‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 7 (Part 2)

Well, it’s hard to believe it’s Friday and it’s hard to believe that my vacation is officially over as of tomorrow.  I just can’t believe that my time off went by that quick!   Heather got up early today and headed off to work and I slept in one last time before I have to start getting up early for work again next week.  I slept in today and then got up and watched Dr. Phil.  The kids even came downstairs and hung out with me.  We goofed around for a little bit and then they cheeered me on as I played COD4 on the PS3.  We then ate lunch together and watched some T.V.  I went back to playing PS3 while the kids played a “Disney Scene It” game upstairs and then Heather let me know she got out of work and was on her way home and was stopping to get groceries.  She told me the good news.  They had my part for my laptop in at “Computer Emergency Room”, but the bad news is that we’d have to drive to the store in Vestal to get it installed.  I’m worried that I may loose my laptop for a day, which means I won’t be able to record for “Novel Ideas” tomorrow and Sunday like I wanted to.  So, Heather got home, and I took a quick shower and we took off and took the laptop to Vestal.  Sure enough, they needed the computer for the evening and into tomorrow.  Crap!  That meant I wasn’t going to be able to record tomorrow.  I then was telling Heather about my frustration with my Mando costume and about how I wanted to go about changing the costume.  We talked a little and she agreed to help me make some of the changes I want to make.  One of the big ones is changing my belt and the parts that are connected to it.  So, while we were at Wal Mart, I looked for an ammo belt among some other things and came up short.  I had even decided on what I wanted to do to make my new sidearm and part of hit had to do with an air soft pistol that Danny had given to me earlier this year.  The ideas were all in my head, I just needed to make them come to life.  So, we did some things at Wal Mart, but I didn’t stay long.  Our Wal Mart’s shelves are practically bare!  I’m not so sure why the store’s shelves are so empty, but it’s kind of scary that no one seems to be carrying anything.  I went to Dick’s while Heather finished up in Wal Mart and found nothing there.  So, when we finished we went over to “Gander Mountain” to look for an ammo belt, but they had nothing either.  They did have a thigh holster for my pistol, so we purchased that until I can manage to find a belt.  Then we made a quick pit stop at home to get the pistol and then went to Lowe’s to get parts to change the pistol to make it my new sidearm.  We then stopped at “Subway” on our way home and ate some late dinner and then the kids and I watched “Star Wars:  The Clone Wars” together and they watched a movie while I went downstairs and started to work on the pistol in the basement.  I forgot to get Bond-O, but Heather promised to get it tomorrow.  We stayed up a little late tonight and then went to bed.  Tomorrow was a day to get things done before the chaos of the following week begins to ensue.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, a Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes……

Chapter 7 (Part 2):  Then minutes later he entered an office of the Ops Center and reported to a Mon Calamari major named Apted Squelsh.  She told A-98 that his unit performed admirably yesterday and that his unit had only a fifty-percent reduction in casualties and congratulated him.  She tole him she had a new assignment and asked if he was prepared and he gave his one-hundred percent response.  She told him that he and four other men will assist two Jedi to the planet of Ord Cestus.  Then he asked the major about what Admiral Baraka had to say about the loss of casualties on the training exercise.  She informed him that the Admiral said “well done!”.  He thanked her and left, but was upset that well done was his only response.  Typical military!  He left immediately and went to the hololibrary.  He found that doing his own research helped to add information to his briefing packet that was often scarce of information…..


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