‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 5

Well, it’s Tuesday and it is the second day of my vacation.  A bummer for my wife as she had to go back to work this morning.  But not me and I had another wonderfully relaxing day today!  I got up later this morning by sleeping in and I got up and watched “Dr. Phil” and the kids did some work around the house.  I got some things done as well, including putting away some of my own Christmas gifts and trying to get my computer to work.  Well, my laptop is now on the mends again because the DVD reader has stopped reading yet again!  So, we ended up calling “Computer Emergency Room” and had them order a part for the laptop and hopefully they’ll be able to fix it sometime just after the new year.  I got done taking care of that and did some things around the house and Heather showed up from work.  We ate some lunch together and then got on the road to do some things for tomorrow night.  So, we got on the road and went over to “Maines” and got some shrimp and party poppers for New Year’s Eve.  We then headed over to Aldi’s to get some more food and then headed out to “Fat Cat Books” and I got to shop with my Fat Cat Bucks.  It was cool and I got lots of awesome mini’s including an Anakin Skywalker, a Bariss Offee, Aayla Secura Jedi General, Han Solo, among many others that were cool.  We then stopped at Lowe’s on our way home and got some track lighting with some of the money we got for Christmas at Lowe’s and put it above the computer desk in the living room and I have to say that it looks nice.  We got home and put the food away and Heather and I hung up the track lighting by working together and did a pretty good job with it, especially considering we got it done in an hour.  I then helped Heather get dinner together and we all ate dinner as a family.  Then Heather and I went downstairs and I worked on some things while we watched some T.V. and then put in the movie “50 First Dates” and hung out for the rest of the evening.  After a while, we went to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 5:  Nate lay on the floor of his transport as he relaxed because the training for him and fifty of his fellow clones was now over.  Some of his men were weary and still full of the adrenaline pumps.  They all noted the tiny, minut differences in each other, whether it be a haircut or a smell, they could all tell each other apart.  They headed for their barracks just outside the capital of Vandor-3.  The barracks is collapsable and this particular one was only there for a week.  The transport dropped them off at a grey building and as Nate entered with his equipment, all his fellow clones on the recent drop either saluted or gave a thumbs-up to the trooper as he walked through the halls.   He took a lift to the third level, dumped his gear by his bunk and left to take a shower.  He made a note of some new bumps and bruises he gained at the latest exercises.  He goofed around with the soap in the shower along with the other clones in the shower room tossing it around almost like a game in the shower room.  It went on for a little while till their exhaustian began to show.  Nate left the shower room and headed back to his bunk.  Even their sleeping quarters were simple, even using sleeping pods when they need to.  These clones were all cloned from the warrior, Jango Fett, and they knew nothing else other than training.  He got into hsi sleeping pod as it assumed the perfect sleeping tempterature.  He reflected on his day as his conscience hung between sleep and deep sleep.  He held that state for fifty minutes until he finally surrendered to deep sleep.  Tomorrow was another day and he needed to be prepared.


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