‘Star Wars: The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Well, it was Saturday and there was much to be done.  It all started off with an early sunrise this morning to take Ruth to her All County audition.  We got up at seven and both took showers and then ate some breakfast and I left the house to take her to Maine Endwell Middle School.  She was nervous, I could tell and I tried to ease her nerves.  I tried not to be like my mother and hang outside the room because I wanted her to relax and do her best.  She did fairly well, and only made one mistake that I could note.  All well, she did the best she could, and that’s all anyone could ask for.  Like I told her, she was up against seventh and eighth graders and she was in the clarinet section (and I hate to say it, but clarinets are a dime a dozen).  We got done and Ruth and I goofed around a little and then we drove home and we stopped at the bank on our way home.  I got home and we had some fun playing around with the kids.  Heather and I had a lot to do around the house today, so we got to work.  I continued to move my video tapes toward the digital age and Heather continued to work on baking and doing other things around the house.  We were also working on getting ready for our FanForce party tonight.  Heather and I ate lunch with the kids and then we tried to put a tint on Austin’s helmet for his Mandalorian costume.  It really didn’t work so well, so we had to give up after a while.  We worked through the afternoon on various things throughout the house and I even watched “Indiana Jones” (at least I started to) in order to see if the DVD was scratched.  I got about half way through the movie and then was called to dinner.  We then got our things together and loaded up the car and headed out to the FanForce Party.  We had a wonderful time tonight.  We had a lot of fun just talking and goofing around and tasting wines among other beverages and quite honestly just had a good evening.  Even the kids had a blast and really seemed to enjoy what they were doing.  I was surprised how late it got and how quick.  We ended up leaving the party around midnight or so and the kids were exhausted.  They went to bed and Heather and I finished up some quick things and then went to bed ourselves at one on Sunday morning.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 1 of Chapter 1 of “Star Wars:  The Cestus Deception, A Clone Wars Novel” by Steven Barnes…..

Chapter 1 (Part 1):  Holonet News – Volume 531 Number 46:  “Baktoid Closes Down Five More Plants”:  Termin, Metalorn – In a statment to the press, the Baktoid Armor Workshop stated taht it planned on shutting down five more plants based on Republic regulations on battle droid programs.  Plants in Foundry, Ord Cestus, Telti, Balmorna, and Ord Lithone will shut down with a result of 12.5 million employees going out of work.  Legislation by The Senate let to the disbanding of The Trade Federation security forces, who are the largest sponsors of Baktoid’s autonoma and vehicles.

Chapter 1:  For over half a millenium Coruscant has been the crown jewel of The Republic with huge sprawls, gigantic buildings, and grand talking.  With the onset of The Clone Wars, many believed the dreams of this glorious city were abot to come to an end.  Many felt that the city had become vulnerable to attack.  But the millions of Coruscants  citizens went about their lives.  Thrantcills were seen migrating as they had for one hundred thousand years to the South.  They were now forced to scavenge the city streets as their natural habitat had been stolen from them.  Many argued taht this was a time of opportunity…..


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