Shatterpoint, An Overview

Okay, well, it was Thursday and I’m beginning to get ready for the end of the work week, but I’m starting to be surprised at just how busy I’m getting.  Of course, I’m bringing most of it on myself and most of it is stress that I put on myself.  But, what good is life if you don’t put some stress on yourself.  I got up this morning and got myself going for the day.  I was in a pretty good mood and was ready to tackle the day and all the things that were going to come at me.  I got myself going and got the kids going for the day and the babysitter showed up on time.  I was off to work and they were off to school.  It was a nice day and I was happy and even full of some Holiday Cheer this morning as I headed off to work listening to “Harry Connick Jr. – When My Heart Finds Christmas” CD.   I got to school and it was a typical start to the day, the only thing that made me a little nervous was the fact that students were brought inside into the auditorium to keep them out of the rain, which always makes me nervous becuase they end up being around a LOT of expensive audio equipment and I’m always afraid it will get broken.  I made it through my day.  My eighth graders did their next segment on “Jazz” and my seventh and sixth graders were doing their music history as well.  I got through my day and we had a PLG meeting.  It was very effective and I have to say that everything worked out fairly well in our meeting.  We even got observed by another PLG moderator that seemed very impressed with what we were doing (remember Jessica?  Her dogs were highlighted on this show, it was her).  I then went upstairs and got my room ready for the next day.  I then finished school and got out at a fairly decent hour and headed home.  I got home and decided that I needed to try and finish as much of Austin’s helmet tonight as possible as it seems as it may be a possibility that we will be visiting a local hospital to give out gifts soon and I want to make sure his helmet is at least ready for that event.  Heather got a phone call back from the hospital when I got home and it sounded like they were very interested in our costuming group coming in.  We also got a lot accomplished tonight including finishing up on some Ebay items we had going on and Heather and I watched “Survivor” and “C.S.I.” while I worked on some things and then we went to bed early.  Not a spectacular day, but a good one none the less.

Okay, so this is it, as far as “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint,  A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover.  I want to reiterate that I will give a review of the good points of this book, the bad points and then give it a 1 to 10 rating that will then stay on my blog.  Also, after reviewing this book, I will then be reviewing the E-Book “Equipment” which is also by Matthew Woodring Stover.  After “Equipment”, I’LL BE READING AND REVIEWING “THE CESTUS DECEPTION” BY STEVEN BARNES, and that review should happen starting next week sometime.  But, let’s move onto the overall perspective on “Shatterpoint”…..



Positives:  This book really was phenominal in scope.  It was almsot too vast a scope to try and develop a story upon.  I really liked being able to not only get to know Mace Windu a little better, but getting to know Depa Billaba.  I was not sure who Depa was and had to go back to the movies to try and find her and managed to see blips of her in “The Phantom Menace”.  It does make me wish we had gotten to know some of the less well known Jedi Masters.  The story plot line was pretty impressive and I have to say that there were quite a few twists and turns, especially considering that I was pretty sure that Mace Windu was going to live.  There were some unique uses of The Force and I hope I get to hear more about Vaapad as I continue to read about Jedi fighting styles.  I was also impressed with the concept of Shatterpoints and found that I could actually reflect upon Shatterpoints in my own life.  I liked the character of Nick and Chalk but was not happy with Kar Vastor, but I will address Vastor in the Negatives category.  I also liked the fact that this book showed a little bit of the human side of Mace Windu and it also showed how the Master felt about his own students.  It was good to know that even a hard nose like Mace Windu may actually care about his fellow Jedi.  I really liked many aspects of the book.

Negatives:  In all reality, there was only one negative in the book, Kar Vastor.  I know he’s the villain in the book, but that’s not what made him a negative for the book.  I was really confused about how Kar was communicating with everyone around him and I’m still not sure I quite understood how he was communicating.  I also was confused about the whole Korun/Korunnai concept and I think it was the existence of Kar Vastor that seemed to blur the line between the two.  And my emphasis about how bad Kar Vastor is towards the book is only emphasized by the fact that you don’t understand where he stands as far as who’s side he’s on.  I almost hate to say it, but I needed some sort of map about where he was and who he was standing for.  This made this book often confusing.

Overall, the book was not bad at all and gave me a better understanding of both Mace Windu and the Jedi Order.  I’m beginning to see the value of Shatterpoints and according to my friends, it will become vastly important as I keep reading Star Wars books.  With all of this in mind, I give “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover a……

Shatterpoint:  9


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