‘Equipment’ – Overview

Well, it was NOT a good day for me!  I have to be honest, I was pretty furious about how my day started and even now I’m pretty upset at everything that happened to me over the course of the day.  I got up this morning and found out the kids and I both had an hour delay.  I figured I would wait a little bit to get the kids up and I would wait a little to get ready for school.  I found it odd that I did not get a call from the school, but I would find out later that a miscommunication in my school led to half the teachers not getting a phone call.   After about a half hour, I got the kids up and told them to head outside to shovel the driveway while I started to get ready for work.  I took a shower and updated Heather as to what was going on.  I then found out that the kids didn’t have school today.  They were excited and I was furious because my school along with one other school, were the ONLY schools in the county that refused to close school today!  I had to scramble to get Heather home in time to get myself off to work.  Not only did I have work, but they never changed from the one hour delay.  I then left the house as soon as Heather got home and had an interesting drive to work.  On my way to work I did a 360 degree slide because my district had decided to do a one hour delay and a second portion of the storm was hitting as I was on my way to work.  I got down the road a little further and just before the Brandywine, I got pulled over by a cop and told the roads were under a state of emergency for the next hour and I shouldn’t be on the road.  I told the cop I was on my way to work and he asked where I worked and I told him Binghamton.  The cop didn’t believe me and went back to his car to check and came back and waved me on and said he felt sorry that I still had to go to work and I said I was glad someone felt sorry for me.  I got to work and the kids and adults were ALL furious!  My walkers were mad because they had to walk in the snow, and many of the adults had similar experiences that I had and felt they had risked their lives to get to school.  In my humble opinion, it was a bad call to make and for the safety of the staff and students, we should have stayed home!  But, I got through my day, and on some positive news, I managed to get all of the equipment from the concert put away today.  I got through my school day and called Heather and came home.  We had a nice dinner of quesedillas and spanish rice and then Heather and I had a date tonight to go to a desert theater at our church called “Bethlehem Inn”.  It was fun and it was nice to go on a date with my wife!  We came back home in time to watch “Star Wars:  The Clone Wars”, and I really liked this episode with Kit Fisto, it was really cool!  Then we watched “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” and then “Dateline NBC” on the Casey/Kailey Ann Anthony case.  It was interesting.  We finished watching T.V. and went to bed.

Okay, so here’s the overview of “Equipment” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..




Positives:  Well, there were some positives in this ebook.  I loved hearing about the battle of Haruun Kal from the point of view of a clone.  I would love to have heard of it from more than one point of view, but it was interesting nonetheless.  I find it interesting that the Jedi think they are doing the right thing by treating the clones like they are humans, yet the clones almost want and expect to be treated like equipment. 

Negatives:  The story was kind of weak.  I understand that this was an Ebook, but the entire plot seemed to be an afterthought and I’m not sure it was even necesary.  In all honesty, this book really didn’t need to be written as most of this information had already been reinforced in the cook “Shatterpoint”.  Although a good companion to the book, I’m not sure it was a necesary read.

That’s why “Equipment” got a:



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