‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 23 (Part 6)

Well, it’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday (as yelled by a monster truck announcer)!!  Today was quite the jam packed day of fun, excitement and a nice ending to a nice and relaxed weekend.  We got up around eight-thirty this morning and got ourselves and the kids ready for church today.  My son became a numpty this morning when I found out that he broke one of the snowmen lights I had just put up last night.  When I asked him how it happened, he said the dog did it.  Nice, he didn’t pay attention to the dog and let the dog knock the light over and break it.  I was so furious with him because he doesn’t take responsibility for anything!  So, I told Heather HE was going to pay for a new one.  We started to get ready for church and Ruth suddenly “remembered” she needed to be to church early as she was an accolite this Sunday, so we scrambled and got ourselves to church.  Ruth did a good job as the cross-bearer, but Austin was supposed to sing with the choir in the beginning of the service and he remembered at the last minute.  Then he got up there and just stood around.  He didn’t know the song or the words to the song.  So, I had to take him downstairs and have a talk with him about responsibility.  He’s just not getting it, and I only think he’s going to get worse as a teenager.  That boy can really drive me nuts!  We got done with church and Heather and I left the kids there while we went to “Christmas Tree Shop” and got another snowman light.  We also stopped at Lowes on our way home and grabbed a different type of extension cord for the heater in the basement at home.  We got done with that and then stopped by the house quick.  I started to install the extension cord and Heather decided to go get the kids and meet me at home.  She met back up with me and I had just finished the project and we left together and got some lunch at Subway.  They were having a fundraiser for a girl that’s going to Europe for a music program and we really wanted to help her out, so we ate lunch/dinner from them and the proceeds went to their trip.  We got home and ate while I watched some football.  I then went downstairs and watched more football as I continued to work on show notes and even took a nice nap.  I then woke up and ate a light snack and got dressed.  Heather and I then left the house on our first date night in YEARS!!!!  We had tickets to The Forum to go see “Movin’ Out” the musical based on the music of Billy Joel.  I have to say that I LOVED the show!  It was awesome, the music was stellar, and the band was AMAZING!!!  I have to say that I’m re-attuned to the music of Billy Joel.  AGAIN!  It was a great way to end a great weekend.  We got home and watched “The Unit” and then got ourselves ready for the week and went to bed.

Okay, so enough about my hectic Sunday, let’s talk about “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover.  Let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 23…..

Chapter 23 (Part 6):  As the vibroshield moved towards Nick’s neck, he bowed his back backwards so far that as Iolu’s vibroshield got stuck in the smooth hard surface of the wall.  Nick put his pistol up the against the Akk Guard’s elbow and almost blew his arm completely off.  As Iolu swayed from the pain, Nick said he never liked him anyway and put the other gun under Iolu’s chin and pulled the trigger.  As the dead body slumped onto Nick, he slid out from underneath and looked for Geptun.  He was nowhere to be seen, so Nick deduced that he was either dead or with the transceiver.  Then Nick saw Kar Vastor ravaging a pair of clones in front of him.  He mumbled to himself that he never liked him either as he went to raise his pistol to aim at Vastor.  He was stunned when both pistols suddenly seemed too heavy to hold up.  Nick looked down at Iolu and realized that the other vibroshield he was holding was dripping with blood.  He looked further down and found the gaping hole in his abdomen and slumped against the wall as he said, “oh nuts!”……

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