‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 13 (Part 2)

Well, it’s Wednesday and it’s the middle of the week.  I got up this morning full of energy and I was surprised how quickly I went from a high to a low today.  I got up and was full of energy.  The kids got up with me this morning and we all got ready for school and work.  I had to prod Tara to get herself going this morning, but luckily I had the help of Heather to help get her going a little bit.  I then headed off to work and the kids headed off to school.  I will say this, those that believe in Global Warming, you need to come to Binghamton, New York today.  Holy crap it’s cold out there and now they’re saying it’s only going to get colder!  If the North Pole isn’t freezing by now, then I don’t know what the heck it will take to freeze that part of the earth!  I was really wishing I was a Polar Bear myself this morning.  I got to school and tried to get into the building rather quickly today.  I got into the building today and we got our school day started.  I found out that our school had quite the day with problems yesterday and they needed help during lunchtime for Thursday and Friday, so I volunteered to help.  Let’s hope some of the problems get solved.  I had an interesting day with my students.  I had keyboard tests with some of them while I had recorder with others.  The keyboard tests were either really good or really bad.  There are obviously some students who have just decided to not even try.  Some even opted to just NOT take the test!  There is nothing that upsets me more because I want to see all my students do good and when they opt not to take a test they are telling me they simply don’t care.  You try not to take it personally as a teacher, and I really don’t, but it can be taxing at times.  As I always remind myself, it’s a choice those kids make.  I got done with school and since there was nothing to do after school, I headed straight home.  I got home and Heather told me some more bad news.  Well, I’ll start with her good news.  She started work on our bedroom and what she has done looks great!  She just primed the walls on three walls and we’re really starting to see just how dirty the walls were and how ugly they were.  Now, onto the bad news.  My wife decided to remove the switch plates and outlet plates and pull them out to paint (which you really should do) and somehow, she knocked out the power to the bedroom, Tara’s room, the hallway lights, and the outlets in the bathroom.  I tried to figure out what was going on, but to no avail.  She later called her father and he plans on looking at it later sometime.  So, Tara’s going to have to go without power until we can get this fixed.  The girls then headed off to girlscouts with Heather and Austin worked on cleaning up the kitchen upstairs while I made a phone call downstairs.  Well, I had a discussion with this other podcast network tonight, and things did NOT go well.  Talks broke down very quickly and they made me feel guilty for not having more traffic than I do and they made it seem like my site wasn’t worth their time.  So, it’s back to the drawing board.  I’m really just trying to find my place on the net and it seems like everytime I find one that seems like it’s my place, I get nowhere with that group.  It goes back to the whole getting a teaching job dilemna.  Most schools want a teacher with experience, however, how are you supposed to get a job if no one is willing to take the chance.  I’m feeling the same way with my podcast.  How am I supposed to up the numbers of people listening, if no one is willing to take the risk and bring me back onboard.  I thought about what happened on Monday night today as well and reading back through the thread, I will admit that some of the problems on the thread were my fault and the way I worded things.  It’s some of the reasons I don’t like the Internet.  I think some things that are said on message boards don’t show “intent” which can really change how someone interprets what you write.  I didn’t mean to come off sounding like an ass, but I guess I could see how others see it that way.   I guess I’m better off just not ever giving my opinion on subjects because I come off sounding that way.  I still have a decision to make about this subject and I just don’t know where to go about it.  Heather came home and she and I watched some T.V. together tonight.  We watched “Knight Rider”, followed by “Law and Order:  SVU”, and “Law and Order” and then went to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 13 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 13 (Part 2):  Their transport headed to a Dashta plain that had minimal electromagnetic activity, proving there wasn’t much of a population down there.  for an hour or so, the clones unloaded all the equipment except Master Fisto’s.  He insisted upon unloading his own equipment.  Coiled at Kit’s belt was the lightwhip which Obi-Wan had labored over for the entire trip.  In a very short time, the Master was now considered a king of the Light Whip.  Kenobi came down off the ramp, shook hands with Kit and told him this is where they part ways.  Kit said they would set up camp in the caves South of where they landed and should be ready for anything in a day.  Obi-Wan reminded him they’ll keep in contact with each other via the astromech remote maintenance channel.  They both wished The Force on each other as Kenobi noted a sandstorm in the distance.  The four clones exited the ship with Fisto and Kenobi closed the bay door ramp.  He went to the bridge of the ship and sat next to Snoil and CT-X270 and instructed Xutoo to go…..


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