‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 12

Well, I have to say it has been a really rough day today.  Most of it had nothing to do with my real life, but my online life.  Mostly my podcasting life.  So, let me talk about my real life and then I’ll address my podcasting life.  I got up at my usual time this morning and motivated the kids to get moving today.  We all got up and got ready for school and did it with relative ease.  The kids were ready and I had relatively few arguments with the kids and our babysitter showed up and I was off to work and the kids were off to school.  I got to work and I got my classroom ready to teach for the day.  I checked some boards this morning and found out some things that made my morning a little disappointing (I’ll address that in a minute).  I got my classroom going and started teaching my students.  It was an interesting day.  It was definetly a Monday as my students weren’t completely with it, but they managed to come around and I did too.  It wasn’t a bad teaching day overall,  and I even had a new student today who seemed really nice.  I got done with my school day and headed off to a staff meeting.  The meeting wasn’t a bad meeting, but it seemed to go on for a long time.  I got done with my meeting and came home and ate dinner with Heather and the kids.  After that, I went downstairs and watched “24” while I taped CBS to watch at a later date.

Okay, so onto what really had me upset today.  I had a bad experience on a message board today and I have to say what started off as a simple complaint and a question exploded into an attack on me and my podcast show.  Simply put, I missed a deadline to vote for audio awards.  I missed it because I didn’t visit the boards that were hosting the awards for over a week.  Honestly, I’m lucky if I visit these boards once every two weeks or so only becasue not much goes on there.  I asked to have the voting opened up again, and everyone took offense to the question.  Then I found out I was nominated and tried to find out why I wasn’t notified.  That’s when it got ugly.  I was called names, and I said I was going to take the issue public.  In all honesty, I’m tired of the whole situation.  It has me mentally exhausted and I feel not only shunned by some people that I thought were my friends, but I’m beginning to realize that not only are they not my friends, but they don’t respect me in any way either.  It’s almost as if nothing I do or say is going to make any of them feel any different about me.  They’ve judged me already and there is no way for me to change their mind.  They claim I have a “history” of going off.  I disagree.  I may speak my mind, but I don’t think I go off.  I’ll admit I’m passionate, but I think others misunderstand my passion for anger.  Well, honestly I’ve been told two things in an email by the site moderator today.  I can stay with the community and understand that if I make one more mistake, then I’m gone; or I can voluntarily leave the community.  I’m beginning to think the latter may be the better way to go.  I’m afraid that if I even attempt to go back, I will simply be put under a microscope and they will find a reason to excommunicate me from the community.  I don’t feel welcome there anymore, so why bother going back.  I have much to think about over the course of the next few weeks and I have to say, after today, I’m not feeling good about myself.  I hope that I feel better tomorrow.  I just want today to go away!

Okay, so let’s talk about Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 12:  After their practice, he freshened  up and changed clothes and went to the lower deck lounge where he found Barrister Snoil studying at two computer work stations.  Kenobi asked if he could comprehend woth at the same time and the Barrister said yes because his people can split the reaction of their brains.  He then asked to consult with Kenobi about the treaties.  He pointed out that the history of Ord Cestus demand it be a prison and not to receive the trade terms it received.  He told Kenobi that they sell items under the right of a corrections facility.  He then said they could threaten to suspend their activity while reevaluating their treaties which Obi-Wan pointed out would lead them right back to Dooku.  The Vippit agreed, but changed the subject saying it was his Time and Obi-Wan clarified, and he admitted it was his time to have children.  He then went on to tell  Kenobi he owed him a debt since he evacuated the Republic staff during the incident on Rigel-Twelve.  He went on to explain that he cannot marry until he clears this debt with Obi-Wan, as no female would want to marry a Vippit that may have to rush off to fulfill a debt.  Obi-Wan said he felt even more reassured that Snoil will now do his best.


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