‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Afterward (Part 2)

Well, it’s Tuesday and I hate to say it, but I am glad that it was a half day today.  Only because it gave me the opportunity to get a lot done both at school and at home.  I got up this morning and was a little better rested for the day.  The kids got up and we got ourselves going for the day with little to no problems.  Again, it’s really nice having my wife home on Tuesdays as she really feels like she can get things done in this time frame and I think she really is enjoying being home once a week and being able to get things done.  She helped the kids get off to school on time and I got off to work on time as well.  I got to work and set things up for my half day.  I taught this morning and it went fairly well, but my last period of the day got antsy because they simply wanted to go home.  I got through my instructional day and sat down in my room and ate some lunch.  I then got a jump on setting up the auditorium and started to move the sound equipment into the auditorium.  I moved everything into the auditorium and started to set up the sound equipment and ran into a problem with one of the wireless mics we had gotten from the High School from last year.  I took forty-five minutes out of my time, pulled the mic anc receiver apart and fixed them both and then put them both back together.  It took a long time, BUT, I managed to fix it and felt pretty confident about myself!  I got done with that and set up the rest of the system and was pretty proud of myself for having finished this all up.  I went into my room and did some research for my next ConservaCast and then got everything packed up and headed over to Roosevelt Elementary School for SMASH rehearsal.  Jim and I were a little upset because one of the members we wanted to work with didn’t show up.  It was a little bit more of a relaxed rehearsal, which I thought was okay because we can’t be intense with these kids all the time or they’ll just end up quitting.  I got done with SMASH and came home and had some Taco Bell for dinner with Heather.  We got done with dinner and I helped Ruth and Austin with their instruments for a little bit and then went downstairs and worked on notes for “The ConservaCast” while I watched T.V., including “Fringe” and “Law and Order:  S.V.U.”  We got done watching T.V. and Heather and I went to bed.  Tomorrow was another interesting day as I had a meeting after school, a podcast to record, papers to grade and I wanted to try and get Austin’s helmet finished.   At least the electrical work on it.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 2 of the Afterward of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Afterward (Part 2):  Pelek Baw will be rebuilt, but the casualties are a staggering number, too big to be mentioned.  Vastor continues to recover from his wounds and is under guard at the Jedi Temple.  He may be brought up on charges for the murder of Terrel Nakay, but that’s only if he beats the charge of crimes against civilization, which have not been garnered since the Sith Wars.  Depa may face the same charges should she ever be found competent enough.  After reading my report, Palpatine took the time to visit her personally.  Yoda, myself, and three other Jedi watched as she was attended to in a bacta tank.  She has not spoken since collapsing and the medical techs find nothing physically wrong with her.  She simply does not talk.  Jedi healers have tried to use The Force on her, but only find darkness when they do.  Palpatine asked if there was progress and I could not find words.  Yoda spoke sayiing it was sad that she attempted to end her life adn that she has fallen so far into darkness.  He hopes she may one day recover.  I told Master Yoda I would rather have lost the planet than to loose my padawan.  Palpatine asked what caused her breakdown since that was part of the mandate of my mission.  I told him I do know, but that it’s difficult to explain to a non-Jedi.  Palpatine asked if it had anything to do with the missing Greater Mark of Illumination and told Master Windu that Depa is not the only Jedi lost to darkness, and anything he can about a Jedi’s fall to the darkside is vastly important…..


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