‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 15 (Part 1)

Well, it’s Tuesday and it was an extremely busy day for me today.  I got up and got myself going for the day.  I knew it would be busy and figured I would hit the ground running and that is pretty much how my day went.  I got the kids going for the day and we all sat around and watched the “Today” show like we do every morning.  I have to say that I am still getting tired of the inauguration coverage, but it is a historic day, good or bad; it’s a changing day (sorry Dr. Phil, I stole your line!).  I talked about the day with my children and told them what to expect to see and hear today while they are watching the inauguration at school and what to listen for while watching it.  It was the talk of the nation, no doubt!  I got things together and our babysitter showed up and then I was off to school.  I got things set up for my day, the last full day of classes before the mass chaos of ELA testing for the rest of the week.  I can’t believe we’re already starting ELA testing and before you know it, we’ll be having the Math State tests as well!  Anyway, got things going for the classroom and most of the work my students were doing today was to wrap up workbook work for class just before our finals which will be at the end of next week.  We went through our morning classes and when we got to fifth period, I agreed to let them work on their music history while we watched the inauguration.  Unfortunately, CNN’s website crashed while we were watching and I never got to watch the inauguration in real time, but saw it enough times in replay.  Enough times to note the mistakes that were made!  Wow!  That’s the only inauguration I can think of in American history where the words got messed up!  What a start for the 44th President!  I listened to his inauguration speech and was completely disgusted by what I heard.  It was all socialistic rhetoric about how our country needs to stop being individuals and needs to start banding together for the greater good of the nation.  Yeah, I’ve heard that speech before, I believe Trotsky gave it while pushing the Bolshevik Revolution and Communism on Russia.  Of course, it’s blasphemous to say that, which was also true in Russia around that same time!  Anyway, I went out with the ladies for lunch and ate some pizza while watching the news and the inauguration there as well.  I had decided today that I needed to bring back “The ConservaCast” tomorrow and I had to address the inauguration speech.  I got done with school and stayed after and worked for a while on grading papers.  There are so many to get done and I feel overwhelmed in a way.  I did that while I listened to some podcasts on the Internet and it was time for SMASH.  I met Ruth there and we had a good SMASH rehearsal today and Jim and I came up with a strategy to interject the song “September” into our group.  Cool!  I love “Earth Wind and Fire”!  I got done with that and came home and ate dinner with the family.  We got done with dinner and I came downstairs and worked on the blog, notes for “The ConservaCast” tomorrow while I watched “American Idol”, “Fringe”, and “Law and Order: SVU” and then I went to bed with Heather.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 15 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 15 (Part 1):  Fisto, Nate, and the three clones had arrived at the Dashta Mountains without being detected.  This area was chosen by a secret contact known to them as Sheeka Tull.  Tull had a cave opened for emergency craft landings, but was located way below te cave entrance.  Kit thought the cave was perfect, but entered with caution.  As they entered the cave they found a huge four-legged furry animal that had appeared to have died here, but no signs of life.  Nate commented that there might be something here when Seefor said they may need to find another cave, but Kit insisted they neede to wait for their contact, Tull.  They spent most of their day building a base camp in the valley using the modular housing sections they brought with them.  That’s when the first cave spider appeared.  The first came out and attacked Sirty before Kit could react, cutting off one of it’s legs.  They finished with that one when three more came out of the shadows as Kit ordered them into formation.  They had found a cave spider nest.  Nate blased the rocks onto the hiding place of the spiders in an attempt to close the entrance to the nest.  He then roled again and ran for one of the speeder bikes.  Behind him a spider tried to attack, but Kit reacted and the creature was forced to spit venom instead.  Out fo the rocks came younger smaller cave spiders.  That’s when Kit spun around and saw in the shadows of the cave a female that was as big as a Bantha.  He now realized she was directing the “troops”, much like Kit would do.  He told his troops to get ready as he widened his stance for balance…..

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