‘Star Wars: Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel’ – Chapter 23 (Part 3)

Well, it was Wednesday and it was hump day!  It was the day to get through the middle of the week and it was a half day of students at work.  I got up this morning and had a decent morning with the kids as we all prepared for school and work.  Tara was hyper, which seems to be happening a LOT lately and I’m not sure why.  It’s not like we feed her sugar or anything.  Just not sure, but she sure does have a lot of energy as of late.  The babysitter showed up on time and I was off to work and the kids were off to school.  My work day was not bad at all.  I had two periods of classes to teach in the morning and because of the schedule we ran, I had the last two periods of the day free to get some clean up done around the room.  Then I went out to lunch with a bunch of co-workers and we went to a small Italian restaurant that would have made Chef Gordon Ramsey proud.  It was a nice, quiet, clean Italian restaurant that actually had a pretty packed crowd for a Wednesday afternoon and our waiter was a nice guy who was extremely funny.  We had a nice relaxing lunch and I came back to school.  I did a LOT of work on my room and I have to say it was nice to actually get caught up on things.  I got all of my paperwork taken care of and it was nice to be able to work on some projects in the classroom that I had not been able to do before.  I also finished putting recorders away and coming up with a gameplan for the rest of this quarter and even part of the year.  Just a good day to get things done and organized.  I got done with school and came home and went right to the basement and started to work on notes for my latest episode of “The Conservacast”.  I recorded and got done with my recording after about a half an hour or so.  That’s when the kids came and got me and we went upstairs for dinner.  I got done with dinner and went back downstairs and continued to edit the podcast and got it posted before eight o’clock.  That episode can be found here:  http://www.conservacast.mypodcast.com.  I got done with my show and watched “Knight Rider” while I worked on a few other things and then read my book on commercial breaks as I watched “Criminal Minds” and then worked on my Christmas list for my mother on commercial breaks in between “C.S.I.:NY” and taped “Law and Order” and sent them an email.  We got done and Heather and I went to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be interesting as we have two parent/teacher conferences, the kids have a half day, and Heather and I will be getting home late.  Welcome to the Holiday season everyone!

Okay, so let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 23 of “Star Wars:  Shatterpoint, A Clone Wars Novel” by Matthew Woodring Stover…..

Chapter 23 (Part 3):  Battles flashed in his head.  The troopers came into the room spread out to protect Geptun, guns blazing.  Geptun cradled the datapad heading for the hole in the floor.  Kar sliced through one of the blasters, blowing up the gun in his hands and blowing off his arms.  These images burned in his head as he fought for his life in front of Depa.  Mace brought his arm around and thumped Depa in the head with the butt of his lightsaber.  As he did, she deactivated the lightsaber as it coursed through Mace’s body.  She punched Mace in the eye and he shoved a foot between the two of them and they both kicked away from each other.  They both back-flipped through the air and landed on their feet in mirror image of each other.  Blaster bolts flew through the air as they fought, but none of them ever hit the two Jedi.  They stared at each other the entire time.  Mace saw the smoke coming out of his belly, but did not feel pain.  At least not yet.  They attacked with fluid precision as they lightsaber blades clashed and regressed.  Mace told Depa he did not want to fight her and begged her to stop as they continued with the flourishing Vaapad style of combat.  She leaped at him and Mace’s world turned into green fire…..

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