‘Equipment’ – Part 4

Well, it’s Tueday and it’s the day of the concert.  I got up this morning and got myself going for the day.  I have to say I was really tired getting up, but I knew I would get my second wind once the day got going.  The kids had a two hour delay, but NOT my schoo.  Luckily Heather was home from work and could stay with the kids.  We still havent’ worked out what’s going to happen if this happens to me and the kids and Heather doesn’t have the day off.  I got to school and got things set up for the day.  I have to say that for the first time since I’ve been at Binghamton, I was not worried about the concert whatsoever.  I got through my instructional day and then got to the lunch hour and we had practices involving all the groups.  It went fairly well and then we had an assembly for all the student body to see the concert.  It went very well and everything went smoothly, which is all that any school can ask for.  I got done with my day and came home.  I took a brief nap, ate some dinner with the family and then headed back to school for the evening concert.  That concert went just as well and the parents were happy with the concert.  I think it was a good day overall.  I got done with the concert and came home and watched “Fringe” and “Law and Order: SVU” and then went to bed.  Tomorrow will be an interesting day.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 4 of “Equpiment” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Equipment (Part 4):  They were hiding in the moon-belt and must have been waiting there, powered down, for weeks.  All they needed was a ship to enter orbit, which “The Halleck” had just done.  They were so small, they seemed invisible until Nine-oh muttered that there were hostiles incoming after “The Halleck”.  I asked how many and nav told me they couldn’t calculate becase they just kept picking up more.  He did say they were droid starfigthers and there were sixty-four, no sixty-one, no one twenty-eight.  The one-hundred and twenty-eight DSFs whizzed by.  They were faster, heavily armored, and more maneuverable than any of our ships.  And “The Halleck” was their target.  We were told we were entering hot space and I informed them my cannon was charged and the port cannon said the same.  Then Nine-oh said they got a recall signal from “The Halleck” and Four-one spun us back around toward “The Halleck”.  As we got closer we could see the turbolasers firing into a grid where the DSFs were held.  I moved my fire control yoke to take aim at that grid and I knew Eight-Three was too.  We were then told to fire at will.  I squeezed the trigger knowing full well they were all out of range.  I hoped a DSF simply moved into the way of his cannons.  The DSFs went into evasive action as our own starfighters went flying into the fight in an attack formation.  We continued to try and make our way toward “The Halleck” but never made it there…..


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