Novel Ideas #7

Well, I had one main goal today and there was a moment there when I wasn’t even sure I was going to get that main goal done!  I will admit that Heather and I slept in today.  Only because I was up until almost midnight last night editing my podcast and helping Heather move our bedroom furniture.  I got up this morning and came downstairs and found out that my laptop had finally finished processing “Novel Ideas #7”.  Now I had to take care of the tedious task of splitting the show up into two parts.  So, it took a long time for Audacity to open up the full .mp3 file and once it opened up the file, it took it even longer to process the information.  I split the podcast so the first half had an hour and fifty-nine minutes while the other half had one hour and forty-five minutes or so.  It took a while for the laptop to process the information.  While it worked, I got a chance to talk to Heather and the kids for a while and I talked to Heather about changing out one of the breakers on our electrical panel (the one for the basement) so we could run the heater in the room because it was getting really cold in the basement home theather room.  After some talking, I finally convinced her to let me do it.  So, I took down the information and headed off for Lowes.  I found the breaker and came home.  Once I got home, we ate some lunch together and then Austin helped me put in the new breaker.  It wasn’t difficult at all and I got it done in about ten to fifteen minutes or so.  We did try turning everything on, but have found out that we can’t have two heaters on in the room.  Not bad though, because if Ian and I split the rooms like we intend to for the future, then we’ll have plenty of amps to do it later.  Anyway, I got done with that and then had the laptop process the second half of the podcast.  It took about an hour or so.  While I was waiting for that, a lady called me and cancelled our birthday party tonight for the Binghamton FanForce.  So, Heather and I called everyone in the group and let them know the party was cancelled.  We got done with that and I came back downstairs and started the process of trying to upload the podcast.  I tried, and tried, and tried and started to become very frustrated when after two hours I still wasn’t able to get the podcast online!  I then found out that was having problems.  They never let anyone know, they just had problems and tried to hide them.  So, I tried repeatedly to solve the problem and nothing was working.  It was then dinner time, so I headed upstairs and had sloppy joes and mac and cheese with the kids.  Then I came back downstairs and tried a theory I had an it worked.  Evidently, I made the first half of the show just a little too long.  So, I had to resplit the podcast.  So, I took the entire evening re-editing the podcast and between Internet crashes and laptop crashes, I didn’t get the show online till one in the morning and then went to bed.

Okay, so PLEASE check out “Novel Ideas #7”.  It took me a while to get it online, but it’s now there and you can find it here:



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