‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Well, it’s Tuesday and I have to say that this week seems like it’s going to drag on forever.  I woke up this morning and felt like it should be Friday or Saturday.  One day gone this week already and I feel like the week should be done.  Maybe I’m mentally done this week already.  I got myself going even though I was completely exhausted.  I got the kids up and they were pretty tired as well.  I got the kids and myself ready for school and our babysitter showed up on time.  The kids headed off to school and I headed off to work.  I got to work and got things ready for my day today.  I realized that if we worked hard between now and the break, we could be almost completely done with Music Theory in our books before break.  That would make it easier to concentrate on our projects in the classroom and would only leave us the projects to finish and the final exams to get ready for.  Anyway, I got my classroom ready and started my school day.  It was an interesting day, but I managed to make it through my work day.  I got done with school and had to stay after because I had SMASH tonight.  We were going to try and get Ruth in for SMASH tonight, but we couldn’t quite do it last minute, so we’ll work her in after break.  I decided to stay at school and work on grading papers, which I’ve fallen behind in doing.  I also watched my tape of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Two and a Half Men” while I worked on them.  I also decided to input grades for the midterm today because I didn’t know what other time I was going to have to get that done.  I got to SMASH a little late trying to get all of that done, but we had a productive SMASH rehearsal and decided to cancel next week since Tuesday is the last day before Christmas break and we’re not even sure if the buildings will be open on Tuesday evening.  I got home and had some dinner with Heather while I talked to her.  I then went downstairs and worked on the next episode of “The ConservaCast” and even recorded segments tonight.  I took a break long enough to watch “Life According to Jim” and then went back to work until it was time for bed.  I was hoping to get the post up tonight, so it would turn over at midnight tonight, but I just didn’t get to it.

So, let’s take a moment and talk about Part 1 of Chapter 2 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 2 (Part 1):  The sand floor of the T’Chuk arena only harbored one female in a white technicians coat with short black hair.  She was tinkering with a chrome hour-glass shaped mechanism that had little feat on the bottom for movement.  Obi-Wan asked what this was about as she moved wires from the droid to a pod on her wrist.  She then detatched those wires and turned to the audience and introduced herself as Lido Shan.  She explained that they would be testing her new product, the JK-thirteen, on a Confederacy destroyer droid.  The JK looked like a small droid as the destroyer droid rolled out next to it, only because the JK stood at half the height as the destroyer droid.  Obi-Wan was beginning to wonder why he had been called off of his mission of Forscan for this.  The JK then split into segments as the destroyer droid threw bursts of fire at it.  The JK used a series of energy disks to absorb the blasts, rather than deflect them.  The droid continued to attack not understanding the futility in doing so.  Then the JK slowly moved out tentacles from it’s side and top and moved swiftly without a chance for the destroyer droid to react.  The JK grabbed the war droid with the tentacles that then wrapped themselves around the robot in a thinner and thinner web.  The droid soon realized the impending doom and let out a sound of desperation.  The robot began to smoke until it finally busted into a million little pieces.  The crowd was in awe, and even Obi-Wan seemed a little stunned…..


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