‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 8

Well, it’s Sunday and it was a typical Sunday for the Crissman household.  We got up this morning and got ourselves ready for church.  I even managed to snooze the alarm this morning once before actually getting up.  I better not do that tomorrow or I could find myself getting to work late.  We got up and got dressed and watched some news while eating breakfast.  We watched about how Israel invaded the Gaza Strip and how they are attacking Hamas, and unfortunately I believe that Hamas deserves what they are currently getting.  Then we did a double take on the local news.  We found out that our next door neighbor’s son was arrested in Syracuse in connection with a drug store robbery here in Binghamton.  To make matters worse, his brother was the other suspect and is still wanted and that’s one of the kids that babysat for us before!  Man, that’s creepy!  What a way to wake up to our day!  We got ready for church and headed out.  We had a very nice church service this morning and it was communion Sunday and found out that the kids had Youth Group.  So, when church was over, Heather and I headed to Wendy’s and had a little bit of a get away and had lunch together.  We also got caught up with all of the Wendy’s gossip while we were there.  Yeah (notice the sarcasm!)!  We then headed home and I recorded a little for “Novel Ideas” and then we took a nap.  We woke up from our nap and I watched some football and continued to record little segments here and there all afternoon long.  I had to do it in segments because I kept loosing my voice.  Heather went and picked up the kids and they did some things upstairs and worked on getting the house back in order before the beginning of the week.  I watched football and recorded up until dinner time.  We had a nice dinner of mini meatloafs, pierogies, and some chocolate pudding.  While we were eating dinner, a friend called and asked about our old babysitter for Tara in the mornings and how reliable the lady was.  My wife basically said she was unreliable and that is why Tara was no longer there.  So, we helped the friend find another local friend to trust.  A littl while after that, Danny showed up to pick up the futon and we talked for a little bit and he brought over the clip for the pistol and I have to say it looks pretty cool now.  I was happy with what I have now and it’s going to make a nice sidearm.  We then moved the futon out to his truck and he and his wife were on their way.  Heather and I went back downstairs and taped “Superstars of Dance” and watched “Cold Case” and ” The Unit” and then went to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes……

Chapter 8:  Only two hours.  Nate and six of his fellow troopers were performing a ship-out ceremony just outside their barracks on Vandor-3.  Troopers always said good-by because to return is success and to not return is it’s own punishment.  Glorii Profus, their Kaminoan mentor told them to seek a good death.  He was used as a psychiatric advisor understanding that even clones ask the question, what if I die?  He raised a glass of fin Tallian wine and said that into water they are born and itno fire they will die, they seed the starts and the clones repeat the ritual words, “We seed the stars!”, and toasted to the mission.

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