‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 3 (Part 1)

It’s Sunday and repeatedly deemed the day of rest for Christians around the world.  Well, today was the exception to the rule.  We got up this morning and found out that the area had received another two inches of snow last night and the snow is still coming down today.  We decided to get up early because we were supposed to get snow and I needed to get to church early because I was running sound this morning.  So, we got the kids up, had them shovel the driveway and we all got dressed in our Sunday best.  We also had to get the kids ready because they were supposed to have caroling to do this afternoon for an elderly home and some other places.  That meant we wouldn’t see them till six o’clock tonight, which was alright with us because we had Christmas shopping we needed to do for them.  Well, we left for church and the weather wasn’t all that great.  We got to the church by about ten after eight for a nine-thirty service and the plow was just starting to plow the parking lot and our building steward was just starting to shovel the sidewalks.  So, Austin, Tara, and myself all grabbed shovels and helped out.  It took us about a half-hour to forty-minutes, but we managed to finish up the sidewalks both upstairs and downstairs.  Then I went in and set things up for the sound for this morning’s service.  it was NOT an easy service, but I did manage to get things going and made it through the service.  I’ll be honest, we had five groups with accompaniment CD’s and I received them all last minute, so I was under the gun to balance the sound board on the fly!  Hey, it makes things interesting.  I definetly can’t say today was boring in the least!  We got done with the church service and found out that Youth Group caroling was cancelled for tonight.  Crap!  That’s when we were supposed to go shopping.  I suggested to Heather that we pull them out of Sunday School and have Ruth watch them at home and we could get our shopping done quick and get home.  So, we did just that.  The kids weren’t happy because they missed the Christmas parties with their Sunday schools, but they understood.  Heather and I dropped them off and told them to shovel the driveway and then get inside and get some lunch and we left to go Christmas shopping.  We started at Wal Mart and found gifts for my brother and other people, but the Star Wars section was wipped out for Austin.  They only had three figures on their pegs!  And tell me that Star Wars is not popular, Hah!  So, we decided to head over to Target where we had better luck and found some Star Wars toys for Austin and managed to buy a snow shovel for Tara and some salt and some stocking stuffers.  Then Heather and I decided to head over to the mall and stop at Penney’s and grab a box.  Then we went over to Marsha’s and shoveled their driveway and came home.  We were tired by this point, but had finished everything we had set out to do.  We got done there and came home.  Heather took a nap and I watched some football and ended up falling asleep in my chair in the home theater room.  We got up and had a nice dinner of a casserole that Heather put together and then she finished wrapping gifts and I started catching up on things like my blog.  I watched “Sahara” on TNT HD and then watched “Cold Case” and “The Unit” with Heather before heading to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 3 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 3 (Part 1):  Obi-Wan waited for two Kuati ambassadors to exchange pleasentries with Chancellor Palpatine in his briefing room.  As they stood there, Obi-Wan noted a bit of tension out of Kit Fisto and asked him if he was okay.  Fisto said the fight with the robot may have been a little too close for comfort.  Palpatine addressed the Jedi and apologized for the inconvenience and mystery.  Obi-Wan asked the Chancellor to share the secrets of the “Jedi Killer” with them.  He asked them to sit while he truned the meeting over to Lido Shan who had silently entered the room.  She explained that their initial scans of a JK unit simply revealed a shielded processor unit.  Kit asked what they found when they took it apart, but Lido started assessing it’s skills.  She explained that the JK unit is a Force-sensitive droid of a construction quality that they did not believe was possible.  She explained that they currently sell out, even at ridiculously inflated prices.  Kit asked why the Jedi have not heard of them yet, and she explained they are the most expensive personal security droids on the market, costing eighty-thousand credits apiece.  She said they have a unique design because they contain a living circuit that is implanted into their core processor……


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