Clone Wars VIII

Well, it’s Friday and it’s payday and I should be excited about this, and I am a little bit.  In all honesty I’m just too tired to be excited about anything right now.  My alarm rang this morning and I couldn’t believe it was time to get up.  I got up and got the kids going for the day and overall we had a decent morning this morning.  I was a little foggy, but managed to make myself through the morning.  I got to school and got things ready for the day.  I prepared to have my students go to the library to do research for their music video and podcast projects and I have to say that they did pretty well in the library.  They had to be reminded to settle down a few times, but overall they weren’t bad.  My sixth graders gave me an interesting time and I have to say that I stood my ground with my one class and actually removed someone from class today.  I believe that is only the beginning of the problems that are going to persist with this particular class.  We’ll have to wait and see.  We went to “New York Chef’s” for lunch and Heather met me there.  We had a good lunch together and Heather mentioned wanting to go out and get her shopping done tonight and not tomorrow so she could focus on the house tomorrow.  So, I told her that sounded fine and that I would make sure I got home in time to do this.  So, as soon as wok was done, I raced home and got changed out my clothes and we went right to shopping.  We had to do this in order to get back for tonight.  We went right to Penney’s and got Heather the drapes she’s been begging me for, for the sliding glass door and the window of our kitchen.  We then stopped in to “Guitar Center” just to see what they had and I hate to admit it, but I was kind of in seventh heaven there with the electronic recording and lighting equipment.  Then we went to the Christmas Tree Shop and found LOTS of nice things there.  Probably too many, but as I said to Heather they were all good things for the house, includig some nice snowmen solar powered lights for our walkway that I promised Heather I would install tomorrow.  We got done over in Johnson City and stopped by Burger King on Front Street and got some dinner and then we stopped by Lowes, ran into Ian and got an electric heater for the basement along with some extension wire to run along the basement to hook it up.  We got done there and raced home.  I got the heater hooked up and Heather put away some of the things just in time for us to watch “Clone Wars” with Ian and then we got done watching that and headed right to bed.  Speaking of “Clone Wars”, catch our latest commentary on the latest episode here:


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