‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 2 (Part 3)

Well, it’s Friday and there are many positives.  First, it’s payday!  Yeah!  This is a positive because Heather and I finally have enough money to go Christmas shopping with.  Things have gotten a lot tighter with her taking the new job at Penney’s.  We just can’t spend the way we used to.  Seond, it was a good day because it was a snow day and we were told at 5:30 this morning.  So, the kids and I slept in until 8:30.  When we woke up, there was no snow on the ground yet.  So, I told the kids to get dressed quick and I wanted to go out and get some things and try and beat this storm.  So, we all got dressed.  We headed out to Lowes and got some PVC pipes and fittings to fix the snowman lights my wife got from Christmas Tree Shoppe, using the PVC pipes as the bodies of the lights.  Then we headed to Aldi’s to get some DVD+R’s and then came back to Staples, got some DVD cases and also got some white-out for a project for school.  We got gas and came home.  I went to the basement and while I watched Dr. Phil (which I didn’t do much watching, but got the gist that it was about injured War Veterans and PTSD), I cut the PVC.  My goal was to get this done before the storm hit and I had no clue where the stakes in the ground were.  Well, I worked on it, glued it, let the glue dry and got them out before the storm hit.  I then went downstairs and worked on the project for school (a new sixth grade project) while the kids worked on cleaning the house using a list that Heather had given them before she left.  I worked on my project and watched “Star Wars:  Droids”.  Somehow, the show wasn’t as brilliant as I remember it.  Anyway, Heather called me when she left work and let me know when she was leaving and said she needed to go to Barnes and Nobles to pick up my dad’s gift.  I tried to urge her not to go, but she wouldn’t listen to me.  After she called, the kids and I had to go outside and shovel for the first time because the snow was flying that fast!   We got back inside and it was now noon, so we decided to eat some lunch.  I got done with lunch and called Jeff at work and asked about our hospital visit to the Peds. Ward at Wilson tonight.  He suggested we cancel and I concured.  We cancelled the event, and Heather was going to call the hospital when she got home.  Well, it took Heather THREE hours to go from the mall to Vestal to our house!  It should have taken an hour at the most.  I tried to tell her, but she was being stubborn as usual!  We shoveled the driveway for the second time just before Heather got home.  She got home around two-thirty and we talked about her ride and the roads and agreed we needed to cancel the event tonight.  So, we called the hospital and found out it’s a good thing we did!  There were no children in their wing of the hospital and they saw no point in rescheduling.  So, we called another local hospital and found out that most children only stay a day or two at most and then get transferred to the Pediatric Ward at University Hospital in Syracuse.  So, we had toys and no on to donate them to.  So, we took the rest of the afternoon brainstorming ideas and calling around.  After about two hours of frustration, I then put the question to the group.  We ate dinner together as a family and I worked on some things I needed to get done around the house and we cleaned the house – A LOT!  After some emails, it appears that everyone agrees that we should save the toys for next year and head to the center at University Hospital and do a BIG event next year.   Sounds like a plan!  Josh called me tonight to let me know he was not coming down.  I don’t blame him.  We were going to try and do Tuba Christmas tomorrow and then go shopping tomorrow.  He was going to come down tonight and spend the night, but I can’t blame him for not travelling in this.  He said we would talk in the morning and go from there.  But, I doubt he’ll come down.  I wouldn’t if I were in his shoes.  Not worth risking my neck for a Tuba Christmas event.  Heather and I decided to watch “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2” tonight and realized why we’ve never watched it before.  IT SUCKS!!  Don’t recommend that movie.  We then went to bed early because we knew tomorrow was going to be a long day no matter what.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 2 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 2 (Part 3):  The other beings ignored Obi-Wan and in the meantime members of the audience pointed out to Lido Shan that there were indeed Jedi among them.  They asked the Jedi for a demonstration and there were even some behind the scenes bets that took place. on the spot.  Kit asked Obi-Wan what he thought of this and the Master said he was not there to satisfy the crowd’s reactions.  Kit asked if JK thirteen had a meaning beyond what it is.  Lido responded that the smugglers called them “Jedi Killers”.  Obi-Wan said it sounded charming, as his companion took off his cloak.  Obi-Wan asked Kit what he was doing and he volunteered to challenge the robot.  He lept down into the stadium and landed a dozen meters from the JK.  Fisto lit-up his lightsaber as the droid unleashed it’s tentacles.  As the droid attacked, Kit knocked away the first tentacle easily.  Obi-Wan admired Kti’s fighting style known as the Form I style, till he felt a disturbance in The Force.  He realized through his connection in The Force that the attack of the tendrils was a decoy.  The droid was using feet tendrils, camoflauged as sand and was ready to attack on two-levels.  It relied on Kit’s overconfidence, luring him into a false sense of security.  The tenrdrils got whithin inches of teh Jedi before he even sensed them.  One wrapped around his foort and the onlookers were convinced they were about to see a Jedi bested by a droid…..


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