‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 23 (Part 4)

Well, it was Thursday and it is almost the end of the week and I must say, a payday.  I have to say that it is nice to know that I will be getting a break soon and frankly, I need the break because I’m starting to burn out as a teacher.  I got up this morning and dealt with some very hyper kids.  I’m not sure why, it may have something to do with the fact that they only have a half day today because of parent/teacher conferences.  I got them going after some poking and prodding and got them off to school while I headed off to work.  I got to work and set things up for a day of music history.  Most of the lessons went well and even my one class that has been giving me problems in days past went pretty well.  We had a great PLG today talking about the advantage of posters in the classrooms and how to effectively use our wall space for children to learn.  It was a nice PLG and I have to say it was especially nice because one member of our group brought in some apples, walnuts, and desert cheese.  I felt like an adult for a brief moment in my day.  I got done with work and whizzed out of school to get to Tara’s elementary school for a parent/teacher conference.  This one did not go so well, and I had a feeling it would be the case.  I’m alarmed because they told me that Tara’s reading at a first grade level, and she’s in second grade.  I’m even more alarmed that the school is conerned, but feel it’s the responsibility of Heather and I to catch her up.  I had a SERIOUS discussion with her teacher about how this is going to take a team effort and that team would have to include us as well as the school and they would need to step up and help out too.  Heather and I agreed for her to receive AIS for Reading support, but I refused to have her get an IEP.  Heather couldn’t figure out why in the meeting, till I told her how I felt about it outside and then she saw my point of view (legally, I can’t talk about it her as a teacher.  If you would like to know, email me).  We got done with that parent/teacher conference and whipped over to Ruth’s school and had a parent/teacher conference there.   That conference was dead opposite!  The teacher was nice and polite and told us that Ruth is doing great.  I pretty much have come to expect that of my oldest child.  I know, what a parent, right?!  We got done and it was around five o’clock and Heather didn’t want to cook.  So, we decided to take the kids to IHOP for dinner.  We discussed our conferences with them and talked with Tara extensively about what’s going on at school.  We got done and came right home.  The kids got showers and got to bed and Heather and I went downstairs and watched “Survivor”, “C.S.I.”, and then a tape of “Kitchen Nightmares” together before heading to bed.

Okay, so enough about my life, let’s talk about Part 4 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 23 (Part 4):  Twenty-four troopers protected Geptun in a wedge fromation and Nick watched it all with his back to the wall.  The Akk guards flew at them and took the clones out one by one, but the clones pressed on.  But the clones weren’t the only ones dying.  An Akk guard lept at Nick, but was shot in the side by a DC-15 blaster.  Nick looked his Akk gaurd in the face and felt a chill as he knew this one personally.  His name was Prouk and he once lost sixty credits to Nick on a bet.  This fight was becoming more real.  Another trooper took down Thoffal, the Akk guard who had his nose broken by Mace.  As Nick went to take his own shot, a massive shadow stood up in front of him and an Akk guard that once saved Nick’s life before, name Iolu said hello as hsi shield drove toward Nick’s neck…..


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