAVE!!!  Charles ended up leaving shortly before dinner time and I went back downstairs and installed the servo.  It took some time, but by the end of the night it was finally in and it looks so awesome!  I am so pumped to be able to use it and my kids just think it is so cool!  I got that done and Heather and I watched “Cold Case”, “Big Love” and a tape of “The Simpson” before we went to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 16 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 16 (Part 3):  Seven years after his job at Cestus Cybernetics, Trillot left to work for a Tenloss Syndicate overboss. He soon ascended among the ranks and became an overboss himself.  The previous overboss died mysteriously, leaving Trillot in charge.  Because of his aggressive tendencies, Trillot’s power was never questioned on teh planet of Ord Cestus.  Everyone on the planet knew that Trillot was the person that could walk the fine line between upper and lower classes.  As Fizzik approached Trillot he noted his red thorax, knowing that his brother was making the slow transition from male to female.  Trillot welcomed Fizzik in a cold demeanor and told him that if his information was useful, he may pay his brother for it.  Fizzik said he only wished to serve his brother and bowed respectfully.  Trillot walked down the corridor in his usual slinking motion as more eyes watched from the shadows.  Fizzik got the impression that his brother was not happy as he asked a guard if he smelled Xyathone and the guard said he did not.  He opened a curtain and entered a room, sniffed the air one more time and called out for Guntar.  Fizzik became an observer as the guards dragged a fat Zeesta behind them and Trillot asked if he sold his guests the mushroom.  Guntar said of course he did, nothing but the best.  Then Trillot said he had to have known his nose had begun to fail him!  Guntar said he swears he didn’t know and Trillot ordered his guards to take Guntar away and remove his defective nose.  Guntar screamed as the guards dragged him away and Tillot ordered his men to give everyone in the room some more from his own best personal stock.  Trillot then told Fizzik to follow him to the sanctuary and reminded him he loathed inefficiency.


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