‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 4 (Part 5)

Well, it’s Monday and I have to say that I had a pretty lazy day today.  I got up around nine o’clock or so to watch “Dr. Phil” and Heather got up with me.  After a while, we both went downstairs and Heather watched some T.V. while working on things for her seamstress and I played some Call of Duty 4 on the PS3.  I hate to say it, but time got away from me and before I knew it, we were beyond lunch and almost at dinner time.  Before I even came out of my hovel downstairs, it was not about four o’clock and I decided to check up on the family.  I came upstairs and spent some time with Heather as she made dinner.  Then we ate dinner as a family and I watched our usual after dinner T.V. shows and then watched “Big Bang Theory” among some other shows and then Heather and I went to bed.  Tonight, we put on our bed our new sheets we got from my brother and sister in-law and they are VERY nice sheets.  Over 500 thread count and they feel almost like silk.  Tomorrow we are going shopping for food for New Year’s Eve and also are going to Fat Cat Books to get some stuff with my Fat Cat Bucks that I got for Christmas.  Yeah!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 4 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes……

Chapter 4 (Part 5):  Admiral Arikakon Baraka was a Mon Calamari with their signature google eyes and webbed feet.  He was a member of the highly regarded Warrior Class, and although he despised clones, he was willing to work with them as opposed to the alternative.  He believed that the power of the individual within The Republic will outweigh the lust of power by the Chancellor.  That is why he shipped out to Vandor-3 to help train the clones using civilian warriors as a basis.  He admired the clones, in a way, but felt that the traditions of the old traditional warrior was now abandoned to conduct the Clone War.  There were a long line of professional soldiers in his family and was proud to be one.  The seargent in front of him informed him that their last drill had a one point seven mortality rate.  He thought that the clones would be easy to replace and was then apalled that he even had that thought.  Baraka reminded himself that having these clones gave them the ability to plan battles so well.  In some ways Admiral Baraka reminded himself that having these clones gave them the ability to plan battles so well.  In some ways Admiral Baraka had wondered if his loss of respect for the clones had led to a drop in respect for all warriors everywhere.  His ship kept moving as he continued to bellow in his microphone telling the clones that the exercise was not over.  He had no doubt in his mind that the clones are some of the best ssoldiers yet.


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