‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 16 (Part 2)

What a day!  There was so much that went on here, it’s almost hard to reflect on all that happened.  We got a phone call around nine o’clock or so from someone that I’m not allowed to talk about on here.  Those people were coming by to help me work on the electrical on our house and fix our bedroom, Tara’s room, the outlet in the bathroom, and the switch in our kitchen.  Our guests arrived and we got right to work.  We discovered that there was a bad switch leg up in the ceiling of our bedroom and the person who decided to put a fan in the ceiling put the fan in wrong and wired it all wrong, causing a short in the switch and they solved the problem by using the ground as the power and touching that wire to the back of the switch powering the entire switch.  Basically, it was a mess!  We went to Lowes and got some things to fix it with and were able to take care of the problem.  Once we fixed our room, it helped to fix Tara’s room and then the hall lights and the bathroom came back as well.  While we were working on this, Heather took off with another one of our guests and picked up Austin.  He came home and we finished up all the electrical and even fixed the power outlet and the switch in the kitchen and our guests were on their way.  I then scrambled to get things together for the B Sens game tonight and got the car loaded up.  We got to the game and found out we had no table, but the Senators and the 501st were very accomidating (thank you Garrison Excelsior!) and helped us work out a solution.  We set up the table and did the event and did very well.  We got through with the event and things on the family front fell apart.  First, Tara lost her Master Replica’s lightsaber and she’s lucky no one stole it.  Then she decided to take off on her own and we lost Tara!  My wife was not happy by this point.  We got home and invited the guys over and Ian, Charles, and Jeff decided to come over.  We sat around and drank some beers and had a blast talking till about two in the morning.  We just had some good old fashioned laughing till we had to pee fun!  It was a great stress relief for this stressful day.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 16 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 16 (Part 2):  As a female, Fizzik did domestic work among the upper classes.  As a male, he had a hard time keeping a job.  His ability to move among the upper and lower classes gave him the ability to gather the data he had about their incoming visitors, they’re from Coruscant.  He now had the ability to sell that information to an important X’Ting, his brother Trillot.   He finally came to an iron door just on the street of Ore Boulevard wehre a Wrooman and a Wookie stood gaurd.  Fizzik used a code line about having to see his brother and they nodded and opened the door, and escorted him in.  He noticed all the men starring at him as he moved down the hall and the Wrooman asked him why he needed to see Trillot.  Fizzik said he had valuable information and it was only for their boss.  The guard got mad and threatened Fizzik, when he realized it was a shake down, pulled out his last Galactic Credits and gave them to the thug.  The Wroonian guard remembered where was and the credits disappeared.  Fizzik entered the room and made out the figure of his brother Trillot.  Trillot was only a little older than Fizzik and had failed as a communications expert at Cestus Cybernetics but found his calling in labor releations.  He often switched between male and female personas about every three years.  But Fizzik knew that Trillot used the herbal drug vipitel to help ease the transition from male to female in his species…..


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