‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Afterword (Part 1)

Well, it’s Sunday and it’s so many things today.  It’s the last day of my vacation.  It’s the last day of November.  It’s the first Sunday of Advent.  It’s the last chance to get the latest episode of “The Jedi Council Speaks” out.  So, as you can see, there were a lot of last minute decisions that had to be made!  We got up around eight o’clock this morning and started to get ready for a nine-thirty church service today.  The kids got excited this morning because Heather said they could wear their Christmas dresses and dress shirts for church today.  Heather and I got ready, but Heather was not feeling so well.  She has a little bit of a stomach bug and a stuffy nose and headaches.  For a while, I was concerned she was going to say to me that she wasn’t going to go to church and I would get stuck with just the kids and myself.  Luckily she came to church though.  It was a very nice service this morning, but they had some issues with the sound system again.  Major feedback this time and I knew I was going to get some questions at the end of the service.  Sure enough, Rodney asked me if there was a free day I had this week and I told him I had Thursday night free.  Not only did they have sound issues, but they had video issues as well.  For whatever reason, their screen for videos, etc. has stopped working and all they did was install a table in the back and replugged in all the cords.  We (a guy from Ed) and myself along with Rodney tried to get it working again, but to no avail.  We got done with church and went home a minute and then came back and picked up the kids.  Heather said she needed eggs and flour and I wanted to get some craft brushes, so we headed straight from church to Wal Mart.  We got what we needed and we got out simply because it was MASS chaos in Wal Mart today.  I would love to shop at this point in the season, but Heather sees it as pointless since we have no extra money to spend.  I’m not sure why we’re so strapped.  The only thing I can figure is that Heather is saving for the holiday season.  We got home and I hate to admit this, but I was exhausted.  I was still tired from all the work I was doing with the desktop computer and all the late nights I was spending on it.  So, I took an hour and a half nap and then it was back to work.  I spent the rest of my afternoon editing, editing, and more editing of the latest podcast.  I edited so much, that Heather brought dinner down to me and I ate while I continued to edit.  I got done editing around six o’clock or so and then I had to wait for Ian to show up around seven-thirty to finish recording.  Ian showed up around quarter till eight and we finished the last bit of the show in about an hour.  Ian left around nine o’clock and I spent from nine until ten-thirty editing.  I then spent from ten-thirty till twelve forty-five in the morning post processing the show.  It’s done now, but not on the ‘net yet.  That will happen tomorrow!  What a day.  There’s hope for a snow day tomorrow, but I’m not putting much promise in that.

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 1 of the Afterword of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Afterward (Part 1):  The Jedi’s War – From the Private Journals of Mace Windu:  I still dream about Geonosis, but in a different way.  A Republic task force was on Haruun Kal within forty-eight hours of the arrest of Kar Vastor after they received a distress call from “The Halleck”.  The ships landed without opposition.  On my recommendations, Haruun Kal will not be occupied by The Republic and the combat operations were officially deemed a police action.  I made the decision that te Summertime War was a problem of enforcement.  We are still disarming jungle prospectors with the help of the Korunnai and taht operation has gone well.  Atrocities are being handled on an individual basis and based on a legal system.  The depleted militia still exists, but have become peace keepers and not soldiers.  Many are joining The Army of The Republic anyway, including Geptun himself.  It turns out the militia had little to do with any massacres and his threat of the attack at The Lorshan Pass was a bluff.  He was not only accepted into the army, but is now a part of Republic Intelligence.  Nick Rostu, now a Major, is still in a medical center here on Coruscant.  I have recommended to the Senate he receive a Medal of Valor.  I have also recommended Chalk for the same medal and discovered her real name is Lianne Trevval.  Glathra, her akk, dissappeared into the jungle and may die without ti’s bonded counterpart……

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