‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Well, it’s Wednesday and it’s the middle of the week and what a heck of a middle of the week I had!  I woke up to a mess this morning.  We had a combination of about everything last night that included ice, rain, freezing rain, and snow.  It was just a mess.  And because of that, I had a two hour delay and the kids had a one hour delay.  I was worried that it would change at some point this morning, but it never did.  If the kids went to a two hour delay, Heather would’ve had to have come home from work, drop Tara off, and then go back to work.  But, since I had a two hour delayI was able to take care of the probelm myself.  I went outside this morning and shoveled the snow and told the kids to get ready for school since I had more time to get to work than they had to get to school.  I shoveled the driveway and the sidewalk and then came inside.  I took a shower and got some things together for the day.  I got my breakfast ready and Austin and Ruth headed off to school.  Tara and I were left behind and we watched “Dr. Phil” as she finished getting ready for school and as I ate some breakfast.  I finished with breakfast and we had some fun goofing around watching “Dr. Phil” that was about people that either love or hate Christmas.  We got to about 9:30 and we left the house and I took Tara to school.  It was interesting dropping Tara off to school.  I swear some of those parents had clown cars or something.  They’d open the door of their cars and child after child would exit the vehicle and head into school.  I dropped her off and headed off to work.  By the time I got onto the roads, they weren’t bad.  I got to work a little early and found out that we would be running a first through fourth period schedule.  This now means that my morning classes are now officially five lesson plans ahead of my afternoon classes, simply because we’ve run this schedule three more times than the afternoon schedule.  I think people forget about the afternoon classes and figure they just don’t matter.  I went through my school day and had a problem with my trouble class.  So much so that I exploded on them.  We gave up on learning recorder today!  I will say that this class is THE most frustrating class I’ve ever had!  I was not happy with them and by the end of the day I was shaking out of frustration.  I got packed up and found out our faculty meeting was cancelled, which made me happy.  I called Heather on my way home and told her about my frustration and told her that I needed to come up with a plan tonight, and she agreed.  I came home and Heather met me at the door with some Peach Schnapp’s, which was appreciated.  I then went downstairs and posted the latest episode of “The ConservaCast”, which can be found online at:  http://www.conservacast.mypodcast.com.  I then came up with a plan.  I decided that my students were going to copy down my rules every day and that they were going to copy down a sheet I’ve had for a while now titled “Why Study Music”, which reinforces the concepts of MYP.  I’ve decided that I can’t trust them to do any lessons until they understand the consequences of their actions.  I talked it over with Heather and she thinks they should do this until Christmas break and if they misbehave after break, we go back to it.  I love my wife and I love how we work together to bounce ideas off of each other.  So, I put a sheet together tonight and printed it up for tomorrow at school.  I would have to start off by copying them and putting the packets together.  I then watched “A Muppet’s Christmas:  Letter’s To Santa” together with the family once the girls got back from Girl Scouts.  Then Heather and I watched “Criminal Minds” and “C.S.I.:  N.Y.” and I continued to work on getting us out of the analog age and into the digital age by converting all the video tapes over to DVD.  I’m really close and should be done by this weekend.  We got done watching T.V. and then went to bed.  They’re talking about a bad storm tomorrow night going into Friday.  It’s a strong possibility of a snow day on Friday, which is good because I planned on taking a mental health day to do some things around the house, so I may get a free mental health day. 

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of Chapter 2 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes……

Chapter 2 (Part 2):  The Bith next to Obi-Wan said this droid on droid demonstration was hardly worth a Chancellor’s summons.  Lido Shan interupted saying this demonstration was just a basic one and said the droid was stopped in forty-two seconds.  Behind Obi-Wan, an Aqualish asked about having opponents, and Shan said their next demo was to be with an Advanced Recon Commando.  At this point a Recon Commando stepped out into the arena in full gear.  The Aqualish then said he would not want to be responsible for this clone’s death.  Lido Shan explained tha the droid was programmed to handle this demonstration in a non-lethal manner.  Obi-Wan began to wonder what this droid would have to do with his mission as he asked what the objective of the trooper was.  Lido said he was to capture her.  The audience seemed dismayed and even excited about the possibilityh of the JK winning or the technician being caught.  Then Obi-Wan, in his head, compared the robot to a creature and he began to question why he thought that.  As the trooper moved forward, he took a shot and the JK absorbed it with a shield.  He continued maneuvers, positioning and repositioning himself only to get blocked each and every time.  Obi-Wan even stretched out with The Force to see what the trooper was feeling and even began to sense his actions.  The JK, with impeccable timing, shot out a web and ensnared the trooper as he leaped…..


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