‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Afterword (Part 3)

Well, it was Wednesday and there was much to do today.  It was back to a full day of school.  I got up this morning and I will say it was dissapointing to not have Heather this morning.  I got up and went downstairs and took care of the computer as it had been busy last night processing some information for me.  I came back upstairs and woke the kids up and took a shower.  I came out of the shower to Tara and Austin fighting with each other over what they were going to eat, what they were going to take to school, and whether they should wear boots and snowpants.  I had to quickly quell the rebellion, but that led to little fights all morning long.  I was never so happy to go to school and teach kids.  I got out the door on time and the kids got off to school on time.  I got to school and set things up for keyboards and recorder today.  I managed to get through my teaching day today and I also managed to get the notes done for “The ConservaCast”.  I finished my day and then went to a department meeting at the High School.  That meeting seemed to go well and I left there and called Heather on my way home and found out that she wasn’t feeling so well.  I got home and found out that my “STAR Productions” bumper sticker had arrived from Cafe Press and I immediately put it on my laptop!  It looks really cool and I’m excited to have it on my laptop now.  I got done with that and we all ate dinner together and had a taco casserole.  We got done and I went downstairs and recorded for “The ConservaCast” and posted the latest episode here:  http://www.conservacast.mypodcast.com.  While the video was uploading and getting online, I put together Austin’s helmet and finished all the electrical on that.  While Heather and I watched “Secret Millionaire”, I graded papers for my classes.  I got done grading in time to watch “Law and Order” with Heather and we then went to bed together.  Tomorrow would be a little slower of a day as I only have to be at the church tomorrow night to work on the sound system for a little bit and that was my only commitment.


Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of the Afterword of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Afterword (Part 3):  Mace siad he didn not know if Depa’s scar indicated that she was tortured or if it was self-inflicted.  Palpatine said it’s too bad they can’t just ask her.  I told him I can only speculate based on my own experience and as I looked down, Yoda reminded me that I did not fall to the dark side.  I told Palpatine that it’s war, any war, that makes a Jedi choose to take the lives of some to save the lives of others.  Palpatine looked at them and said it’s a surprise that war would have this effect on a Jedi.  Yoda agreed, but Palpatine said they could gget philisophical later, they now needed to focus on how to win this war.  I reminded him that Depa was this dedicated and Palpatine smiled back saying that such a thing could never happen to me.  I didn’t tell him that it almost did.  The more I think about it, the more I realized that Depa was right all along.  She was right about the Jedi being keepers of peace and not soldiers.  But she did get some things wrong.  She got lost fighting another war against another enemy.  The Seperatists are the enemies of The Republic, not the Jedi.  Not even the Sith are our true enemy.  Our true enemy is power that is mistaken for justice.  Our true enemy is the dark despair that a war like this attracts.  That is why my dearms are different now.  In my dreams I still do right and I do exactly as I have.  For if Anakin is truly “The Chosen One”, the he is still alive because of the decisions I made.  No, I did what was right because if I won the Clone War right there and nuked Geonosis from orbit, I would have lost the Jedi’s war.  As long as Anakin lives, the Jedi have hope.  He is our hope for a peaceful Jedi future.  May The Force be with us.


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