‘The Jedi Council Speaks’ – Volume IV, Episode #19 – Just Cloning Around!

Okay, well, it’s Monday and it was back to the grind of work and school today.  I will whole-heartedly admit that I was exhausted waking up this morning.  Of course, that may have had something to do with the fact that I as up until about quarter till one this morning trying to get my podcast post-processed and out.  Now, although my podcast is post-processed, it was not released at midnight like I always like to do.  But, time constraints played a significant role in that.  I got up this morning and got the kids going and I’ll admit that all of us were dragging this morning.  We got ourselves going and had a very bland morning this morning.  The babysitter arrived on time and the kids were off to school while I was off to work.  I got to work and got things ready for my day today.  I remembered on my drive in today, that I have a half day tomorrow, which is good because it will give me some time to set up the sound system in the auditorium instead of trying to do it on lunch hours and free periods.  That meant that today I could actually focus on my classroom.  It took me a little longer to get going for the day today because I had to unlock all the things I would normally leave locked up for breaks.  But, I got my day going and things went well, except for that one sixth grade class.  They are really trying to test me and see how far I will go, but I removed someone from class again today.  I think it’s going to take some time for them to understand that I’m not going to put up with bad behavior.  I made it through my work day and was exhausted, but finished.  I got home and I’ll admit, I took a bit of a snooze in between uploading my podcast episodes.  I got both shows online by about five o’clock this evening.  I went upstairs and ate dinner and came back downstairs and sent some emails out about the podcast and made some posts and then I went to work on my son’s helmet (doing a dented variant) and while I did that I watched “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “Heroes” on T.V.  Heather came over and we talked about our week a little bit and realized this is a jam packed week.  I’ve got something going on every night yet again.  We got done talking and it was eleven o’clock, so we decided to go to bed.

Okay, so no book tonight!  Instead, head on over and check out my podcast at my podcast.com.  Here’s the link:


It’s a great show with lots of new stuff on there.  OH, and we have a contest give away with free Star Wars books involved.  Listen in and check it out!


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