‘Equipment’ – Part 2

Well, it’s Sunday and it’s supposed to be a day of rest and for those of us in the Crissman household, it really was.  We got up fairly early this morning to get ourselves going for the day.  As the kids got themselves ready for church, Heather and I got ourselves ready for church as well.  This morning was going to be the first morning that Heather was going to sing with the choir for church.  She also asked me if I would join them for the hymn for the first hymn this morning.  So, we got to church early this morning and got to practicing.  We practiced the hymn and I then set up my trumpet upstairs in the sanctuary and then I went into church with the kids.  They were very well behaved today and I enjoyed another wonderful service at this church.  We even made an announcement about last night and talked about how we fulfilled Robert Peaks’ dream yesterday by having a Christian Party with over 4000 people there that were bussed in from all over the county.  We got done with church and the kids had Youth Group this Sunday, so we went to Subway and got some subs and came home.  We ate lunch and I watched football and we both just relaxed.  At two o’clcok I went and picked up the kids and continued my quest to change all of my VCR tapes to digital.  I got home and we had a nice quiet afternoon and even I took a nap tonight.  I then decided to get online today and edit my “My Space” page and finished up with that just before dinner and can be found here:  http://www.jedicouncilspeaks.myspace.com.  I then went upstairs and joined the family for dinner and then went back downstairs and worked on some other things for my blog and podcast.  I then graded papers and continued moving toward my all digital future.  Heather and I watched the end of “Amazing Race” together and then went to bed a little early.  The beginning of this week is going to be busy with the school concert, so we needed the rest.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of “Equipment” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..Equipment (Part 2):  Teke care of your equipment.  I knew that before I was even awake as they had pumped that motto into our brains while developing us on Kamino.  At this point it’s instinct for us to think we live and die by our equipment.  I am clone trooper CT-6/774, I serve on a Republic Assault Gunship and am the starboard bubble-turret gunner.  We were born for this job and our jobs are special because Eight-Three and myself taek care of our equipment.  The RHE-LAAT/i is a ship used for infantry support.  We often target bunkers, armored vehicles and sometimes infantry.  The LAAT/i is designed to drop troops and were not fast, but can land anywhere.  The navigator runs three turrets, the main missile launcher and two of the main cannons.  Our lasers can punch hole through armor and we have customizable missiles.  We can carry HE (High Explosive), HEAP (High Explosive Armor Piercing), and APF (Anti Personnel Fragmentation) missiles along with proton-core warheads.  The bubble turrets responsibility is simple, handle anything that comes up against us.  We have the ability to control our tracking gun as well as up to four short range missiles…..


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