‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 4 (Part 3)

It’s Saturday and in the Crissman household that is now in Rochester, NY, it was THIRD CHRISTMAS!!!  Trust me, the children were not arguing with this concept in the least.  I woke up frustrated because my stomach bug had not gone away and I really am starting to get irked.  So, Heather and I ended up getting up early this morning and she took off to CVS to get some Kaopectate to try and solve the problem.  The kids got up fairly early and my brother and his family showed up shortly thereafter.  We waited for Heather and then we opened the pile that looked like Santa’s sleigh had crashed in my parents’ family room.  The kids got some really nice gifts.  Tara got a whole bunch of “Hannah Montana” stuff, Ruth got a whole bunch of “High School Musical” stuff, and Austin got a whole bunch of “Star Wars” stuff.  I got some nice things, but also managed to get some doubles.  I got a Rams tie from my brother that he gave to me last year, and my parents got me the “Star Wars: Vault” book, but I had bought that particular book some time ago.  So, I’ll have some things to try and return after Christmas this year.  They gave me some books that were cool and I even got a nice recharging station for my bedroom.  It was a nice day as my brother and I talked school “shop” talk and we had a nice dinner and the kids all had fun.  I’ll admit that I took a bit of a nap today and we all watched “A Very, Merry Muppet Christmas” and had some fun today.  We ate a dinner of ham, green been casserole, and scalloped potatoes.  It was late until my brother and his family decided to leave and it was just a great day overall.  Tomorrow would be another travel day, but it would be the last one for quite some time.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 4 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 4 (Part 3):  The backside of the capsule turned into a sled.  As he looked around, thousands of other troopers dell in line with their own sleds.  They all fell into precise formation froming a perfect geometric shape.  It was oddly silent as they moved in the water as they were in an ordered comm silence.  Then came the crackle as he was informed  of a contact on their right flank, exactly what they were waiting for!  Nate ordered evasive maneuvers and told them all to triangulate sector four-two-seven.  Then he was informed that they already lost a clone as he heard a scream.  He felt a sudden change in the water pressure as all the clones evaded a tentacle that ripped through the middle of them and drag one of the clones off into the deep.  Then Nate realized how the creature had snuck up on them.  The entire ocean floor was now moving and Nate realized that it was all part of one creature.  The rocks on the ocean floor was a bunch of a million different creatures that were working in-sync.  Nate searched his memory for the type of creature this could even possibly be, and he realized they were dealing with Selenoma.  Nate then listened to the comms channel as one of the clones asked how many creatures there were, and Nate answered only one and told the right flank to tighten their formation.  Blaster fire rang out as bubbles of air pockets bustt forth all around them…..

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