‘Equipment’ – Part 1

Well, it was Saturday and I have to say it was a lazier day for us all.  But, it ended on such a positive note, it would be uplifing to all Christians everywhere what we witnessed tonight!  But, first let’s start with our day.  I woke up this morning to continuing to work on the small projects around the house.  I worked from about nine o’clock this morning until about three o’clock this afternoon doing all sorts of odds and ends around the house.  We cleaned my shop, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the dining room, put up Christmas decorations, made a new greeblie for my costume, worked on Austin’s helmet, painted portions of Austin’s helmet, continued to work towards making all the VCR tapes digital, cleaned out the basement, and Heather and I worked feverishly to steam clean the house.  I also managed to fix three CD Players and a wireless mic in the house today.  It was a LOT of work, but it was all worth while.  It was worth it to see this house clean and to see all the things I fixed today.  I am even creating space in my house, it’s just a matter of patience and time.  We got done with all of that and Heather and I took a shower and then we left to go to the “Andrew’s Good News” Party at Davis College tonight.  We tried to make the first run of the bus, but actually just missed it by about a minute.  So, we waited for the second bus and got registered in the meantime and met some very nice people from our church in the process.  We then got on a school bus and headed to Davis College.  When we got there, it was complete chaos, but in a good way!  They had expected 2000 people for the event, and over 4000 people showed up!  It was a HUGE success!  They had so many people they ran out of food and drinks of all sorts.  We ran into Jeff Coglin and he told us they ordered an extra pot of Chili from every Wendy’s in the area and we still ran out of food there.  The most important part of the evening is the witnessing that was going on!  It was wonderful!  We got done and came home tired and a little hungry.  So, we decided to retire to the basement, popped some popcorn, and watched “The Santa Clause 3”.  We then went to bed.  It was a late night, but well worth it!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 1 of “Equipment” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Equipment (Part 1):  A personal account of the Sub-ortibal action at Haruun Kal, as reported by Auxilliary Heavy Weapons Specialist CT-6/774. – We came out of hyperspace near Haruun Kal which was colored blue and green.  There was two asteroid fields, one that had obviously once been the planet’s moon.  I checked my helmet and my armor then entered my transparisteel ball turret.  Lieutenant Four-One, our pilot, did a comm check.  Our nav., Lieutenant CC-33/890 checked in and I checked in along with the port-side gunner, CT-014/783.  “The Halleck” came out of space and swung down into orbit of the planet.  Just before we lifted off, I reminded Eight-Three to take care of his equipment, and he answered saying the equipment will take care of us.  That’s our way of saying “May The Force Be With You”.  The doors of “The Halleck” opened and a Jadthu Class lander took off just in front of our gunship.  Five gunships left “The Halleck”.  None of them would return…..


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  1. kewlopolis Says:

    kewl story. You can visit my blog.

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