‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 23 (Part 5)

Well, it was Saturday today and you would think that with nothing happening I would have plenty of time to get things accomplished.  But, somehow that just didn’t turn out to be the case.  I got up a little late this morning at about nine o’clock and Heather and I talked to the kids for a little bit and then got the girls ready for a day at the local “Giant” food market to fundraise money for Girl Scouts.  While Heather was gone, the guys from Rent A Center stopped by and dropped off Heather’s new recliner for the basment.  I had to scramble quick and get things set up so we could get her chair into the basement and now I had to move a chair into my game room and we agreed we’ll move it close to the T.V. at the bottom of the stairs.  I got done with that and Heather came home and told me that the girls wanted to stay at the “Giant” all day until four o’clock, which is okay, but we hadn’t packed them lunch nor did we plan on them being gone.  SO, we had to head upstairs to make a lunch to drop off to the girls.  Once I finished with that, Heather headed out to take the lunch to them and I started to put the snowmen lights we purchased last night together and started to put them into the ground.  I finished with that project by about noon and it was then time to eat lunch.  We ate lunch together for a little bit and Heather started to work on the walls in the kitchen, while I went downstairs and started to work on show notes for the next episode of TJCS.  I got about two hours or so work on that done and then I decided to relax a little bit and watch the Penn State game on T.V.  Well, I relaxed so much, I took a half hour snooze and then it was right back to working on the notes for the show again until dinner time.  After dinner Heather and I decided to head downstairs and watch a movie, so I pulled out 3:10 to Yuma which we had, but had not watched yet.  The movie was okay, but was hard to follow at times because of the plot line.  Of course, that may also be because we weren’t really focusing on the movie as I continued with show notes and we kept getting interupted by the kids who were upstairs watching “The Santa Clause”.  After the movie, we watched a little T.V. and then went to bed.

Okay, so enough about my boring day today, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..
Chapter 23 (Part 5):  Depa’s blade kept moving like lightning.  Mace kept moving back, holding off her attacks wtih a two-handed grip.  One thrust came right at his head, but he moved it just in time to avoid a final blow.  But, he continued to not strike back.  He told Depa that death was no answer here.  She screamed and attacked faster and harder and Mace got sliced in the wrist and knee and darkness began to engulf Depa.  Mace got it now. As each Akk Guard died, their power backflowed through pelekotan which made her stronger.  The only way he was going to beat her was to slip all the way into Vaapad.  Mace was now reaching his own shatterpoint and was beginning to break…..


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