‘Equipment’ – Part 3

Well, it’s Monday, beginning of the work week and the beginning of what I consider to be a long week for me.  I have a concert this week, the kids have their concert this week, Heather and I have a date night Friday night, a FanForce party Saturday.  It’s just going to be a long week.  I got up this morning and have really never been that tired.  Then I realized that when I woke up, it was only five-thirty in the morning and I realized that the only reason I woke up so early was becasue my wife had gotten out of bed.  I tried to go back to sleep, but just after Heather left to go to work, the phone rang, but it was a wrong number.  At this point, I was up!  So, I got out of bed and got an early start to the day.  It was good as it gave me some extra time to get another video processed at the computer this morning.  I then got a shower and got the kids up and got them going for the day today.  The babysitter showed up on time and I was off to work and the kids were off to school.  When I got to school, I started to get things ready not only for my classroom, but for the school concert which is tomorrow.  Put up lights, taped down cords and that was just the beginning of the day.  I even did this during my ususal prep periods.  The lunch hour went fine.  I only had chorus on the stage, so it made it a little easier as far as running around to make sure everything was set up.  Tomorrow will be the real test as it is the concert.  I finished with school, and I’ll be honest, I left as soon as the bell rang.  I figured I’ll more than make up for the hours with the concert being tomorrow and tomorrow night.  I got home and found out from Tara that she got a 100 on her last reading test, but she forgot to bring it home.  We had some nice time with the kids and I got a chance to get some work done around the house as far as maintenance and what-not.  I went downstairs and took a small nap.  I got up, went upstairs and ate dinner with the family.  I came back downstairs and decided that I needed to now start networking.  So, I started a “Facebook” and a “Twitter” page based on this blog and podcast.  I was amazed at the people I found on Facebook.  Many of them were old friends from college I had not talked to in ions!  It was great to see many great and wonderful faces and I hope they start to check in on me, my life and this blog and show.  Who knows, maybe we’ll all reconnect.  I then went and picked Austin up from Boy Scouts as Heather had dropped him off and then I watched my usual Monday night shows “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, “Heroes” , and “C.S.I. Miami” and then went to bed.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of “Equipment” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..Equipment (Part 3):  That’s what we mean when we say take care of, we watch each other’s back.  you may make one shot against us, but you won’t get in two.  Fire a missile at us, and I shoot it down; launch a grenade and I take your head off.  That’s my job, and I’m good at it.  Sometimes we have to do things this ship is not designed to do, like on Haruun Kal.  We were all assigned to “The Halleck” in the Ventran system.   Twenty Jadthu-class landers, and escort, six starfighters, scores of infantry, and five RHE LAAT/i’s.  We really weren’t supposed to know that we were here for a VIP extraction on a hostile planet, but we did.  Not like it was hard to figure out with a Jadthu class lander involved.  The thing is a tank, strong and able to repel weapons, but doesn’t steer worth a damn.  With twenty of them, that meant the LZ was REAL hot.  The starfighters were to provide orbital cover and us, suborbital.  Ventran is part of the Gevarno hyperspace loop.  Haruun Kal is the only inhabitable planet in the Al’Har system and is currently Seperatist controlled.  General Mace Windu, a Jedi of the High Jedi Council has been sent undercover to find a rampant rogue Jedi.  We don’t know why, didn’t ask and don’t care, that’s none of our business.   If nothing went wrong, we’d be circling the system for a week or so and then would be jumping out of here.  But something went wrong and we had to get Master Windu out again…..


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