‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 2 (Part 4)

Well, it’s Saturday, and what a Saturday it was!  I learned about a great many things today, so sit back and join in the chaose that I call LIFE!!!  We got up fairly early this morning.  Heather had to take the kids because she agreed to shovel out the driveway of her seamstress for the winter, so the kids shoveled out our driveway and left with Heather to shovel that driveway and then go do some errands.  So, I hung around the house a little while and finished working on some things on the laptop.  Then I took a shower and got some breakfast and watched “The Clone Wars” while I ate some food.  I then called Josh and asked what his plans were for the day.  He said he probably wasn’t coming down.  I figured as such and didn’t blame him for making that decision.  So, I called Heather and told her about Josh’s decision and said I thought I would skip Tuba Christmas this year.  It’s the first time I’ve done that in almost six years, but I feel in order to get shopping for her done and have some sanity left, I need to.  So, I went outside and started the car, got it warmed up and took off to do some shopping.  I made out pretty well.  I went to Penney’s and used a $10 Gift Card, $10 coupon, and her associates discount and got some great deals on a lot items.  I managed to get a jewlery cabinet that allows for her to put a collage of pictures on the outside, and a really nice winter jacket with hood.  I got done with the mall and while I was driving to Wal Mart, she suggested we meet for lunch, so I suggested the Taco Bell in Vestal and she agreed.  I went to Wal Mart and what a zoo that was!  It was such a different atmosphere from Penny’s as well!  People were mad, negative, and just not full of any Christmas spirit!  I did manage to find some great deals here, however.  I found a new microwave for Heather, a DVD Player for her and the kids that will play my DVD+R’s and all sorts of things, like a toolkit she’s been begging for, some “foof” as my dad would call it, and all sorts of stocking stuffers.  Let’s just say my trunk was full!  I then made it out of Wal Mart alive and met Heather and the kids at Taco Bell.  We ate some lunch together and it was nice to have some family time.  We talked about the madness of the day and we were both done with our shopping for the day today and decided to head home.  When we got home, that’s when the real fun began.  I got into the house and looked at the computer and found that our desktop computer was dead.  CRAP!!  I tried working on it, but nothing seemed to be working.  So, Heather gave Rent a Center a call and they said they would be here in an hour to an hour and a half.  So, Heather took a nap and I moved all of her packages downstairs.  We then went to gift wrapping (both of us).  Heather took the upstairs and I took the downstairs.  I spent a majority of the rest of the night wrapping gifts.  Two hours later (around four p.m.), the guy from Rent A Center showed up and we tried some things together.  Then he asked me if I ran any recent Windows Updates.  I told him that I was told to put them on automatic (that’s what was drilled into my head about XP).  HERE’S SOME IMPORTANT NEWS FOR EVERYONE – DO NOT DOWNLOAD SERVICE PACK 1-RC FROM MICORSOFT FOR WINDOWS VISTA.  IT WILL MAKE YOUR COMPUTER CRASH!!!  That’s right, my computer crashed because Microsoft wrote a program right within Windows Vista that makes the entire system crash.  Idiots!  So, we formatted C: and started over and rebooted Vista and I had to start over with my desktop computer.  AGAIN!  In between doing that I ate dinner and finished up wrapping gifts.  I kind of watched “Shrek” and “Elf” on T.V., but they were just background noise for me to get my things done.  I was tired by eleven o’clock and the entire family went to bed pretty late tonight.  Tomorrow’s not looking any easier. 

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 2 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 2 (Part 4):  As the droid went to act, Kit lept at the droid, spinning as he flew through the air right at the JK.  He slipped past the moving tendrils and rolled onto the ground.  The droid’s tendrils only lashed at Kit’s head and Obi-Wan was convinced that Shan had given the droid bad programming.  Obi-Wan even thought about helping, till he realized the droid was at a disadvantage because it was now in Kit’s lightsaber range.  As the Jedi attacked, the robot shrieked in terror as it didn’t know how to counter these attacks.  The shields the droid had once used to absorb energy became shields to deflect lightsaber attacks.  Kit moved faster and faster till the droid could no longer keep up and it collapsed onto the sand sputtering and sparking.  The crowd had become silent at the demonstration as Obi-Wan contemplated the true point of this demonstration.  It had shown that the JK had started to anticipate both the troopers and now Jedi Master Fisto’s reactions.  Obi-Wan asked the technician what the device is, since it’s shields absorb energy, it implies it’s a security droid.  Then Lido Shan ended the demonstration and said there will be a briefing for some.  Many left, shaking Fisto’s hand on their way out.  Obi-Wan jumped down into the arena, handing his Nautalan friend his cloak back.  As they left, they looked back at where the robot had been and Obi-Wan was convinced that Fisto’s unorthodox style of fighting is what caused hom ti win against his foe.  As they left, some clones were tending to the ijured trooper.  Obi-Wan told Kit he felt like a fool because he felt he had met taht clone before, then told Kit he had met all of them in a way.


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