‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 10 (Part 2)

Well, it’s Wednesday and it was a snow day!  YEAH!!!  You would think I would be totally happy and free of anything to do today.  However, that was definetly NOT the case.  I got a phone call around six-thirty this morning saying that I had a snow day (and Heather had the day off anyway), so I went out and turned on the T.V. for about ten minutes and found out the kids had a snow day as well, so I went back to bed.  We all woke up around nine o’clock this morning and Heather and I watched “Dr. Phil” together.  It was about the shooting in a mall in the Von Mauer Mall in Omaha, Nebraska on December 5th, 2007.  When we first started the show, I really had the question of “why did this kid shoot all these people?”  The simple answer was that he was surrounded by idiots as parents!  His mother ignored him and had not problem with him living with other adults she never talked to!  His father had little to no contact with the kid in his lifetime and his step-father sounds like he wanted nothing to do with this child either.  To make matters worse, this was the same man that gave the kid the opportunity to find an assualt rifle in his house, unlocked, and out in the open!  This show led Heather and I into a very interesting discussion.  I hate to say it, but I agree with her.  The reality is that we need to put restrictions on assault rifles in this country.  I’m not talking about every weapon that ever existed, but assault rifles are useless unless you intend to do harm with the weapon.  Assault rifles (i.e. AK-47, FAL’s, and other automatic weapons) have no place in this society and has no point being a part of the gun protection laws in this country.  We got done with a talk and I went downstairs and started to work on editing for “Novel Ideas #7”.  I spent most of the rest of my morning working on this episode while I watched “Parking Wars” and “Dog, The Bounty Hunter” while I edited this show.  We got to lunch time and the family all ate lunch together.  While the kids went outside after lunch to shovel snow, I went downstairs and recorded a majority of my show in the afternoon while Heather sewed a quilt in the other room.  We got to dinner time and had dinner together.  After dinner I went downstairs and frantically worked on editing my podcast.  I never even got to my “ConservaCast” show tonight, so that show will have to wait until next week now!  I spent my whole evening editing.  A little after seven o’clock tonight, Heather suggested we go take my car to Kost Tire to get it inspected tomorrow.  We did and on the way home, we got some Frosty’s for ourselves and the kids and met some people at Wendy’s that we hadn’t seen in a while.  We got home and I edited for a little bit until it was time to watch “Knight Rider”, “Law and Order:  S.V.U.” and “Law and Order” and then we went to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 10 (Part 2):  Obi-Wan greeted Barrister Snoil.  Obi-Wan had learned to trust his friend Doolb Snoil after helping out with negotiations on Rijel-12.  He had quite an educational background and was known for his responsibility on political fronts.  If anyone could help out with the mess on Cestus, Snoil was the man.  Snoil commented that it’s been twelve years and Obi-Wan looked at the shell on his friend.  He showed signs that would be taken posititvely on Nal Hutta and Obi-Wan said according to his shell, he’s become quite prosperous.  Then Snoil and Kit Fisto greeted each other and Fisto said he spent a week trench diving on Nal Hutta.  Snoil was shocked and told them that when the time comes, Barrister Snoil will want for nothing.  As he continued up the ramp, five other troopers followed him up the ramp with equipment, but one with officer’s stripes acknowledged Obi-Wan.  He introduced himself as A-98, and handed Obi-Wan a copy of his orders.  Kenobi then introduced Master Kit Fisto to the clone.  The trooper showed Fisto instant respect saying it was an honor to serve with him.  Obi-Wan deduced that the respect shown came from the clone watching the video of the JK in the arena.  Kit instructed the clone to load up the equipment and asi to Obi-Wan that they were obedient, but Kenobi notes that it’s not by independent choice.  Kit then entered the ship.  It only took minutes to stow equipment, and pass take-off protocols.  Obi-Wan made his way tot he nost of the ship as it lifted off, clearing the planet and hit the darkness of space.  As they got into orbit, Obi-Wan noted all the transport ships shuttling back and forth between Coruscant and Vandor-3.  He knew about the training center there and had heard some of the statistics.  He began to wonder who was more in the wrong, the Seperatists churning out battle droids, or the Grand Army of the Republic cloning a genetic warrior like Jango Fett.  Fisto appeared behind Obi-Wan and said all they do is prepare for war and wondered what kind of life that is.  He answered himself saying a soldier’s life.  Obi-Wan started to wonder just how much of Jango’s genetics is really out there.


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