‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 10 (Part 1)

Well, it’s Tuesday and I have to say that I had grand plans for my day today and none of those grand plans came to fruition.  I got up this morning and got the kids going for the day.  It was a typical morning and they were at least in a little bit of a better mood this morning.  I think it’s simply because it’s not the day after break.  We had a decent morning and my babysitter showed up to the house on time and we were on our way to work and school.  I got to school and got things ready for classes today.  I have to say it was a lot nice to come into a room that didn’t have water coming down out of the ceiling.  Wow, I think I’ve really lowered my standards on what I conisder to be a good day!  LOL!  Anyway, I got my classroom ready and got into my day.  Things went fairly well at school and I have to say it was nice to have a good day with my students in the classroom.  I got through my classes and even had some pizza for lunch at “New York Chefs”.  I thought I would do this as a reward for having lost fifty pounds (according to my wife’s new scale at home).  I got through my day and was then into the after school hours.  I had vast plans with this time.  I ended up editing, editing, and editing “Novel Ideas #7” some more.  I did not realized just how much editing had to be done on this episode!  I edited until it was time to leave for SMASH.  SMASH rehearsal was interesting tonight as my daughter joined the group and was at rehearsal for the first time.  I know she felt overwhelmed and I give Jim credit for teaching her because I didn’t want to be overcritical of my daughter.  BUT, she was psyched and excited to be part of the group and couldn’t wait to get involved!  She’ll work and she’ll try and that’s all we ask for with SMASH.  We got done and Ruth and I came home and had dinner with the family.  Once we got done with dinner, I came downstairs and recorded more of “Novel Ideas” and then I watched “Biggest Loser” and “Law and Order:  Special Victims Unit” while I continued editing on commercial breaks.   I swear it feels like I’ll NEVER get done with this episode!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 10 (Part 1):  Obi-Wan layed in his bunk for three hours maximizing his sleep time using The Force before packing and leaving to join Kit Fisto for their flight to Cestus.  The two Jedi ate a meal of thrantcill pate and hawk-bat eggs in the Temple’s dining hall as they reflected on previous missions.  They then took an air taxi to the Centralia Memorial Spaceport and supervised the preperations of a Republic Cruiser till a military shuttle arrived dropping off five clones in white armor.  Obi-Wan found the clones odd as they had the face of Jango Fett and he could not just forget that the Fett attempted to take his life three times!  He thought to himself that although they were human, they weren’t raised like other humans.  Clone CT-36/732 offered to take Kenobi’s gear and Kenobi remembered that this was the clone that fought the JK and was impressed he was in such good shape.  Kenobi asked him to move their gear to his cabin, so he did.  As the trooper walked away, Obi-Wan began to understand how many individuals looked at the clones as equivalent to robots.  He wondered how many would have to die before the public changed their attitudes.  Then a voice said “oh my” as Obi-Wan turned to face a man with a wet, turquoised colored body and a yellow mucus pool on the ground…..


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